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The cork is about to pop!

Ever feel like you have so much inside that you are about to pop? It can be anything, such as love, laughter, inspiration, joy, ideas, desire to travel, dreams, hunger for change, anger, hurt, jealously...

I feel lately like I am about to burst. I want to be doing something more. I need to do it for the Lord, for others and for me. While I am actively pursuing my relationship with the Lord, because only He can fulfill me, I feel like with my time and with my family we should be doing more. We get stuck in our little box, with what is safe, comfortable, what is known and who we know and then before we realize, so much time has gone and we rarely have left our box! How sad.

I have a great box. I am grateful and in love with my box. I do however want to see other boxes, enjoy your box and share our boxes!

Let's mix and mingle, shall we?

I feel a new project coming on....

Enough about boxes? Oh, go box yourself!

Love and Blessings,

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