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I've been following Ben Arment's blog lately. His most recent blog about honor is worth the clicking to get you over to his blog. It's short and to the point and makes me go...gosh we as people, as Christian people, we have to remember what God says and what He values. Head on over to (i have no idea how to do a link. oops.)


The cork is about to pop!

Ever feel like you have so much inside that you are about to pop? It can be anything, such as love, laughter, inspiration, joy, ideas, desire to travel, dreams, hunger for change, anger, hurt, jealously...

I feel lately like I am about to burst. I want to be doing something more. I need to do it for the Lord, for others and for me. While I am actively pursuing my relationship with the Lord, because only He can fulfill me, I feel like with my time and with my family we should be doing more. We get stuck in our little box, with what is safe, comfortable, what is known and who we know and then before we realize, so much time has gone and we rarely have left our box! How sad.

I have a great box. I am grateful and in love with my box. I do however want to see other boxes, enjoy your box and share our boxes!

Let's mix and mingle, shall we?

I feel a new project coming on....

Enough about boxes? Oh, go box yourself!

Love and Blessings,


whaz up wit U?

Whaz up wit me is this:

Couldn't figure out why my purse was so heavy all day. Found my water bottle at the bottom. Oops.

I threw my cell phone in the recycle bin instead of my empty bottle.

I've been to lazy to do my childs laundry so lets just say she hasn't been sleeping in cozy pajamas the past 4 nights. Bad mom award.

I am going on week 3 of being sick. Not like stay in bed, dying sick. But coughing, headache, can't get totally well, annoying sick.

We have family holiday pics this weekend. I planned B's and I's outfits around an outfit I bought online for Berkley that I am in love with. I've spent all week making sure I had the right bow, hat, shoes for Berkley and for me....earrings, shoes, or really just pulling clothes on and off in my closet to see what will not make me look/feel like gigantor. I know this totally doesnt sound like me, right. I am so not that crazy controlling, A type. Anywho... so I get home all proud of my self only to try Berkley's outfit on, bow, shoes and all....lets just say its about 2sizes to big. Awesome. Love when plans blow up in your face. On to a new plan...

B and I went on a lil date night. We saw Secretarait. Great movie. I love anything with an inspiring, true story theme. Anyway, we are discussing our day, etc. I am telling him a story about a girl in my class. For some reason I brought up how she had "need lunch money" stamped on her hand. If you are a teacher, parent with a school aged child you know what that means. It's kinda like when a pike pass blinks at you "low acct balance". At school it means your account is low, a reminder for mom/dad to send lunch money to school. My sweet husband had NO clue what it meant. He proceeded to ask me..."so they just like go around and people give them money?" I was very confused. I said " no, they need lunch money, like at school." He says, "Like a kid just sees they need lunch money and says, here I have a buck you can have? That's kind of sad." Oh bless. I laughed really hard and really loud, then I explained.

I ran into a shoe display at Dillards in front of two salesman. They straight up laughed at me. I have a bruise on my thigh. Oh well.

I went to buy something at a store. The lady helps me, I try stuff on, pick out some earrings, go up to pay. She folds it, ready to scan it... then she tells me, "oh I can't sell this to you right now. Our computer is down. It's been down all morning." Um, I'm sorry. Come again? Might have mentioned that a little before now. Thank you.

Oh and this is my super cute kid. She likes to lay her head down and watch her Mickey Mouse. Sorry for the horribly grainy picture. It was dark, it was a phone, it was me.



High pitched that really necessary?

Matching hats with mommy.

We go to Sunday lunch to a local place with the fam. Berkley is being her cute self, strangers stop to say hi and meet her kinda cute. My parents oogle and google and talk about how perfect she is. Mom thanks B and I about 3 times for having Berkley. She does this often. Berkley is sitting in the little high chair and playing with spoons and toys and babbling and smiling and making us all enjoy our lunch that much more.

Then the high pitched screaming started.

Not our child, but a child a table over.

She screamed off and on every 30 seconds for about 15 minutes. It was a very HIGH pitched, toe curling scream. It was not pleasant. The parents of course did nothing. Now I am not an idiot...I realize sometimes kids flip out, scream, throw fits and you ignore it or what ever you choose to do. But, in a public place like church, an eating establishment, a store...MOST of the time I think a parent should somewhat intervene and remove the child from the situation or something like that.

Back to the story, Berkley starts looking at this kid like she is nuts. Looks at us, looks at the other baby, looks back at us confused. It's almost as she was saying, "what is that about? why she screamin?"

This picture is at the "incident lunch". I like to think she was laughing to herself saying "haha crazy baby. why you screamin?"

Love my child. Love her calm, beautiful spirit. Love that she is sweet, loves people and brings joy to each person she is around, each room she enters, and each event she is a part of.

We are so blessed.

We are also SO flippin thankful she isn't the kid that high pitch screams while others are trying to enjoy their meal. I am sure I will have to eat those words when lil miss Berkley throws her first fit, but for now... I got myself an angel. I mean she is only 8mo. haha. Maybe, we can skip those terrible 2's, 3's and the dreaded teenage girl years?


Inspiration or just a good laugh...

This is a first. Two blog postings in one day.

The other is down below...its about the recent Brewer happenings. I say this with all honesty, I am a complex person. I love the Lord and strive to live more like him but, I fail quite often. I love my family and friends and while they make me a better person, no matter what I do, I have a sick sense of humor and when I get upset with people, I mentally want to stomp on their foot. I don't think I am a bad person. I think I just voice stuff and think stuff most people are smart enough NOT to. Oops.

Warning: THe following post is an illustration of randomness. Random Wednesday thoughts? Sounds a lot like Randon Thoughts Thursdays, those are poplular so I will do it today instead.

Ok so for a couple weeks now I have been reading friends of friends blogs, googling topics and reading random strangers blogs, clicking on links, etc. that lead me to some interesting reads. I think this comes from my LOVE of reading. I love any and all kinds of reading. I read my Bible everyday, along with my email, twitter, US Magazine, notes from my babysitter, text from the husband and James Patterson murder novels.

I think sometimes my heart and head battle and are contradictory...very much like when I let my selfish desires take over from what I know I should do, say, act like, be.

Warning: what you are about to read is prob on the selfish side of me. Most of my blogs are. Again, I tend to say what most people or talk about what most people are smart enough to shut up about.

I have found a few blogs that I kept going back to read. A couple are very inspirational/hilarious about marriage and communication. SOme are about everyday life, decor, fashion, kids, etc. One is pure sick humor. She has a potty mouth, but I find myself laughing sometimes so hard my toe hurts.

You are thinking to yourself right now why did she just say ' laugh so hard it makes my toe hurt. that makes no sense. she really is nuts, its not just a rumor!'

Well it is one of the many random things about myself I have learned. I like to say random things, quote movies, etc. One blog I came across the blogger uses awesome descriptions when she is excited about something. She says fun stuff like...two leg kicks for ice cream, or 1 fist pump for mocha latte afternoons, and finally 1 hula dance for all green lights. I read this, how she describes her joy about something and I think to myself....THAT IS SO ME, sometimes. I get excited or mad about something and I want to kick,silent dance, or bear growl and I haven't ever been able to adequatley describe that....UNTIL NOW~ Thank you for your awesomness. 2 fist pumps for your vocab skills.

"You're killin me smalls" is one of my FAVORITE things to say. By the way, 3rd graders have no clue what this means.

Another thing I have learned about myself through reading a blog is: I have an insane memeory about people, but I often downplay this to not freak them out. Then this is where it gets creepy. A girl I went to highschool with described this quality about herself, exactly. So maybe this girl and I could make some money off this. You forget soemthing, call me, I fill you in and magically I get money in my paypal? Like I bet if I know you, even kinda...I can tell you what kind of car you drive. You will swear I have no idea, but I do. I am super observant.

I also have learned that even though I am an educator, I really need to practice my writing in how to use commas, semicolons, apostrophes.

I am waaaay to sarcastic. This is also something 3rd graders don't understand.

I have learned I am really random and if you can keep up, 2 tutu twirls fo sho!!

I read blogs and people are so articulate, funny, interesting and so are their kids and friends they write about. I get jealous. Then I think about how hugely silly some of the things we humans get jealous about. A blog, come on Brooke. Really?

If B is the only one who laughs at me or gets my humor, then its a constant reminder of how awesome God is for leading us to each other.

Final thought: I find myself singing "we are the champions" when something cool happens. But, I also find myself wanting to drop a banana peel in front of somehting who is rude....I do this all in my head. Do I get two points for not actually making someone slip? How about 3 points for not kicking the Target check out lady who sneezed all over my groceries, just mentally doing it?

Done and done.


P.S. I made a baby. I love her SOOO much, even when she wipes her nose back and forth on my neck. Throws up on me, poops on her hand sewn bedding and sticks her fingers in my nose and laughs. She rocks. She rocks the bath too. Sticks her head under the running water cause she is cool like that. Stuffs 2 squirt toys in her mouth while popping open her eyes like an alien. Fist pumps for cool babies.

Busy! Busy!

Busy Weekend!

We went with B's family up to the lake, where Aunt Laura met us along with Bart's Aunt/Uncle Kilburn. We had a great time! It was beautiful outside and we went on the boat, walks, jogs, sat on the dock and hung out on the porch for most meals!

While up in the Tulsa area, we went to a wedding of one of my best friends from growing up! Daniel and Brianne got married in a beautiful outdoor wedding and it was so special to be able to be there!

Also while up in Tulsa we went to a babyshower we helped host. It was fun to hang out with the crew and enjoy a good meal and good company!

I think if I had to drive to and from Tulsa one more time in the next few weeks I might hurt myself, but I love the lake and getting away for a few days! It was a great rejuvination.

Berkley is 8 months now! Whoa. How in the world did 8 months go by that quickly? She has 2 bottom teeth, crawls, pulls up and moves everywhere. SHe loves electronics. Anything that lights up is her best friend. She likes to dance along to Mickey Mouse in the morning while mom/dad get ready. She is a joy to us and to all those around her. I am not sure how I was blessed with this kid, but she is good natured, happy ALL the time, loves everyone and is just "good" (for lack of a better word). I am so excited to see what kind of a little person she will turn in to and the sweet little love she is turing out to be. I feel so lucky to be her mom.

Love and Blessings,


The World of Lollipops and Rainbows:

Sometimes I wish I lived in the world of lollipops and rainbows. There are unicorns and happy people and you just go on about your day, everyday, skipping and prancing along....

this week I am living in the world of failure. I am failing this week, big time.

*Insert bear growl here.