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A few posts combined....

(She sent this picture along with a stylish purse to her Aunt Laura for her birthday! It was a hit.)

Well it has been a busy few weeks. Mostly great things. I have a very blessed life, a wonderful husband, family and child. Life is full and its great. We have had lake trips, weddings in Cabo, dinner with Coach Switzer, family in town, Berkley sitting up on her own, Berkley eating new foods, etc, etc, etc.

Through all of that I have been feeling like every few days I have been thrown for a loop. I get frustrated with myself when I feel disappointed, hurt or let down due to someone one else or a silly situation I come across. I get stuck on that negative thing and forget what good health we have, a home, a healthy/happy child and nothing to truly complain about. I haven't had to suffer loss of a family or friend and I have it so good compared to so many. I know I am so blessed but I feel like for so long I have been in a funk. While most who know me know I wear my heart on my in I am not good about hiding my feelings, I don't think most know what I am feeling deep down. It is usually surface joy or surface annoyance at something mundane that people see or experience around me. I hate that. I feel like I have had to have some major self examinations lately, make some hard decisions and choose Berkley/Bart and what is best for us over others and of course I look back, even to yesterday and know I have made a few mistakes too many. I hate disappointing people, or making a decision someone else doesnt like. I have a major problem with being a people please which majorly butts heads with my big mouth/opiniated self. I am very sensitive yet also strong. Too many contradictions!!

Praying for grace, direction, courage, forgiveness, and so much more.

Love and Blessings,

***Below is most of July in a picture montage(sp?)***


  1. Just felt like posting a comment...You are great! Don't worry about the small will all work itself out. Do what is best for your little family. :) Let's get together sometime soon! Muah!