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Where did the summer go?

First day of MDO. What a face?!
Loves bike rides with mommy.
Still loves each and every single bath she takes.
Getting her ears checked at the doc and sportin her OU gear.
LOVES pushing carts, strollers, anything you will let her at. I totally gave in and bought this for her. It was a fight I was not going to fight. Mommy was sick so she went to work with daddy for a few hours. Pretty nice setup for 18mo old!

The recent goings and comings of The Brew Crew...

School has been in session for a few weeks now. It feels good and weird not to be there. Did I mention I am not teaching this year, and maybe not till we are doing having our clan and they are in school? I was in a plush situation with great coworkers, and had a GREAT principal. It wasn't a tough decision to stay home because teachers make poo in Oklahoma pay wise. So, working part time it just wasn't worth it to have a sitter 3 days and leave B that much. I love kids but I love B more, and while I like teaching, I have been so annoyed with the system for so long that this is a good thing. I do hope to go back one day, and will hunt down Beth and Tammy and beg to be back on their team.

Went on some fun trips and got some mommy me time. It is always nice. :) I took 2 solo trips and loved every minute of it. As social as I am, I am also equally a loner. I love quiet time. Bart took a couple works trips (golf) and I did my thing to. We are VERY blessed to have both grandparents within a mile to watch B, along with Aunt Lindsay and Aunt Tonya.

Doodlebug Berkley is growing at rapid speed. I still can't believe I have a child sometimes and then I realize that she is on the downslide in to being 2 and it is just to much! She has the terrible 2s already down though. :) ha. I love her but wow am I getting paid back for my moodiness! She does these silent protests. She lays down on the ground and just lays there. No screaming, or kicking, and its just pathetic I tell ya. She also can do the crazy scream, crying, kicking throwing things tantrums also. On the other hand, she is pretty much a really happy, sweet lil girl. We have been very lucky. She likes people, but it takes her a minute to warm up. She loves her grandparents and has started to become a daddy's girl. She still has a belly laugh, randomly does funny dances, faces and is still into jumping, marching and seat drops on the ottoman. She is quite the little ham! She loves babies, buckling and unbuckling her seatbelt, and is obsessed with our friends lil boy Rhett. She is talking up a storm, even putting a few words together. She literally says more and more every day. Its amazing what they soak up.

Football has begun. I have always enjoyed watching sports but now my other half is in the zone. Going to games, watching games all day and did I mention the multiple fantasy teams? Add golf in there and I guess I will see him in the new year? I've got it pretty good, but men and sports is nuts sometimes.

Ok so I kinda lied...I will actually see B lots here in a couple weeks. We are going on a great beach trip to celebrate my 30th birthday! I have made it to 30, all limbs intact, and the world did infact keep on turning! It was a wonderful birthday and I love all my family, friends and especially Bart who helped me celebrate. I was spolied rotten and I got to celebrate about 5 different times. It was great!

Baby boo started MDO at our church last week. She has done great so far! She is getting less of a nap there, its about an hour less than she is used to, so I am getting a crazed kid around dinner time. You can just see her exhaustion, poor thing. I have tried mini naps but, by the time she finally gives in to sleep, I have to get her up so it won't interfere with her bedtime. She is a good napper and sleeper in general, almost always goes down without a fuss so I know I am blessed and will take MDO in stride. Its good for her and me. We are still doing Gymboree every week, took a break from swim lessons because of being out of town, being sick, & another ear infection. We also are part of a twice monthly play group and I have met some really great new girls that attend church with us. It is nice to know more and more people with kids around the same age and doing the same things.

I am addicted to Pinterest when I get on it. I can go a day or two, just like with FB and such and not get on... but once I am on, look out. It is like my reading addiction. Before I know it its 1am and I have been on the darn computer for 3 hours. This has to stop. It is a brilliant way to 'file' aways things though. Okay, so maybe Pinterest and reading is my "sports". :)

Took a really fun trip to Breck with one of my besties Mere and our husbands. I LOVED Breck in the summer, want to go back ASAP. I hadn't been since I was 19 (in the summer) and I forgot how beautiful it was, and how much great stuff there is to do. We ate, walked around, shopped, biked and went white water rafting. We had a great time and can't wait to go back! We also got to see our friends the Colley's in Denver. It was so nice to relax, catch up and love on their sweet kids.

What I really wanted to share and got sidetracked with personal mumbo-jumbo:

***We are attending a Wednesday night bible class at our church by one of my favorite pastors. His name is Terry Feix and I love his teaching style. He is on staff at Crossings and is usually the one to fill in for Marty when he is gone, or just to take on topics that have a little more theology to explain. He is brilliant and knows so much about history and the Bible and yet he is one of the only teachers that has really ever made it easy to understand all the stuff that can make someone studying the Bible get a headache. He keeps you interested but is in the word, making it understandable and applicable the whole time. The series is called Hard Questions and it hits on things like 'why can't/won't everyone go to heaven?, is heaven/hell real?, viewing God as a just God equally to a God of grace and love, etc." I truly think no matter where you go to church, or if you don't go that you would benefit from this series and you should check it out. My dad has gone with us and if you know my dad, that is a big deal. :) It is Wednesdays in the Sanctuary at 6:30, or they are online to view/listen to. You can go to to see the lesson that have been posted so far. It really is worth looking at. Terry is a great teacher, Oklahoma Christian/OU grad and one of the best teachers I have ever heard. It has really helped me look at things and either reevaluate my belief on a certain topic, or confirm and strengthen it. Did I mention I think Terry is a great teacher? Haha.

Love and Blessings,

Breck pictures & Mere's Bday Party:

Highschool friends! Love them.Baby shower for Jeff, Logan and Baby girl Ellis!