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Making faces with daddy.
We were taking a pic to send to Grandma Mabel.
Big girl! 4months old!
She loves looking at the TV. I will have to worry about this when she is like 2 but for now if it gives me time to eat or use the bathroom, she can stare. By stare I mean STARE.
She will stay like this and not move or squirm, which is so not like her.
She loves holding onto things. She will fall asleep like this.
She had just woken up and was a little grumpy. Kinda like her mommy is in the mornings. :) This was right before she shot her first commercial with daddy!
This is her new funny face. She smiles with her mouth closed. We think its to die for.

4months old...Lots of smiling and pooping:

So it seems my child no longer has issues with going #2. She wouldn't go without help for the first like 2.5mo of her life. Well she is making up for that! She poops all day everyday. Most days when I go get her out of her bed in the morning she has been squirming around so much that I am just praying it is not a poop all over the bed,sheets and mattress day. That has been 2 times this week so far. She has also pooped on her exersaucer, me, her bouncer, her changing table and her car seat. She bears down, makes the sound then laughs. I think my child is paying me back for all the years of torment I gave my parents!

We are leaving her for the first time overnight this week. We are going to BOSTON for the weeknd, and we get to go see our REDSOX at FENWAY! Needless to say we are super pumped. I am getting more nervous by the day though. She will be staying with my parents. They are great grandparents and keep her all the time, but they haven't had the pleasure of an overnight stay yet. Luckily she usually sleeps around 8-9hrs, eats and goes back down for another 3, but still. So in preparation of our trip I have basically been writing a "take care of Berkley manual". I doubt it will get read but I am gonna give it to them anyway and hope they humor me. It contains tricks for quickly defrosting breastmilk, how to make a bottle, how much to give her at each feeding, how to add a little formula at the nighttime bottle, it has how to put a baggie around the milk baggie in case it gets a little hole while thawing, it has tricks for naps, how to tell when she is sleepy, how to use the avent bottles with the little stopper things versus using the drop in liner bottles, and so on. It is exasperating, I know....but this is MY first child and so I get to make a manual if I want. Does it make it better that it's only 4pgs so far?? Ha.

She is 4months now! She loves standing up so she LOVES her exersaucer (we got one for BeBe and PaPa's house).She puts everything in her mouth, has started to grab her feet, loves being outside, and talks a lot! Sometimes it sounds like she is crying, but she is doing it with a smile while playing. She will crow and scream and laugh and is really happy. She doesn't just smile, she expresses her joy with her full being! It is really fun to watch. She has also started to do this funny smile where she smiles while her mouth is closed, kind of biting her lip and it is just so darn cute. I realize I am bias, but she really is the best...the love and joy of our lives. Especially when we have had a 9hr of sleep night with a 3 hr nap right after!

Love and Blessings,


Swimming...swimming, just keep swimming!

Daddy and Berkley swimmin!
Dads and Daughters
Loves standing up and loves her hat! Ok I love her hat. (14wks)
Snooze on the boat.
Allie snoozin on the boat. She was a sweet baby all weekend. Keep hopin she rubs off on mine. :)

Addie loved splashin around on the raft.

First lake trip of the season! Loved being up at the lake for Memorial Day Weekend. Babies kept us on our toes but we still had a great time. Next time might be sans kids but either way who can resist that water? It was warm, it's never warm this early in the year. It was fab!

15 weeks!