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Edmond, OK
Blessed wife of an amazing husband and mother to Berkley, Bryn and Blake! God is good.


So these are my girls. These pictures pretty much sum up how most days have been going around here. Blake is super happy and full of smiles, all the time. Berkley is a tad moody. She is either so funny, full of stories, songs, pretend and giggles, or scowling, hiding, talking back, pouting, etc. We are working on speaking kindly and being polite even if we are mad about something. I have trouble with it, so its not that I expect Berkley to be perfect at it, but man...the talking back is so frustrating. I'm sure I never did that to my parents!? Right!? haha. We are studying Matthew in BSF (bible study fellowship) right now. Part of what we are studying is 'not being a stumbling block' for others. What are we willing to sacrifice to bring others to the Lord, or not cause them to stumble. What people, situations, activities, comforts, habits, etc., and I wiling to avoid, quit, change to make sure I am not willingly sinning, or causing another to sin. Man oh man is that convicting, humbling and hard. I'm praying about this, and working on this. I've made some small steps the last few days in this area, and they have been hard, but I am hoping the Lord is pleased with my heart. Another part of the study is taking care of the 'little ones'...that includes literal little ones (children) and those deemed little by our society (widows, homeless, sick, shut-ins, elderly, disabled, etc.) My goal is to work on both these areas. I first want to make sure I am spending as much time talking about Jesus, teaching Jesus and his word to my children as I do focusing on their clothes, their education, playing, etc. Having my heart truly for Him, and having Bart and our children's hearts truly for the Lord is all that matters to me in the world. I love my friends, I love all the fun parts of life, but getting us to heaven to be with our Lord, and to reunite with Bryn is my focus. I struggle with so many demons, sins, and hangups, but I am working on cutting out things that cause me to stumble so I can focus fully on the Lord. Feel free to remind me of this, and call me out on it. Love me enough to do that. But, please do it with love and care...because after all, I am human, I am a sinner, I am not perfect. The Lord is still working on me! Love and Blessings to you all. -brooke