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week 6 - busy busy!

Aunt Mere and Kayt
All dressed up for church!
Chris and Steph's wedding. So fun to see all the old gang and have everyone meet Berkley!
6 weeks!

Over the past couple of weeks we have had ups and we have had downs. Everyone said to be ready for all this, but until you are going through it it just doesn't quite hit home.

Tummy problems - Berkley has had some tummy issues. Not sure if its my diet, constipation only or a mix of that and reflux. Poor thing had 2 weeks in a row where she only went to the bathroom when I gave her something to help her which was no fun for me or her. Doctor said not to worry and I did of course, but she is back on track I think and doing better. She takes a little pear juice everyday and that has seemed to help also. She is gaining weight like crazy though! She was having some major spit up issues, borderline throwing up at almost every feeding. She had gone thru a little growth spurt where she wanted more milk, so I upped her intake. Well we found out that mommy (me) produces more milk and produces it quicker than most so she was getting too much. Overeating at 4 weeks! So now the lil eater is on a diet(not really). I have to cut her off and then make sure all the burping and spittin up is done before we move on with our day. Well that went great for a couple weeks and then this week, week 6 she has decided to have another growth spurt and does major cluster feeds in the evenings. During the day/night she has been eating a little more and it made for a couple really good nights. It's crazy because you get the hang of something and then it changes!

Oh but she is smiling! I don't mind being pooped on/thrown up on because when she smiles at me, its all worth it.

She loves her bathtime... or maybe the sound of the water, but either way if she is having a melt down we can plop her in that water and she is so content. I think that its from the fact that I take a bath and read every night, so she got used to a bath every night when I was prego. It is our relax, calm time each day. Sometimes more than once. :)

She also loves going on walks...or maybe I love going on walks because it puts her right to sleep.

Busy week - we had lunch with daddy (her's) and then 2 different days lunch with some friends. Mommy loves lunch out. We had playtime and went on some windy but good walks with friends, hung with aunt lindsay, went to her first wedding and finally went to church. I was so excited to make it to church, we had been failing in the getting up and getting ready on time but we made it and she did great! She pretty much slept the whole time and really didn't squirm or squeak at all till the last song.

Sleep- what is that? Well I actually remembered 2 nights this week! 2 nights in a row I only had to get up once and it was either like 12am which I do easily or not until 6or7am which her daddy does well. She slept 6-7 hours 2 nights in a row. What was even better, both those nights she went right back down for another 4-5 both times. I knew it wouldn't last but we sure enjoyed it while it lasted. We look forward to 10-12 weeks when I hear most little ones will sleep thru the night. We have a trip in May and my goal is to have her sleeping thru the night/having dropped the middle of the night feedings by then. Who wants to be on vaca and getting up at 2am and 5am? Will it work?? Who knows, but I sure can try. :)

Love and Blessings,


Berkley is 4 weeks old!

Picture updates:

hangin with friends...
4 weeks
naptime with dad
2 weeks

Well time is flyin by and boy are we worn out! We love it but holy cow it's been 4 weeks and I am not sure where the days have gone. She is doing great, started the normal baby fussy times at night, which are always fun. ha. SHe is a big eater, gained 22ounces in less than 2 weeks. She might have been overeating a little bit. We have had to limit her a tad so she doesn't spit it all back up! Those were a messy few days figuring that out. She is more awake and alert every day and we are pretty sure she thinks we are funny and laughs/smiles at us. We realize that she really doesn't, but she is ours so we can think what we want.