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self inflicted pain...

I tend to hurt myself. Most of the time I don't know how I got a bruise or cut...they just appear. Recently though, I can account for them all! Some of my inflicted pain is on purpose, like my first group bike ride. 12 miles and I loved it. CrossFit every week, love it after its over but it hurts so good. Then there are the times I don't mean to hurt myself but do anyway...

Cut on my knee, both sides of ankles up to shin - fist group bike ride, clipping out and fell.

Bruise on left side of head - car door.

Bump/bruise on right side of forehead - ok this one I don't remember but it was the same day as the one before.

Sore shoulder - running into the wall while walking to B's room in the middle of the night. She is teething and has woken up a few times about 4am.

Right pointer finger - 2 months ago at CrossFit405 while box jumping. I got to 29"!! Finger still hurts.

Other random injuries:

- closing the laptop on my nose
- washer lid falling closed on my head (this happened so often so I got a front loader.)
- multiple knees and shins lost to the ottoman.

Anyone want to share their random/silly injuries??

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