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Who knew a baby needed so much stuff...

Well who would think I would have known being all the babysitting and friends with kids, etc., but until you are in Babies R' Us with a clicky gun thing it just doesn't click in your head.
So...the registering has begun. Berkley needs clothes, she needs a bed, she needs blankets, she needs so much and she isn't even here yet! I will admit looking at all the cute stuff is fun but the little things like snack cups and bottle brushes can wear a girl out. I had two great friends with me to help but still after we were done I wanted a nap...and that was only one store! Bart is helping with the other two stores, he loves zapping bar codes. Bless him, he is the best because I actually can't stand zapping the bar codes. I let him do all the wedding registry stuff too. I feel like it should be a simple thing but then there is me, I always have to do it 2 or 3 times, I always miss, I double hit then have to delete...I am not bar code zapping savvy!
Time is flying by, I am a little over 25 weeks! The baby room is slowly but surely starting to look like it could work and I am always eating and growing! She kicks all the time which during the day I love, but at night when I am trying to sleep I would be lying if I said I enjoy the dance party in my belly...but still it is comforting, amazing and so nice to know she is there, moving and growing.
God is good.

Blessing and love.


Is it weird that I'm proud of myself ??

Let me clarify...I am proud of myself for a really, really silly reason.

A little back girl Meredith has a job where when there aren't patients she has some down time and decided she needed to get into reading and so she turned to me. I have slight obsession with books. I read ALL the time and now being prego I read every night in the bath. According to my husband I average a book about every 4 days. I have to hunt and search for new and interesting books because I have read everything. I love that I like to read but it is kinda out of control. Some weeks I think I keep Barnes and Noble in business all by myself! I am that person that if I saved every month what I spend on books I could pay off my car in like a year. It's great, but it's bad. Catch 22., I forced Meredith to read the Twilight series and she is hooked! This is a big deal only because if you know Mere she is sooo not someone who would ever read about vampires or anything theatrical or mystical. She thinks witches, hobbits, dragons and vampires are all just silly and always, ALWAYS gives me a hard time with my book readings, movie watching and well Harry Potter obessions to name one. I realize many people feel this way about vampires and wizards and that is fine...but I LOVE them and yes I want to go to Hogwarts and learn. I also want to meet and hang out with vampires, and I am hooked on shows such as the Vampire Diaries, True Blood (even though it has some really werid stuff and inappropriate things)and I watch Harry Potter marathons before the new movies come out. All that said, for some reason I found myself feeling proud and absolutley giddy that I have brought her over to the dark side. Dark side = Star Wars = another favorite of mine!

So, she calls me and says "I just started book 4, oh my gosh, Jacob is about to kill the baby...then it hit me...he imprinted!" For her to use these words, to quote this book, to CALL me and be excited about is SO not Meredith. I love it. I flat down LOVE it.