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The Holidays are here...

The following pictures ARE IN RANDOM ORDER!

What a fun few weeks we have had in our home. We got to spend time with Aunt LaLa from North Carolina over Thanksgiving and she will be back soon for Christmas. Speaking of Thanksgiving...we played minute to win it games with the family. It was a blast! We didn't take pictures but for those of you who know the Brewer clan, you can imagine the chaos of fun that was had! Especially, by Uncle Bill. He doubted every game, and was proven wrong every time. Yes Bill, it can be done! Berkley even joined in a few times. She was a hoot as usual.

We got to spend time with friends at a few Xmas parties, Berk even got to see Santa two times! She freaked out both times, and I laughed, hard, both times. Oops! At one party that was for the kids, Berk found a nativity scene and she proceeded to hang out with Baby Jesus most of the time. She took him in and out of the manger, put his blanket on him, and even took him at one point over to a baby seat and strapped him in. She loves babies!

Oh and.... please excuse all my horrid iphone shots, she was moving to quickly for me.... but you get the point. Baby Jesus was her friend, she looks cute in any dress, we love the holidays, etc.

Did you see the one where she is STUCK in her crib rails? I think she was still half asleep, trying to crawl out like it was my bed or something. She just kept saying mamadadddy, mamadaddy, and yes its all one word.

Oh we also had the Brewer Family/Work party. Berkley has gone every year (2) that she has been here. Ha. Everyone loves seeing her and its fun to dance and play and show her off. One of the partners and our good friends the Ogles are always so sweet and love playing with her. Ms. Karen taught her naughty things though this year. She was throwing sugar packets on the ground and laughing like a crazy woman. Karen would laugh too, and so the GAME continued. It was a mess. Did I mention she would also tear open those sugar packets with her teeth, like a sugar crazed animal? Such a sweet, well behaved child. WHO ARE HER PARENTS!?

We did a lil Xmas party with our friends and their kids. We played, tried to read Xmas stories, and made Santa Hat bites. SO YUMMY! Brownie bites, whip cream and strawberries! Berk loved them.

We are so blessed and thankful for another wonderful year here in the Brewer house. We love this time of year with family, and we pray that no matter what is going on we can all remember how blessed we are! I know I can lose sight of how wonderful I have feel free to gently remind when I have to go up another pant size after all the food, that I am lucky to have that much food, and when I pick up another broken ornament, that some children don't get to have a tree, and when I am exhausted from my crazy lil blessing, that she is a blessing and there are people in the world who would give anything to be up all night with their child. God is good. Thank you Lord for loving me, and thank you Lord for blessing me!

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year! - the Brew Crew