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Thankful for talented friends...

Thank you Michelle Young for fun new look to my blog! I am so thankful for friends and friends of friends who are creative and talented. I have stolen food ideas, clothing ideas, home decor ideas, etc. from those talented and creative people around me. So...thank you Mich, and you others out there. :)
Love and Blessings,


It's Berkley's body...not mine.

Well, I must say pregnancy is going better than I thought. I had some crazy dreams at first, some really scary moments of TV watching where someone thought natural birth was a good idea and then changed their mind to late to have an epidural... one show had me sure my baby's arm would be cut off in a C-section, another that someone would try to steal my baby, in a dream I rolled over on her in my sleep and well too many others. But, It has been really good these last few weeks! I have been eating and it stayed in my tummy! I haven't really gained any weight yet....although, I didn't really keep food down the first 3 1/2 months so that might be the reason!

Things have started to change this past week though... things are starting to feel more real. I met with a dear sweet family friend Kerry and my mom for lunch to talk baby shower! I feel so honored to have such a special lady wanting to make Berkley's arrival important. This past week we got the baby room painted and I am looking for fabric swatches to get the bedding started! Berkley constantly is sitting on my bladdar, I feel like I can't breathe unless I am laying really far back and even my closest of friends didn't tell me some of the weird changes my body would be making! All that said, it is so amazing to feel her move every day...even thoguh technically she is kicking me, which when she is here will get a firm "no kick." The baby bedroom is starting to come together, and as the weather changes I realize Berkley will be here before we know it! I feel so blessed that this pregnancy has gone so well and that so far all is good! God is good.

Love and Blessings,

**On another note. I love my Sooners, I really do. I am so frustrated though I can't stand it. What is going on???


My First Blog...

Well, this is my first blog. I am sure you gathered that through the title and there being no other posts here. :) Happy reading.

I'm Brooke, I'm married to a wonderful man and after seeing many friends blog successfully, I thought I would give it a go. I hope to use this to keep updated on the lives of those I love and mabe don't get to see that often... I also hope to share the last few months of my pregnancy as they are going quickly, and the arrival of my lil girl! She will be here in February and her name is Berkley. Bart and I are very exctied, a little nervous, and we laugh a great deal at my ever changing body, mood, eating habits and well...just me in general. Above are our latest photos of her...well ok her feet and her kinda looking like an alien. She is our lil alien though. :)
Love and blessings to you all.