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High pitched that really necessary?

Matching hats with mommy.

We go to Sunday lunch to a local place with the fam. Berkley is being her cute self, strangers stop to say hi and meet her kinda cute. My parents oogle and google and talk about how perfect she is. Mom thanks B and I about 3 times for having Berkley. She does this often. Berkley is sitting in the little high chair and playing with spoons and toys and babbling and smiling and making us all enjoy our lunch that much more.

Then the high pitched screaming started.

Not our child, but a child a table over.

She screamed off and on every 30 seconds for about 15 minutes. It was a very HIGH pitched, toe curling scream. It was not pleasant. The parents of course did nothing. Now I am not an idiot...I realize sometimes kids flip out, scream, throw fits and you ignore it or what ever you choose to do. But, in a public place like church, an eating establishment, a store...MOST of the time I think a parent should somewhat intervene and remove the child from the situation or something like that.

Back to the story, Berkley starts looking at this kid like she is nuts. Looks at us, looks at the other baby, looks back at us confused. It's almost as she was saying, "what is that about? why she screamin?"

This picture is at the "incident lunch". I like to think she was laughing to herself saying "haha crazy baby. why you screamin?"

Love my child. Love her calm, beautiful spirit. Love that she is sweet, loves people and brings joy to each person she is around, each room she enters, and each event she is a part of.

We are so blessed.

We are also SO flippin thankful she isn't the kid that high pitch screams while others are trying to enjoy their meal. I am sure I will have to eat those words when lil miss Berkley throws her first fit, but for now... I got myself an angel. I mean she is only 8mo. haha. Maybe, we can skip those terrible 2's, 3's and the dreaded teenage girl years?


  1. She is SO cute! I can't believe how big she is!! Also, congrats on your triathlon SUPER impressive. :)

  2. Yes, you are so blessed to have such a sweet angel baby! I want some Berkley hugs!