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It's the classic game we all love...Tag!

I got tagged! Not only did I get tagged...but she did this fancy thing where when you click on my name it takes you to my blog. I wish I could use fancy blog tools like that. Fail. Lindsay Cooper, you are cool with all your blogging awesomeness! I offer you my best internet high five!

Four Places I go:
1. To Target. I spend too much time and too much money there.
2. To Sonic. I usually only get water, but who doesn't love them some Sonic ice?
3. To the cloud! Get it? Im just kidding...I go to um, the bathroom. Ok kidding again. I go to work. On Tues, Wed. & Thurs. Hello Angie Debo Elementary school and all my peeps in 3rd & 4th grade! What. What.
4. I used to go to CF405, then I had hand surgery and I have failed at getting back into it. So I go to the ZOO! Berkley likes the playground the most.

Four Favorite Smells:
1. Berkely right after her bath. She takes LONG baths. The kid is a fish. Our friend Megan got her some Noodle & Boo Lotion and it makes her smell so fresh and so clean clean.
2. I love the morning rain/dew smell. Like you go outside after it has just rained. I like it! (Especailly at the lake & at camp PJSCC)
3. A good smellin man. I love my husband, but, if I smell a man who smells yummmy, I smile big. Our pediatrician always smells good. :)
4. Can you say CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES?! Those babies baking...they will make you swoon.

Four Favorite TV Shows:
(Disclaimer... I am doing stuff I watch right now. If I chose like all time favorite, we would be here all day.)
1. Pretty Little Liars
3. Housewives of ... love em all but Atlanta. No thanks.
4. Private Practice

Four Favorite Movies:
1. Family Stone
2. Beaches
3. Any Star Wars Movie
4. Any Harry Potter Movie

Four Recommendations:
1. (this is the same as the person who tagged me, but its a great one.) GO ON A MISSION TRIP! The best spring breaks and summer trips I went on in college/highschool were mission trips. I spent most of my time in Honduras and I formed friendships that will last a lifetime and I learned so much about God, his people and how blessed we here in N.America are. I can't explain how much serving others can change you.
2. Read! I do not care what, but reading is awesome. It sets a good example for your children, it is an escape, its relaxing, it teaches you, it inspires you, you can go to another world and experience life through another point of view!
3. Go meet your neighbors. Not just the young couple with kids. We have gotten to know a retired couple across the street. I love them. They play with Berkely, they take her on walks, they come help me jump my car. They bring us treats at Xmas. They are so kind and so generous.
4. Eat fried cheese (like mozarella sticks) dipped in sugar. Like the little packet of sugar on the table for tea or whatever. I know it sounds crazy, but its good. Just plain good. Really unhealthy, but good.

Four Favorite Things To Do:
1. Read
2. Go to the lake
3. Give Berkley a bath
4. Vacation! Tropical Island type of vaca please. :)

Four Things I dislike:
1. People who use handicapped parking spaces when they aren't handicapped.
2. People who do not put up their shopping carts and leave them to be blown around the lot and hit other cars.
3. Gossip. I have been a part of it all of my life... as the person doing the gossiping, as the person listening but not stopping it and as the person being talked about. It is hurtful for all involved in the end. It is no good and I am doing my best to stop this awful habit. If you hear me doing it, tell me NO!
4. Vaguebooking! People, either tell what is going on or don't. If you need someone to ask you, then call a friend or call me. I will humor you.

Four Friends to Tag:
1. Amber F.
2. Ginny K.
3. Michelle Y.
4. Elizabeth M.


Part 2 of the video

So apparently I did have more video, I just didn't know it! Typical. Again with the commentary...really sorry.

The video...

Sorry for the commentary...

I didn't video them actually sticking the needle in because I kept walking in and out thinking any minute she would scream or I would cry...but I can honestly tell you the whole time she just sat there watching! Crazy kid!


The Brave One

B woke up with a rash/hives literally everywhere but her face. I figured it was just an allergy but went to our fav pediatrician just in case. Long story short was sent to have blood work done to rule out peanut allergy(ahhhh!) I'm hoping to get the silly video up but for now here is how it went.
I stood in the hall, hyperventilating, tearing up and trying to control my breathing. Berkley sat there (Bart held her) and did nothing. She watched and made faces and just was so curious about what the nurse was doing she didn't even flinch! No crying, no squirming, absolutely sat there like it's normal to have a needle in your arm! What!!???? Ok so she's going to be a druggie or a doctor! Just kidding, she would never do drugs, unless apple cinnamon puffs are a drug. I was so scared by the silence that I creeped back in the room and videoed the whole thing. I'm the one that cries or goes pale and passes out. My child, my 1 year old sat there happy as a lark. Really?

YouTube here we come!

Peace and Love,


Dear Parents....

Dear Parents (of school aged children),

As a school teacher, there are some things we see your kids do or not do that you aren't privy to during the day. So, please work on these following things (oh and if in 5 years you see my kid doing any of the following just ignore it. She is perfect. :) ha.)

- wash your hands after you use the bathroom
- was your hands after you sneeze into them
- do not chew on other peoples' pencils
- do not put your mouth on or lick the water fountain
- your pants and shirts are not where boogers go
- my tables and chairs are not where boogers go


- don't cheat off friends, they get the answer wrong somtimes and so now i know you cheated and who you cheated off of!

Can you tell I'm having a germ-a-phob day??