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Busy! Busy!

Busy Weekend!

We went with B's family up to the lake, where Aunt Laura met us along with Bart's Aunt/Uncle Kilburn. We had a great time! It was beautiful outside and we went on the boat, walks, jogs, sat on the dock and hung out on the porch for most meals!

While up in the Tulsa area, we went to a wedding of one of my best friends from growing up! Daniel and Brianne got married in a beautiful outdoor wedding and it was so special to be able to be there!

Also while up in Tulsa we went to a babyshower we helped host. It was fun to hang out with the crew and enjoy a good meal and good company!

I think if I had to drive to and from Tulsa one more time in the next few weeks I might hurt myself, but I love the lake and getting away for a few days! It was a great rejuvination.

Berkley is 8 months now! Whoa. How in the world did 8 months go by that quickly? She has 2 bottom teeth, crawls, pulls up and moves everywhere. SHe loves electronics. Anything that lights up is her best friend. She likes to dance along to Mickey Mouse in the morning while mom/dad get ready. She is a joy to us and to all those around her. I am not sure how I was blessed with this kid, but she is good natured, happy ALL the time, loves everyone and is just "good" (for lack of a better word). I am so excited to see what kind of a little person she will turn in to and the sweet little love she is turing out to be. I feel so lucky to be her mom.

Love and Blessings,

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