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Another Installment of ...Random Thoughts on Thursday!

It is Thursday again. Here are some thoughts, a large amount of them to be more precise!


It is a sad day in my little world. This will be the first Harry Potter movie I have not attended the opening mindnight showing. For some of you, this would not be a problem. That is ok, I don't judge your weird stuff. So, you don't get to judge mine. Anyway, I haven't quite grasped that I am actually going to miss out. I have very mixed feelings about this. I have been preparing. I have been watching all the older HP's! I have reread the book! Ugh.

Why have I not posted at all this week? I have been sick, again...and exhausted. I am sure I am not the only one in this boat with this weather, but it's my blog. I actually like winter, but liking winter doesn't mean I like...sleet, rain, bitter cold, gloomy skies and crazy strong winds! Anywho, said energy level has meant I get home and sit in floor with child, play, eat, and then go to bed.

What do I like about the winter months? Two great holidays, christmas lights, big coats, boots, fires, snow, hot chocolate and snugglin with baby boo! this is how she rolls. Laid back and only needs one hand for the bottle! So talented.

Berkley likes to sleep sitting up. It is really quite funny. She will lay down when it is nap time or bed time. Stick the wubanub in (paci with a toy stuck to it) and then start to fall asleep. All of a sudden its a few minutes of play, stand, sit up then sit down. Finally, she kind of plops down, head cocks sideways on the bumper and she is out. I think maybe she would enjoy a pillow.

I have a had a few people show me their true self this week. They say one thing, then do another. Their actions are speaking louder than their words. Why do I not listen when someone is clearly 'showing' me what they really think/feel??

Why can you(not you exactly, but people in general) do what's best for you and it be ok, but then when I want to do what is best for me, my family, etc. it isn't ok?? Obviously it's ok with me, but why is it not ok with you? You live your life, let me live mine. Our choices, thoughts and feelings do not have to match! That is the beauty of the world God created.

I saw my favorite doctor on Monday. My OBGYN. That might freak some of you out, but I love this man. He is calming and caring and talks all the nonsense through with. He made my birthing experience great! Nway, I wish he could be my primary care doctor too, oh and maybe my dentist? All in one stop!

During the cold months I will only grocery shop at Target...they have Starbucks and I need a hot chocolate when I grocery shop and when I am also cold. Sorry Crest, you will get some love come March.

Starbucks Hot Chocolate: Personally, I think it is the best hot chocolate ever. It's so darn good. Perfect temperature every time! It is also very chocolaty and made with milk, not water. Much better. Oh and the cream on top! I challenge you to find better.

I found some new jeans. They are called DL's. Can you say, 360degree stretch in waitband? Yes sir! Thank you new favorite brand of jeans, in your honor I will do a ballet twirl!

Is it just me or does a beach holiday sound good right about now?

I have a KeepItLocalOklahoma card. So handy. You get great discounts for going places you already go! Cheevers, Saturn Grill, Lime Leopard, etc. Get one.

Let's talk DWTS. Why is everyone so mad that Bristol Palin is still on? She got the votes. That is the point of the show. You get votes, you stay on. Is she a great dancer? No. Was Brandy better? Yes. Does that mean Brandy deserves it? No. It isn't just about the dancing, or how great your body is, or how the judges vote. Bristol got the viewer votes, end of story. If you don't like it, go VOTE!

Speaking of voting. Did you vote for our politicians? You should.

I know people that only go to the bathroom at home. They will hold it ALL day. I think that is amazing. You should get like a double star on your report card. I think it is kinda bad for your insides, but wow. Jumping jacks for you,your bladder and your bum!

All things school related:
Why do all children when they enter school hallways have one level of speaking? That one level, it is called yelling. It's like an on switch. Enter hall=scream at friends. Enter hall=no one can hear me if I don't yell, must yell.

Children also feel this way about running. They must have a little person in their head that says, "if I do not run to the classroom, down the hallway, to the bathroom, to gym, to the media center, I will not get there. I must run."

My classroom is in the 1st grade pod. (I work with 3rd and 4th graders though.) I use the 1st grade bathroom quite often as I am to lazy to walk down the hall to the adult one. Anywho. I walked into said 1st grade bathroom the other day. There was a head peeking at me. Above the stall. It looked like a 8ft tall 1st grader. What was it? A tiny little 1st grader who had climbed up the wall of the bathroom stall and was standing on the toilet paper dispenser looking around. I guess she thought it was recess? Nosy booger. Oh and we don't climb walls. I bear growled at her.

1st grader bathroom habits =YUCK! Fist pumps and hula dances for my clean bathroom at home.

I was walking a student back to their classroom....I didn't notice she stopped to tie her shoe. I kept walking. I tripped over student. I fell on face in hallway. Ouch.

I personally am for all year round school with breaks spread out. Like we would still get the normal breaks, but instead of all summer off, you take a shorter summer break, then add in week break for Thanksgiving instead of just a couple days and a few more long weekends here and there and bam! It is all year round school, more breaks but shorter, kids retain more and still get brain and play breaks throughout the year. It helps all our sanity! That is my opinion though.

Oh and teachers should get paid more. WAY more.

Finally, for your viewing pleasure. Berkley's new favorite past time. Taking things out of drawers!

Happy Thursday! Stay warm people.


Random thoughts Thursday:

Is it weird to follow a blog that you don't know the person, at all? I do. A really cool friend of mine does, so I am going with totally acceptable.

Ginny is moving home. YAYAY! It has been hard to not spill the beans, but I did a good job. Angela pooped her pants she was so excited. I think that is spilling ALL the beans. Don't you? hehe.

I have been sucking it up at working out. Hence, my ever expanding waistline! Oh and here come the holidays. Bring on the stuffing and stretchy pants.

When a kid sneezes all over your pencils, table, and even you sometimes, is it ok to smack them with the sanitizer bottle? I mean, they aren't my kid! I would never smack Berkely. She also would never sneeze on everyone and everything at school, right? She will be perfect, right?

Can I start leaving notes for people on their car?
Example: You aren't handicapped, nor were any of the people in the car with you. Please don't use this spot or I will give you papercuts in your toes.

Berkley likes to try to eat my nose. It's cute and also a little wet.

Our waitress at Charleston's last night was Tara. I think at least. SHE ROCKED IT. Didn't try to fill up your glass after every sip, but had everything you needed, right when you needed it. She timed out the food, salads, etc. perfectly so you had time in between! She made great suggestions that I actually LOVED. What a fine dining experience. Get it? Fine Dining?

Happy Veteran's Day!

Over and Out.


Heartache and Hangups

Berkley will be 9months on Thursday! Oh, how she has blessed my world!

The sermon on Sunday was about how when you are generous, you will be rewarded tenfold. Other thoughts that follow along those lines are: when you give, you recieve; when you forgive, you will be forgiven; you need to show mercy, to get mercy. (BTW, sorry for using semicolons and what not incorrectly. I have only taught 4th grade and below and I totally forgot highschool English/Grammar).

Anywho....listening to these principles in church and knowing in your heart you have some work to do, are easy. It is stepping out those doors and walking the walk. I have some things in my life I need to repair. Relationships, habits, etc. I can sit there and logically know that a verse is speaking to me. I need to forgive, so I can be forgiven. I need to do this, because when I do it has an impact on me. It impacts my thoughts, my actions, my faith, others around me, and my future. It is so hard though to take that first step. Especially when the last time you took blew up in your face. It didn't work. You got hurt, again. What I notice in those last few sentences is the word I, over and over. I keep focusing on how I am hurt, how I feel and I am not putting God and his commandments first. I am not putting his people first.

I read a blog a few days ago that talked about priorities. Do we have them in check? How do we know what our true priorities are? We may say what they are, we may even write them down and tell the world what our priorites are. But, then our ACTIONS show what our real priorites are. Did we break a promise to a friend, did we choose what we wanted first over what was best for our spouse. Did we give up too easy. Did we make excuses. The old saying goes "do as I say, not as I do." What a messed up message we send sometimes. We tell our children one thing, then we do another. We tell our spouse one thing, then we do another. We tell our friends one thing, then we do another. We tell our God one thing, then we do another. I want my prayers of my priorites to be my ACTUAL priorities, my actions.

Our God tells us something and he follows through. He is faithful.

My goal today is to take little steps. To fake it, till I can make it. I want to have my actions match my words in all I do. I want to live above reproach. I want to live my faith and be a woman with unquestionable character. I know I am a sinner. I know I am not perfect and I know Iwill mess up. But, if I am showing what my heart feels, making my prayers my actions, then when I do mess up....I know I will be forgiven. I know people will know the real me. I know my God knows my heart and He is who what matters. It is his approval and his forgivness I seek.

Do you have a heartache and hangup you need to work on? Give and you shall recive. Seek and you will find. Knock and the door will be opened.

Love and Blessings,


old friends...

I had the joy of spending some time with a good friend and his family this weekend. He was one of my best friends in highschool and I love him, his wife, and his whole family. They have always been like family to me. You always feel welcome in their home and in their lives. They have always treated me with so much kindness and love. My friend married a wonderful woman and I feel lucky to have spent some time with them here and there over the past few years. They are fun to be around and always ready for a good tiem! While we live in different cities, have different lives from day to day, it is such a blessing to my heart to get to reconnect from time to time with old friends like this. This friends' older brother just had the first child of the family. What a blessing that little girl is to the whole clan. It was a joy to meet her and to see all the love she has brought to their world. I am so proud of the life my friend has built for himself. I am so blessed to still know him and his wonderful family.

I had a rough week, so I want to say Thank you Lord for always sending 'restoring spirits' into my life at just the right time.

Love and Blessings,



I got a funny pic via email, was having a bad day and it made me laugh, really hard. A wise friend of mine commented on how sad it was to see the jersey shore pic and it shows how low family values have come. I agree. I don't watch the show, I hope the little kids don't and I would never let my child dress up like that. I probably shouldn't laugh at most things I laugh at, including this. I really hope it was just some parents trying to get a laugh and the kids had no clue.... Still made me laugh though. You can not like me because of this. I can handle that.



Things you shouldn't pray for...

...0r at least not admit to them?

I have been following the blog of Jon Acuff called 'Stuff Christians Like'. He is the author of a book by the same name. Very humorous Jon Acuff is. (name that movie character?)

He recently wrote a blog that made me laugh REALLY hard. You really should go read it. Praying for things you shouldn’t pray for. It is about praying for things that maybe you shouldn't, or at least not telling anyone about it.

Being an educator(like I am) we sometimes think things about kids we probablly shouldn't. In frustration, we (ok, me) also might pray for things we shouldn't. This week is parent/teacher conferences at school. While I probablly shouldn't, there are parents that come in to talk with me and I say what I can to try and be encouraging and helpful and nicely discuss academic concerns with their child. I do want to help thier child and hopefully tell them things I think could improve their students achievement, etc. I also secretly am trying to not blurt out that I prayed their child was absent today.

Sometimes, a parent comes in and it becomes really clear why a child is the way they are. It's like an Oprah "lightbulb" moment. I am sure at somepoint this will happen with me and my children. I really just want to tell that parent that I was so frustrated and annoyed with their child yesterday that today, I prayed their student wouldn't be at school. I prayed that so my class might actually go smoothly because their child wouldn't be there to be the class clown, to goof off, to distract the other students and to have a behavior issue every hour on the hour that took up half my day to deal with.

After reading Jon Acuff's blog about this sort of thing....other people's children that is. I realized
1. Ok, so I only have an 8 month old and boy do I have many school years ahead of me. Here's to hopin I have one of those sweet old lady teachers for B that never thinks a bad thought about anyone and loves ALL children. Even the spirited ones.

2. I used the words active, spirited and social today a great deal when discussing children. I wanted to use the following words: spolied, obnoxious, rude, disrespectful, lazy and slow. Yes, I said slow. They are slow because you allow them to play 4 hours of computer games every night on killing people and stealing cars. Then you feed them junk food (every night). Then you add to this by sitting them in front of the tube to watch more junk till THEY feel it is their bedtime.

3. I know it is a busy world. I am not perfect, you are not perfect and no one parents perfectly. But, there are those that try. Could you please, please, TRY! Or, just try Oh I dunno...maybe not having more kids?

Sometimes I pray students will move. This might make me look bad in your eyes. I can accept that.