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Berkley had prunes for lunch and dinner. I kinda forgot to ask Miss Stormi about lunch so as a result this is how this morning went.

Sweet husband gets up and takes care of feeding babby boo so I can get showerd and dressed for work. Sweet husband feeds baby boo pears or something, her bottle and then proceeds to get her dressed for me. Then the yelling starts.

Bart: OH NO! NO! NO! Ugh! Pooop! Poop everywhere! Brooooooke! There is poop, literally everywhere!
Me: (Im in the other room talking to myself) Okay honey, I'm sure its not everywhere. YOu are so dramatic about diapers. Geeze, I do poop all the itme, just wipe it up and move on.

Here he comes with neked baby into the bathroom. By the way, I look over and I don't see any poop..............yet.

Me: What's going on? She had a bad diaper?
Bart: There is poop on the carpet, her, her feet, her legs, her back, everywhere.

He starts running bath and throws her in.

I go into living room.

Me: OH MY GOSH! There is poop everywhere. Literally on the floor, on the changing pad, on the changing pad cover, on the wipes that are scattered all over the floor, on her pajamas and literally (and I am using the word correctly in this whole post) it is thick, purple, sticky poop running from the footsies to the neckline of her pajamas.

I clean it all up and realize I don't care if I blog about poop. Its my blog, I am going to write about it. Poop. It owned us today.

So then I rush to get her to Miss Stormi, jump out of the car, run around the back and run smack into my bike rack, fall down. Literally. I bruised my arm.

Happy Poop Thursday!

Love and Blessings,

P.S. BOOOOMER SOOOONER! Ok, random but anyone who knows me reallly reallly well (Ginny, my dad, barty, some others) knows I have been an FSU fan since I was in 6th grade. Saturday will be my first time to see them play in person. I've been thinking about it since BArt told me they would be on the schedule like 2 years ago. I am so exctied I can't stand it. Yes, I still love OU. Yes, I want OU to win. But, I am so excited. I know it seems like a contradiction but whatever. I always thought my first FSU game would involve me standing on the field watching the game with Bobby,laughing, calling plays, yelling at the boys, but since he isnt coaching and I dont have any connections and i dont have a million dollars and therefor can't stand on the field I will just enjoy my seats with my man and cheer for OU and smile secretly while watching the Noles.

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