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Things you shouldn't pray for...

...0r at least not admit to them?

I have been following the blog of Jon Acuff called 'Stuff Christians Like'. He is the author of a book by the same name. Very humorous Jon Acuff is. (name that movie character?)

He recently wrote a blog that made me laugh REALLY hard. You really should go read it. Praying for things you shouldn’t pray for. It is about praying for things that maybe you shouldn't, or at least not telling anyone about it.

Being an educator(like I am) we sometimes think things about kids we probablly shouldn't. In frustration, we (ok, me) also might pray for things we shouldn't. This week is parent/teacher conferences at school. While I probablly shouldn't, there are parents that come in to talk with me and I say what I can to try and be encouraging and helpful and nicely discuss academic concerns with their child. I do want to help thier child and hopefully tell them things I think could improve their students achievement, etc. I also secretly am trying to not blurt out that I prayed their child was absent today.

Sometimes, a parent comes in and it becomes really clear why a child is the way they are. It's like an Oprah "lightbulb" moment. I am sure at somepoint this will happen with me and my children. I really just want to tell that parent that I was so frustrated and annoyed with their child yesterday that today, I prayed their student wouldn't be at school. I prayed that so my class might actually go smoothly because their child wouldn't be there to be the class clown, to goof off, to distract the other students and to have a behavior issue every hour on the hour that took up half my day to deal with.

After reading Jon Acuff's blog about this sort of thing....other people's children that is. I realized
1. Ok, so I only have an 8 month old and boy do I have many school years ahead of me. Here's to hopin I have one of those sweet old lady teachers for B that never thinks a bad thought about anyone and loves ALL children. Even the spirited ones.

2. I used the words active, spirited and social today a great deal when discussing children. I wanted to use the following words: spolied, obnoxious, rude, disrespectful, lazy and slow. Yes, I said slow. They are slow because you allow them to play 4 hours of computer games every night on killing people and stealing cars. Then you feed them junk food (every night). Then you add to this by sitting them in front of the tube to watch more junk till THEY feel it is their bedtime.

3. I know it is a busy world. I am not perfect, you are not perfect and no one parents perfectly. But, there are those that try. Could you please, please, TRY! Or, just try Oh I dunno...maybe not having more kids?

Sometimes I pray students will move. This might make me look bad in your eyes. I can accept that.


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