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Random thoughts Thursday:

Is it weird to follow a blog that you don't know the person, at all? I do. A really cool friend of mine does, so I am going with totally acceptable.

Ginny is moving home. YAYAY! It has been hard to not spill the beans, but I did a good job. Angela pooped her pants she was so excited. I think that is spilling ALL the beans. Don't you? hehe.

I have been sucking it up at working out. Hence, my ever expanding waistline! Oh and here come the holidays. Bring on the stuffing and stretchy pants.

When a kid sneezes all over your pencils, table, and even you sometimes, is it ok to smack them with the sanitizer bottle? I mean, they aren't my kid! I would never smack Berkely. She also would never sneeze on everyone and everything at school, right? She will be perfect, right?

Can I start leaving notes for people on their car?
Example: You aren't handicapped, nor were any of the people in the car with you. Please don't use this spot or I will give you papercuts in your toes.

Berkley likes to try to eat my nose. It's cute and also a little wet.

Our waitress at Charleston's last night was Tara. I think at least. SHE ROCKED IT. Didn't try to fill up your glass after every sip, but had everything you needed, right when you needed it. She timed out the food, salads, etc. perfectly so you had time in between! She made great suggestions that I actually LOVED. What a fine dining experience. Get it? Fine Dining?

Happy Veteran's Day!

Over and Out.


  1. Haha! It's totally not weird to follow a blog of someone you don't know- if no one did that we'd never know about the pioneer woman! She changed my life (well my kitchen at least!)

    oh, and if you do start leaving notes on cars please document them here so we can live vicariously through you! :) Miss you guys!

  2. Not weird to follow a blog for someone you don't know.

    My exact words on Ginny's blog were "Did Angela poop herself she was excited?" Glad to know I was right.

  3. Emily! That is totally why I wrote it. haha.

  4. I totally just had that waitress. LOVED HER.