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Belly Laughs

Our little love has started laughing with all her might. She will laugh on cue. Laugh to make you laugh. Laugh to get attention. She likes attention!



I have tried posting videos on here and I obviously haven't been successful. Any tricks? Tips? Help!


one - upping

I am not sure at what age it starts...the whole need to one-up someone but I can tell you it is ever present in 3rd graders. I am guilty of it. It is one of those rotten things we do when we want to feel better about ourselves or not feel jealous of someone. We try to one-up them. Sometimes it is on accident. You hear someone say something and it reminds you of a story and it kind of turns into a one-up. Oh well.

I've been fortunate enough to listen to 3rd graders one-up eachother this week. Mainly talking about their holiday break plans and gifts they know or think they will be receiving. Enjoy the example below.

Girl 1: I'm getting a phone.
Boy: I've already got a phone.
Girl 1: Well im getting an Iphone.
Boy: Well my dad already got me a phone, they arent that expensive or anything.
Girl 2: I want a phone.
Girl 1: Oh and I'm getting an Ipad. I mean I have an Ipad.

By the way in case you didn't know...3rd graders are 9 years old. 9! I'm pretty sure I got a pager at 16. A phone at 19.


Another Installment of ...Random Thoughts on Thursday!

It is Thursday again. Here are some thoughts, a large amount of them to be more precise!


It is a sad day in my little world. This will be the first Harry Potter movie I have not attended the opening mindnight showing. For some of you, this would not be a problem. That is ok, I don't judge your weird stuff. So, you don't get to judge mine. Anyway, I haven't quite grasped that I am actually going to miss out. I have very mixed feelings about this. I have been preparing. I have been watching all the older HP's! I have reread the book! Ugh.

Why have I not posted at all this week? I have been sick, again...and exhausted. I am sure I am not the only one in this boat with this weather, but it's my blog. I actually like winter, but liking winter doesn't mean I like...sleet, rain, bitter cold, gloomy skies and crazy strong winds! Anywho, said energy level has meant I get home and sit in floor with child, play, eat, and then go to bed.

What do I like about the winter months? Two great holidays, christmas lights, big coats, boots, fires, snow, hot chocolate and snugglin with baby boo! this is how she rolls. Laid back and only needs one hand for the bottle! So talented.

Berkley likes to sleep sitting up. It is really quite funny. She will lay down when it is nap time or bed time. Stick the wubanub in (paci with a toy stuck to it) and then start to fall asleep. All of a sudden its a few minutes of play, stand, sit up then sit down. Finally, she kind of plops down, head cocks sideways on the bumper and she is out. I think maybe she would enjoy a pillow.

I have a had a few people show me their true self this week. They say one thing, then do another. Their actions are speaking louder than their words. Why do I not listen when someone is clearly 'showing' me what they really think/feel??

Why can you(not you exactly, but people in general) do what's best for you and it be ok, but then when I want to do what is best for me, my family, etc. it isn't ok?? Obviously it's ok with me, but why is it not ok with you? You live your life, let me live mine. Our choices, thoughts and feelings do not have to match! That is the beauty of the world God created.

I saw my favorite doctor on Monday. My OBGYN. That might freak some of you out, but I love this man. He is calming and caring and talks all the nonsense through with. He made my birthing experience great! Nway, I wish he could be my primary care doctor too, oh and maybe my dentist? All in one stop!

During the cold months I will only grocery shop at Target...they have Starbucks and I need a hot chocolate when I grocery shop and when I am also cold. Sorry Crest, you will get some love come March.

Starbucks Hot Chocolate: Personally, I think it is the best hot chocolate ever. It's so darn good. Perfect temperature every time! It is also very chocolaty and made with milk, not water. Much better. Oh and the cream on top! I challenge you to find better.

I found some new jeans. They are called DL's. Can you say, 360degree stretch in waitband? Yes sir! Thank you new favorite brand of jeans, in your honor I will do a ballet twirl!

Is it just me or does a beach holiday sound good right about now?

I have a KeepItLocalOklahoma card. So handy. You get great discounts for going places you already go! Cheevers, Saturn Grill, Lime Leopard, etc. Get one.

Let's talk DWTS. Why is everyone so mad that Bristol Palin is still on? She got the votes. That is the point of the show. You get votes, you stay on. Is she a great dancer? No. Was Brandy better? Yes. Does that mean Brandy deserves it? No. It isn't just about the dancing, or how great your body is, or how the judges vote. Bristol got the viewer votes, end of story. If you don't like it, go VOTE!

Speaking of voting. Did you vote for our politicians? You should.

I know people that only go to the bathroom at home. They will hold it ALL day. I think that is amazing. You should get like a double star on your report card. I think it is kinda bad for your insides, but wow. Jumping jacks for you,your bladder and your bum!

All things school related:
Why do all children when they enter school hallways have one level of speaking? That one level, it is called yelling. It's like an on switch. Enter hall=scream at friends. Enter hall=no one can hear me if I don't yell, must yell.

Children also feel this way about running. They must have a little person in their head that says, "if I do not run to the classroom, down the hallway, to the bathroom, to gym, to the media center, I will not get there. I must run."

My classroom is in the 1st grade pod. (I work with 3rd and 4th graders though.) I use the 1st grade bathroom quite often as I am to lazy to walk down the hall to the adult one. Anywho. I walked into said 1st grade bathroom the other day. There was a head peeking at me. Above the stall. It looked like a 8ft tall 1st grader. What was it? A tiny little 1st grader who had climbed up the wall of the bathroom stall and was standing on the toilet paper dispenser looking around. I guess she thought it was recess? Nosy booger. Oh and we don't climb walls. I bear growled at her.

1st grader bathroom habits =YUCK! Fist pumps and hula dances for my clean bathroom at home.

I was walking a student back to their classroom....I didn't notice she stopped to tie her shoe. I kept walking. I tripped over student. I fell on face in hallway. Ouch.

I personally am for all year round school with breaks spread out. Like we would still get the normal breaks, but instead of all summer off, you take a shorter summer break, then add in week break for Thanksgiving instead of just a couple days and a few more long weekends here and there and bam! It is all year round school, more breaks but shorter, kids retain more and still get brain and play breaks throughout the year. It helps all our sanity! That is my opinion though.

Oh and teachers should get paid more. WAY more.

Finally, for your viewing pleasure. Berkley's new favorite past time. Taking things out of drawers!

Happy Thursday! Stay warm people.


Random thoughts Thursday:

Is it weird to follow a blog that you don't know the person, at all? I do. A really cool friend of mine does, so I am going with totally acceptable.

Ginny is moving home. YAYAY! It has been hard to not spill the beans, but I did a good job. Angela pooped her pants she was so excited. I think that is spilling ALL the beans. Don't you? hehe.

I have been sucking it up at working out. Hence, my ever expanding waistline! Oh and here come the holidays. Bring on the stuffing and stretchy pants.

When a kid sneezes all over your pencils, table, and even you sometimes, is it ok to smack them with the sanitizer bottle? I mean, they aren't my kid! I would never smack Berkely. She also would never sneeze on everyone and everything at school, right? She will be perfect, right?

Can I start leaving notes for people on their car?
Example: You aren't handicapped, nor were any of the people in the car with you. Please don't use this spot or I will give you papercuts in your toes.

Berkley likes to try to eat my nose. It's cute and also a little wet.

Our waitress at Charleston's last night was Tara. I think at least. SHE ROCKED IT. Didn't try to fill up your glass after every sip, but had everything you needed, right when you needed it. She timed out the food, salads, etc. perfectly so you had time in between! She made great suggestions that I actually LOVED. What a fine dining experience. Get it? Fine Dining?

Happy Veteran's Day!

Over and Out.


Heartache and Hangups

Berkley will be 9months on Thursday! Oh, how she has blessed my world!

The sermon on Sunday was about how when you are generous, you will be rewarded tenfold. Other thoughts that follow along those lines are: when you give, you recieve; when you forgive, you will be forgiven; you need to show mercy, to get mercy. (BTW, sorry for using semicolons and what not incorrectly. I have only taught 4th grade and below and I totally forgot highschool English/Grammar).

Anywho....listening to these principles in church and knowing in your heart you have some work to do, are easy. It is stepping out those doors and walking the walk. I have some things in my life I need to repair. Relationships, habits, etc. I can sit there and logically know that a verse is speaking to me. I need to forgive, so I can be forgiven. I need to do this, because when I do it has an impact on me. It impacts my thoughts, my actions, my faith, others around me, and my future. It is so hard though to take that first step. Especially when the last time you took blew up in your face. It didn't work. You got hurt, again. What I notice in those last few sentences is the word I, over and over. I keep focusing on how I am hurt, how I feel and I am not putting God and his commandments first. I am not putting his people first.

I read a blog a few days ago that talked about priorities. Do we have them in check? How do we know what our true priorities are? We may say what they are, we may even write them down and tell the world what our priorites are. But, then our ACTIONS show what our real priorites are. Did we break a promise to a friend, did we choose what we wanted first over what was best for our spouse. Did we give up too easy. Did we make excuses. The old saying goes "do as I say, not as I do." What a messed up message we send sometimes. We tell our children one thing, then we do another. We tell our spouse one thing, then we do another. We tell our friends one thing, then we do another. We tell our God one thing, then we do another. I want my prayers of my priorites to be my ACTUAL priorities, my actions.

Our God tells us something and he follows through. He is faithful.

My goal today is to take little steps. To fake it, till I can make it. I want to have my actions match my words in all I do. I want to live above reproach. I want to live my faith and be a woman with unquestionable character. I know I am a sinner. I know I am not perfect and I know Iwill mess up. But, if I am showing what my heart feels, making my prayers my actions, then when I do mess up....I know I will be forgiven. I know people will know the real me. I know my God knows my heart and He is who what matters. It is his approval and his forgivness I seek.

Do you have a heartache and hangup you need to work on? Give and you shall recive. Seek and you will find. Knock and the door will be opened.

Love and Blessings,


old friends...

I had the joy of spending some time with a good friend and his family this weekend. He was one of my best friends in highschool and I love him, his wife, and his whole family. They have always been like family to me. You always feel welcome in their home and in their lives. They have always treated me with so much kindness and love. My friend married a wonderful woman and I feel lucky to have spent some time with them here and there over the past few years. They are fun to be around and always ready for a good tiem! While we live in different cities, have different lives from day to day, it is such a blessing to my heart to get to reconnect from time to time with old friends like this. This friends' older brother just had the first child of the family. What a blessing that little girl is to the whole clan. It was a joy to meet her and to see all the love she has brought to their world. I am so proud of the life my friend has built for himself. I am so blessed to still know him and his wonderful family.

I had a rough week, so I want to say Thank you Lord for always sending 'restoring spirits' into my life at just the right time.

Love and Blessings,



I got a funny pic via email, was having a bad day and it made me laugh, really hard. A wise friend of mine commented on how sad it was to see the jersey shore pic and it shows how low family values have come. I agree. I don't watch the show, I hope the little kids don't and I would never let my child dress up like that. I probably shouldn't laugh at most things I laugh at, including this. I really hope it was just some parents trying to get a laugh and the kids had no clue.... Still made me laugh though. You can not like me because of this. I can handle that.



Things you shouldn't pray for...

...0r at least not admit to them?

I have been following the blog of Jon Acuff called 'Stuff Christians Like'. He is the author of a book by the same name. Very humorous Jon Acuff is. (name that movie character?)

He recently wrote a blog that made me laugh REALLY hard. You really should go read it. Praying for things you shouldn’t pray for. It is about praying for things that maybe you shouldn't, or at least not telling anyone about it.

Being an educator(like I am) we sometimes think things about kids we probablly shouldn't. In frustration, we (ok, me) also might pray for things we shouldn't. This week is parent/teacher conferences at school. While I probablly shouldn't, there are parents that come in to talk with me and I say what I can to try and be encouraging and helpful and nicely discuss academic concerns with their child. I do want to help thier child and hopefully tell them things I think could improve their students achievement, etc. I also secretly am trying to not blurt out that I prayed their child was absent today.

Sometimes, a parent comes in and it becomes really clear why a child is the way they are. It's like an Oprah "lightbulb" moment. I am sure at somepoint this will happen with me and my children. I really just want to tell that parent that I was so frustrated and annoyed with their child yesterday that today, I prayed their student wouldn't be at school. I prayed that so my class might actually go smoothly because their child wouldn't be there to be the class clown, to goof off, to distract the other students and to have a behavior issue every hour on the hour that took up half my day to deal with.

After reading Jon Acuff's blog about this sort of thing....other people's children that is. I realized
1. Ok, so I only have an 8 month old and boy do I have many school years ahead of me. Here's to hopin I have one of those sweet old lady teachers for B that never thinks a bad thought about anyone and loves ALL children. Even the spirited ones.

2. I used the words active, spirited and social today a great deal when discussing children. I wanted to use the following words: spolied, obnoxious, rude, disrespectful, lazy and slow. Yes, I said slow. They are slow because you allow them to play 4 hours of computer games every night on killing people and stealing cars. Then you feed them junk food (every night). Then you add to this by sitting them in front of the tube to watch more junk till THEY feel it is their bedtime.

3. I know it is a busy world. I am not perfect, you are not perfect and no one parents perfectly. But, there are those that try. Could you please, please, TRY! Or, just try Oh I dunno...maybe not having more kids?

Sometimes I pray students will move. This might make me look bad in your eyes. I can accept that.




I've been following Ben Arment's blog lately. His most recent blog about honor is worth the clicking to get you over to his blog. It's short and to the point and makes me go...gosh we as people, as Christian people, we have to remember what God says and what He values. Head on over to (i have no idea how to do a link. oops.)


The cork is about to pop!

Ever feel like you have so much inside that you are about to pop? It can be anything, such as love, laughter, inspiration, joy, ideas, desire to travel, dreams, hunger for change, anger, hurt, jealously...

I feel lately like I am about to burst. I want to be doing something more. I need to do it for the Lord, for others and for me. While I am actively pursuing my relationship with the Lord, because only He can fulfill me, I feel like with my time and with my family we should be doing more. We get stuck in our little box, with what is safe, comfortable, what is known and who we know and then before we realize, so much time has gone and we rarely have left our box! How sad.

I have a great box. I am grateful and in love with my box. I do however want to see other boxes, enjoy your box and share our boxes!

Let's mix and mingle, shall we?

I feel a new project coming on....

Enough about boxes? Oh, go box yourself!

Love and Blessings,


whaz up wit U?

Whaz up wit me is this:

Couldn't figure out why my purse was so heavy all day. Found my water bottle at the bottom. Oops.

I threw my cell phone in the recycle bin instead of my empty bottle.

I've been to lazy to do my childs laundry so lets just say she hasn't been sleeping in cozy pajamas the past 4 nights. Bad mom award.

I am going on week 3 of being sick. Not like stay in bed, dying sick. But coughing, headache, can't get totally well, annoying sick.

We have family holiday pics this weekend. I planned B's and I's outfits around an outfit I bought online for Berkley that I am in love with. I've spent all week making sure I had the right bow, hat, shoes for Berkley and for me....earrings, shoes, or really just pulling clothes on and off in my closet to see what will not make me look/feel like gigantor. I know this totally doesnt sound like me, right. I am so not that crazy controlling, A type. Anywho... so I get home all proud of my self only to try Berkley's outfit on, bow, shoes and all....lets just say its about 2sizes to big. Awesome. Love when plans blow up in your face. On to a new plan...

B and I went on a lil date night. We saw Secretarait. Great movie. I love anything with an inspiring, true story theme. Anyway, we are discussing our day, etc. I am telling him a story about a girl in my class. For some reason I brought up how she had "need lunch money" stamped on her hand. If you are a teacher, parent with a school aged child you know what that means. It's kinda like when a pike pass blinks at you "low acct balance". At school it means your account is low, a reminder for mom/dad to send lunch money to school. My sweet husband had NO clue what it meant. He proceeded to ask me..."so they just like go around and people give them money?" I was very confused. I said " no, they need lunch money, like at school." He says, "Like a kid just sees they need lunch money and says, here I have a buck you can have? That's kind of sad." Oh bless. I laughed really hard and really loud, then I explained.

I ran into a shoe display at Dillards in front of two salesman. They straight up laughed at me. I have a bruise on my thigh. Oh well.

I went to buy something at a store. The lady helps me, I try stuff on, pick out some earrings, go up to pay. She folds it, ready to scan it... then she tells me, "oh I can't sell this to you right now. Our computer is down. It's been down all morning." Um, I'm sorry. Come again? Might have mentioned that a little before now. Thank you.

Oh and this is my super cute kid. She likes to lay her head down and watch her Mickey Mouse. Sorry for the horribly grainy picture. It was dark, it was a phone, it was me.



High pitched that really necessary?

Matching hats with mommy.

We go to Sunday lunch to a local place with the fam. Berkley is being her cute self, strangers stop to say hi and meet her kinda cute. My parents oogle and google and talk about how perfect she is. Mom thanks B and I about 3 times for having Berkley. She does this often. Berkley is sitting in the little high chair and playing with spoons and toys and babbling and smiling and making us all enjoy our lunch that much more.

Then the high pitched screaming started.

Not our child, but a child a table over.

She screamed off and on every 30 seconds for about 15 minutes. It was a very HIGH pitched, toe curling scream. It was not pleasant. The parents of course did nothing. Now I am not an idiot...I realize sometimes kids flip out, scream, throw fits and you ignore it or what ever you choose to do. But, in a public place like church, an eating establishment, a store...MOST of the time I think a parent should somewhat intervene and remove the child from the situation or something like that.

Back to the story, Berkley starts looking at this kid like she is nuts. Looks at us, looks at the other baby, looks back at us confused. It's almost as she was saying, "what is that about? why she screamin?"

This picture is at the "incident lunch". I like to think she was laughing to herself saying "haha crazy baby. why you screamin?"

Love my child. Love her calm, beautiful spirit. Love that she is sweet, loves people and brings joy to each person she is around, each room she enters, and each event she is a part of.

We are so blessed.

We are also SO flippin thankful she isn't the kid that high pitch screams while others are trying to enjoy their meal. I am sure I will have to eat those words when lil miss Berkley throws her first fit, but for now... I got myself an angel. I mean she is only 8mo. haha. Maybe, we can skip those terrible 2's, 3's and the dreaded teenage girl years?


Inspiration or just a good laugh...

This is a first. Two blog postings in one day.

The other is down below...its about the recent Brewer happenings. I say this with all honesty, I am a complex person. I love the Lord and strive to live more like him but, I fail quite often. I love my family and friends and while they make me a better person, no matter what I do, I have a sick sense of humor and when I get upset with people, I mentally want to stomp on their foot. I don't think I am a bad person. I think I just voice stuff and think stuff most people are smart enough NOT to. Oops.

Warning: THe following post is an illustration of randomness. Random Wednesday thoughts? Sounds a lot like Randon Thoughts Thursdays, those are poplular so I will do it today instead.

Ok so for a couple weeks now I have been reading friends of friends blogs, googling topics and reading random strangers blogs, clicking on links, etc. that lead me to some interesting reads. I think this comes from my LOVE of reading. I love any and all kinds of reading. I read my Bible everyday, along with my email, twitter, US Magazine, notes from my babysitter, text from the husband and James Patterson murder novels.

I think sometimes my heart and head battle and are contradictory...very much like when I let my selfish desires take over from what I know I should do, say, act like, be.

Warning: what you are about to read is prob on the selfish side of me. Most of my blogs are. Again, I tend to say what most people or talk about what most people are smart enough to shut up about.

I have found a few blogs that I kept going back to read. A couple are very inspirational/hilarious about marriage and communication. SOme are about everyday life, decor, fashion, kids, etc. One is pure sick humor. She has a potty mouth, but I find myself laughing sometimes so hard my toe hurts.

You are thinking to yourself right now why did she just say ' laugh so hard it makes my toe hurt. that makes no sense. she really is nuts, its not just a rumor!'

Well it is one of the many random things about myself I have learned. I like to say random things, quote movies, etc. One blog I came across the blogger uses awesome descriptions when she is excited about something. She says fun stuff like...two leg kicks for ice cream, or 1 fist pump for mocha latte afternoons, and finally 1 hula dance for all green lights. I read this, how she describes her joy about something and I think to myself....THAT IS SO ME, sometimes. I get excited or mad about something and I want to kick,silent dance, or bear growl and I haven't ever been able to adequatley describe that....UNTIL NOW~ Thank you for your awesomness. 2 fist pumps for your vocab skills.

"You're killin me smalls" is one of my FAVORITE things to say. By the way, 3rd graders have no clue what this means.

Another thing I have learned about myself through reading a blog is: I have an insane memeory about people, but I often downplay this to not freak them out. Then this is where it gets creepy. A girl I went to highschool with described this quality about herself, exactly. So maybe this girl and I could make some money off this. You forget soemthing, call me, I fill you in and magically I get money in my paypal? Like I bet if I know you, even kinda...I can tell you what kind of car you drive. You will swear I have no idea, but I do. I am super observant.

I also have learned that even though I am an educator, I really need to practice my writing in how to use commas, semicolons, apostrophes.

I am waaaay to sarcastic. This is also something 3rd graders don't understand.

I have learned I am really random and if you can keep up, 2 tutu twirls fo sho!!

I read blogs and people are so articulate, funny, interesting and so are their kids and friends they write about. I get jealous. Then I think about how hugely silly some of the things we humans get jealous about. A blog, come on Brooke. Really?

If B is the only one who laughs at me or gets my humor, then its a constant reminder of how awesome God is for leading us to each other.

Final thought: I find myself singing "we are the champions" when something cool happens. But, I also find myself wanting to drop a banana peel in front of somehting who is rude....I do this all in my head. Do I get two points for not actually making someone slip? How about 3 points for not kicking the Target check out lady who sneezed all over my groceries, just mentally doing it?

Done and done.


P.S. I made a baby. I love her SOOO much, even when she wipes her nose back and forth on my neck. Throws up on me, poops on her hand sewn bedding and sticks her fingers in my nose and laughs. She rocks. She rocks the bath too. Sticks her head under the running water cause she is cool like that. Stuffs 2 squirt toys in her mouth while popping open her eyes like an alien. Fist pumps for cool babies.

Busy! Busy!

Busy Weekend!

We went with B's family up to the lake, where Aunt Laura met us along with Bart's Aunt/Uncle Kilburn. We had a great time! It was beautiful outside and we went on the boat, walks, jogs, sat on the dock and hung out on the porch for most meals!

While up in the Tulsa area, we went to a wedding of one of my best friends from growing up! Daniel and Brianne got married in a beautiful outdoor wedding and it was so special to be able to be there!

Also while up in Tulsa we went to a babyshower we helped host. It was fun to hang out with the crew and enjoy a good meal and good company!

I think if I had to drive to and from Tulsa one more time in the next few weeks I might hurt myself, but I love the lake and getting away for a few days! It was a great rejuvination.

Berkley is 8 months now! Whoa. How in the world did 8 months go by that quickly? She has 2 bottom teeth, crawls, pulls up and moves everywhere. SHe loves electronics. Anything that lights up is her best friend. She likes to dance along to Mickey Mouse in the morning while mom/dad get ready. She is a joy to us and to all those around her. I am not sure how I was blessed with this kid, but she is good natured, happy ALL the time, loves everyone and is just "good" (for lack of a better word). I am so excited to see what kind of a little person she will turn in to and the sweet little love she is turing out to be. I feel so lucky to be her mom.

Love and Blessings,


The World of Lollipops and Rainbows:

Sometimes I wish I lived in the world of lollipops and rainbows. There are unicorns and happy people and you just go on about your day, everyday, skipping and prancing along....

this week I am living in the world of failure. I am failing this week, big time.

*Insert bear growl here.


I did it.

Last leg of the swim.

Transition from bike to run.

Start of the run with Marie and Mel.

Finish line!

Part of my cheer squad.

Well....I did it. I finished the tye dye tri. It was one of the best feelings in the world to cross that finish line. I am embarassed at how I look, but so proud that I did something like this. I did better than I thought I would, so not only did I finish, but I beat my personal goal by 20 minutes. Ok so, I really had no idea how to gauge how I would do. I looked at times from people that competed last year, I got some advice, and I timed myself practicing a couple times. Oh well...Still happy!!

I want to thank Marie and her sister. I saw them at our 2nd transition (starting the run) and at that point I had done the whole race and not seen one person I knew. The others I knew or had trained with were in different parts of the race. In this Tri we all start at differnt times for the swim so being on my own, I had been in my 'head' too much. When I saw Marie and Mel, I kinda invited myself to run with them and they TRULY got me thru that run. I appreciate them so much. What awesome sisters! They trained together, stuck together and did the whole race together. I was so proud of them. They kept checking on ,and going at a pace that was best for the other person. I was so thankful they let me crash in their world for a few minutes.

My family was awesome! They were watching the swim and cheering me on! I saw them at every transition, I saw Bart like 3 different times, and Berkley too! At the very end my mom (she is so awesome) was there cheering me on the last 100 meters and there at the finish line was my main squeeze. My face was ear to ear smiles and so was his. It was such a great feeling.

Thank you to CF405 for getting my lungs and muscles in shape for this. Thanks to Downtown Brett Brewer for all the Tri advice. Thanks to everyone who trained with me. I can't wait to do it again! It was so fun.

So proud of:
And...the guy a few people behind me(#189) in the swim that pushed me in the bike and help me cut my time down!

Yall ROCKED it!

Love and Blessings,

Random cute pic of Berkley. This is at her friend Milan's 1st Birthday. Berkley is 7mo and 2 weeks old!


Tie Dye Tri

Picture me wearing this in front of hundreds of others. Right, I know...I just threw up in my mouth also.

People, this sprint tri is less than 2 weeks away! How did this happen? Where did my time go? I am so freaked out.

First of, my body is hurting. I am putting it through more than I think I ever have. Have a baby, start working out, join CrossFit405, go back to work, decide to do a sprint tri, train for that sprint tri. It's to much.

I am waking up freaking out, I am not sleeping and I am sooo sore! I have scrapes and bruises and it isn't pretty.

Here are some of my fears:

being kicked in the face by the swimmer in front of me
being passed by the swimmer behind me
getting urinated on while swimming (i know, random...but it still freaks me out)
falling while getting on my bike in front of EVERYONE
not clipping in and falling
clipping in one foot and falling while trying to steer, clip in and go
running into anohter biker
not clipping out in time to transition into run, falling or running into someone
not being able to run
having to walk more than i run
my legs giving in
my knees giving out
passing out

Get my mind right now?? Crazy huh? I am a worrier. I hate it about myself. It is a sin and I am terrible at just letting things go and moving forward. I worry about things I can't change and things that haven't happened and so forth. It is awful and annyoing.

I have put a great deal of time and effort into getting ready for this. I still have time but I am so nervous. I am accepting plane tickets for the weekend of the 26th..I will gladly go anywhere but Norman, I am also accepting advice for any of you that have done this and prayers.


P.S. I also haven't lost a pound. So not cool. Just like with BF, I did it a ton, I produced a ton, and I lost nothing. People I had to get a deep freeze. If you are producing that much you should lose some weight. If you are working out this hard, you should lose some weight. NOT FAIR! Oh ok well here is the truth. I guess when you still eat ice cream and oreos it is fair. Oops.


7months and crawling!

Berkley has started 'kinda' drinking water from a cup. She likes to chew on the rubber part and it squirts water out and then every few mintes she will actually suck and drink. Big girl.
She loves watching Mickey in her Big Girl Chair.
Smashing prunes all over her face. If you read the 'poo' blog, this was the night before the incident.

I haven't caught it on camera, well not a good shot anyway but, "HOUSTON, we have a crawling baby!" It's excitng... then again I would have been ok with her waiting another few months to be mobile. Mama's tired just thinking about it!

Berkley turned 7mo. on Saturday and for the past few days she will move a knee, a hand and then flop. A knee, a hand, another knee, flop. So on and so on. Tonight though was the night she decided to put it all together. We were at my parents house and she was going nuts! She crawled back and forth and back and forth. She wanted all things electronic. The computer, the phone, the TV. Oh well, it was fun to watch. It was really exciting for my parents to get to see, Bart walked in from bball just in time, my sister was there and my mom's parents too. It was a great family affair. I know it meant a lot to her Great Grandparents to witness that for the first time. My DaddyBob has been battling a cancerous tumor in his leg and they have been spending a great deal of time basically living with my parents for weeks in stead of being down at the farm. It's hard on them to not be at home and I know they miss it, but it has been a blessing for them to spend time with Berkley. Due to where they live and traveling with a small one, it is something they wouldn't have been able to do very often. It has been a healing tool for them and a great joy for us all. God works in mysterious ways.

Ok, back to the main event: crawling. It was super exciting to see and I was so joyful and proud but now I just have to go rearrange the whole house to keep her from eating cords, sticking her finger in outlets and so forth. I really think she got sick of her friend Allie crawling all around and away from her so she decided she would join her.

Wish me luck!

Love her. So blessed.



how cute do they have to be??

How cute do a pair of shoes have to be to wear them even if.....they give you blisters and wear your skin down to where you are in pretty severe pain????

I got a new pair of cutie shoes for my bday. I wanted them, I got them. They are great for everyday, work and going out, how great is that? It's great I tell you.


You wear them for more than 10 minutes around the store/house and you realize THEY KILLLL YOUR FEET. Major bummer.

I plan on strategically placing bandaids and padding in and around them and trying them again.

Love and Blessings,



Berkley had prunes for lunch and dinner. I kinda forgot to ask Miss Stormi about lunch so as a result this is how this morning went.

Sweet husband gets up and takes care of feeding babby boo so I can get showerd and dressed for work. Sweet husband feeds baby boo pears or something, her bottle and then proceeds to get her dressed for me. Then the yelling starts.

Bart: OH NO! NO! NO! Ugh! Pooop! Poop everywhere! Brooooooke! There is poop, literally everywhere!
Me: (Im in the other room talking to myself) Okay honey, I'm sure its not everywhere. YOu are so dramatic about diapers. Geeze, I do poop all the itme, just wipe it up and move on.

Here he comes with neked baby into the bathroom. By the way, I look over and I don't see any poop..............yet.

Me: What's going on? She had a bad diaper?
Bart: There is poop on the carpet, her, her feet, her legs, her back, everywhere.

He starts running bath and throws her in.

I go into living room.

Me: OH MY GOSH! There is poop everywhere. Literally on the floor, on the changing pad, on the changing pad cover, on the wipes that are scattered all over the floor, on her pajamas and literally (and I am using the word correctly in this whole post) it is thick, purple, sticky poop running from the footsies to the neckline of her pajamas.

I clean it all up and realize I don't care if I blog about poop. Its my blog, I am going to write about it. Poop. It owned us today.

So then I rush to get her to Miss Stormi, jump out of the car, run around the back and run smack into my bike rack, fall down. Literally. I bruised my arm.

Happy Poop Thursday!

Love and Blessings,

P.S. BOOOOMER SOOOONER! Ok, random but anyone who knows me reallly reallly well (Ginny, my dad, barty, some others) knows I have been an FSU fan since I was in 6th grade. Saturday will be my first time to see them play in person. I've been thinking about it since BArt told me they would be on the schedule like 2 years ago. I am so exctied I can't stand it. Yes, I still love OU. Yes, I want OU to win. But, I am so excited. I know it seems like a contradiction but whatever. I always thought my first FSU game would involve me standing on the field watching the game with Bobby,laughing, calling plays, yelling at the boys, but since he isnt coaching and I dont have any connections and i dont have a million dollars and therefor can't stand on the field I will just enjoy my seats with my man and cheer for OU and smile secretly while watching the Noles.


self inflicted pain...

I tend to hurt myself. Most of the time I don't know how I got a bruise or cut...they just appear. Recently though, I can account for them all! Some of my inflicted pain is on purpose, like my first group bike ride. 12 miles and I loved it. CrossFit every week, love it after its over but it hurts so good. Then there are the times I don't mean to hurt myself but do anyway...

Cut on my knee, both sides of ankles up to shin - fist group bike ride, clipping out and fell.

Bruise on left side of head - car door.

Bump/bruise on right side of forehead - ok this one I don't remember but it was the same day as the one before.

Sore shoulder - running into the wall while walking to B's room in the middle of the night. She is teething and has woken up a few times about 4am.

Right pointer finger - 2 months ago at CrossFit405 while box jumping. I got to 29"!! Finger still hurts.

Other random injuries:

- closing the laptop on my nose
- washer lid falling closed on my head (this happened so often so I got a front loader.)
- multiple knees and shins lost to the ottoman.

Anyone want to share their random/silly injuries??


The Sprint...

So I workout with some crazy people. People who run marathons and workout for fun. I wish I loved it, I really do. It would make running and what not so much easier. For those of you who love to workout, jog, compete in races, triathlons and such...spread the love. Help me love it.

The point of this post is to remind you all of how crazy I am. I am doing a sprint triathlon.




Who am I kidding? I can do all three things seperatly and fairly effectively. All together is a whole other story. I am going to do it anyway.

I have 1 month. My girl Nicole and I have started training. Our goal, simply to finish. Wish me luck.



baby manuals

Anyone reading this probablly already knows how neurotic I am. Very typical type A personality. I like things how I like them, things have their place, etc. So when I left Berkley for the first time (overnight) I wrote a manual on how to take care of her. Yep, I did. I can share it with anyone who wants to write one, just so you have something to go off of. Kinda like a 'blackline master'. If you are a teacher you know what that is.

After I wrote it, made copies for all those who might be taking care of her, made them swear to read it, freaked out, revised it and reprinted it, I left her feeling good about how it would all go. As I left her I realized that I wrote it more for me, then for them. Oh well.

When I got back and asked them (Berkley caretakers...aka Grandparents) if they thought I was totally crazy, they actually admitted it came in handy.

So now, if I leave her, I just update the manual. :)

Oh and I know someone else who has done this. So I am only as crazy as the next person!

Love and Blessings,


Am I really leaving her??

Well I am going back to work (part time). For going back to work, it is a really great situation and (even though my husband probablly doesn't think so) I am trying to put on my big girl pants. Ok, being honest, so far it only works about every other day but I am still trying. I didn't think I would ever go back to work. This kinda fell into my lap and within a couple weeks I had a job. Very thankful. Great person I am working for and great people I am going to be working with. It was the only working situation that worked for me being a stay at home mom at least most of the week, it works for Berkley to be in a good home with a friend, and it worked for us as a family. I wanted being a mom to be my only job. It isn't for everyone to stay home, but so far it was totally for me. I am going back to work and since I can't take Berkley with me, I have to leave her. WHAT??? Oh bless...this is killing me. I was delusional when this all came about. Somehow I didn't think leaving her was actually happening. Ha. I cry thinking about it. I have cried at work, I have cried in the driveway of the sitter, I have cried in the sitters living room and well a few more places. I don't want to miss anything. If I leave her to go on a date with the hubs, or to run errands, to CrossFit (which I have missed for a week now!) or to go to Cabo and I know she will be with her PaPa and BeBe it is totally fine. But this, this is not good. What if I miss her crawl?? What if she finally says mama??
I have been dealing with it for a few weeks and it just hasn't gotten much better yet. I know it will. I know it will. I know it will. (I also know I am not the first to have to do this, and I am so blessed it is only part time.) She is staying with a great woman, her friend Allie is there, but still I want her with me. I have been reading others blogs (Summer) and they are having to take their kids to school. Ok now that, I just can't even imagine yet.
She is 6months old as of last week. She is amazing! We took her 6mo pics and they are to die for. My opinion of course. Just ask me, my parents, Bart, his parents, any of her aunts, her great grandparents, her great aunt, some babysitters, etc...we will all tell you she is amazing, and funny and beautiful, and a few more things. No bias here!!

Reasons Berkley is awesome:

- she is the easiest and happiest baby. no really she is.
- she smiles and laughs at everything and anyone.
- she loves when her poppi sings to her.
- she wiggles like a mad woman in her sleep and her daddy and I look at the video montior and crack up trying to guess where her head is versus a leg or arm. it is hilarious! (see picture in blog)
- when she wakes up she is so happy to see you. she lights up and squeels and pops up and down.
- she loves to play. she is so independent!
- when you read to her, she pats the book.
- she is so close to crawling and its so fun to watch her get up on hands and feet (all fours) and rock back and forth, and then she only goes backwards.
- she makes the best sounds and moves her mouth in the funniest ways.
- she eats everything you give her, so not like her momma.
- everything she can get into her mouth, goes in her mouth.
- she loves her daddy. seeing them together makes me melt.
- she loves bath time. its so fun to watch her splash around.
- when she snuggles up into my neck for kisses and hugs, its heaven.
- when she is starting to wake up in the morning, she doesn't cry...she starts to talk and sing and she reachers her hand up and plays with the ruffle on her bumper. i love her fingers.

Ok that's enough for now. That might have been longer than the magna carta. I love her so much.

(This is one of the times we found her moved around in her bed. About an hour before, when we put her to bed she was facing the other way, face down, in the middle of the bed. Somehow, it turned into what you see here.)
(Some of her amazing 6mo pictures taken by Angel Porch!)

Prayers welcomed for a stressed, worried, guilty feeling, frazzled momma.

Love and Blessings,


24 weeks!

Her new trick...Funny Faces!


A few posts combined....

(She sent this picture along with a stylish purse to her Aunt Laura for her birthday! It was a hit.)

Well it has been a busy few weeks. Mostly great things. I have a very blessed life, a wonderful husband, family and child. Life is full and its great. We have had lake trips, weddings in Cabo, dinner with Coach Switzer, family in town, Berkley sitting up on her own, Berkley eating new foods, etc, etc, etc.

Through all of that I have been feeling like every few days I have been thrown for a loop. I get frustrated with myself when I feel disappointed, hurt or let down due to someone one else or a silly situation I come across. I get stuck on that negative thing and forget what good health we have, a home, a healthy/happy child and nothing to truly complain about. I haven't had to suffer loss of a family or friend and I have it so good compared to so many. I know I am so blessed but I feel like for so long I have been in a funk. While most who know me know I wear my heart on my in I am not good about hiding my feelings, I don't think most know what I am feeling deep down. It is usually surface joy or surface annoyance at something mundane that people see or experience around me. I hate that. I feel like I have had to have some major self examinations lately, make some hard decisions and choose Berkley/Bart and what is best for us over others and of course I look back, even to yesterday and know I have made a few mistakes too many. I hate disappointing people, or making a decision someone else doesnt like. I have a major problem with being a people please which majorly butts heads with my big mouth/opiniated self. I am very sensitive yet also strong. Too many contradictions!!

Praying for grace, direction, courage, forgiveness, and so much more.

Love and Blessings,

***Below is most of July in a picture montage(sp?)***


Thursday Tattletale....or let's call it what it is, a Brooke rant.

I really want to post about the awesome Boston trip (with pictures), how big my baby is gettin,how excited I am for the 4th of July lake trip, etc. but instead I am gonna tell yall about my date night. I realize this is my take on what happened but if you need to verify just ask my hubby.

We drop of precious lil one at grandparents house, we eat, we go to movie, we run into Katie and Michael and then Dee (not together)and then we go on into the movie for our date night. We choose a lil snack, I complain that I would rather be at Eclipse or Toy Story, but we go walk into another movie and we settle in. I realize I am easily 'hiped' up by things so when I see 15+ teenagers come walking in, oh and by walking in I mean yelling, laughing, stomping, making a rukus I kinda sigh. "Here we go", I think, there is gonna be name calling and popcorn throwing and giggling and texting and phones going off. I didn't think I had to be in a classroom till August??

If that was all I saw tongiht I would have been a happy woman. Instead here is an account of my movie...

5 seats to my right there was a man, his wife and a teenager. They also had in tow a 3-ish year old little boy, and twin 1-ish year old little girls. My first thought is "why, why do they think this is appropriate for that age of children, and it has got to be bedtime!" Then I think (aloud to my husband) "why do people bring kids to movies? If it was Toy Story or something appropriate I am all for it, but a PG13+ adult humor movie at night I just will never understand." If you can't get a babysitter then you need to be an adult and choose to stay home and realize that taking your child to an adult movie, where others who want to watch the movie and only hear the actors talking, and have paid quite a bit to watch the movie, and it has got to be past that childs bedtime is flat out selfish (my opinion). Nway, I look over and try to think that maybe they are just those super good kids who are like always quiet and love movies no matter what they topic and they are gonna be quiet little angels. NOOOOOPE! They scream, they cry, they play on the stairs, they drink soda, they run up and down the isles, the dad takes them out...and by out I mean to the little hallway by the stairs where you can still see the movie so when they scream it is AMPLIFIED! Oh and did I mention the mom was taking turns nursing the twins?? Yes, yes you heard me right, she was. Now I nurse, I think its great she nurses, I even think its ok to nurse in public, but I personally would think it is appropriate to use a nursing cover when the child is old enough to pull your shirt up and down and expose you. Yes, I saw her bubbies. Nway, in between nursing the twins, they would drink soda. No, I am not kidding. The 1-ish year old twins were swiggin mommy milk and soda. Oh and yes I was watching this family more than the movie.

Seriously?? I was a hot mess.

Sorry for the rant. I have a great life, a great kid and a great husband. Life is good.


**Below are some lovely pictures of our Boston trip! It was fabulous. Horrid travel to and from but such a fun lil weekend. Love that city. Go SOX.
Oh and there are also some newer pics of my lil princess. She is 20 weeks! Where is the time going? Ugh! Oh she loves her feet, grabs them both and stick her lil booty up in the air. Love it. She had her 4mo check up...about 10 days before she is 5mo, oops! Nway, she is 14lbs.12oz, 24 3/4" long and her head is normal. :) She is right in the middle for everything. Rice Cereal here we come.

Sorry it is all out of order. I am not a great blogger.

neked baby!
loves the bath.
happy 18 weeks!
19 weeks and in love with her WUBBA NUB. Loves it.

Pedroia's winning hit!!!
Loved Fenway, loved the game.
My favorite. Papelbon came out from the bullpen and they played this awesome irish music and everyone got all pumped up and I was freaking out. LOOOVE that crazy fool.