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7months and crawling!

Berkley has started 'kinda' drinking water from a cup. She likes to chew on the rubber part and it squirts water out and then every few mintes she will actually suck and drink. Big girl.
She loves watching Mickey in her Big Girl Chair.
Smashing prunes all over her face. If you read the 'poo' blog, this was the night before the incident.

I haven't caught it on camera, well not a good shot anyway but, "HOUSTON, we have a crawling baby!" It's excitng... then again I would have been ok with her waiting another few months to be mobile. Mama's tired just thinking about it!

Berkley turned 7mo. on Saturday and for the past few days she will move a knee, a hand and then flop. A knee, a hand, another knee, flop. So on and so on. Tonight though was the night she decided to put it all together. We were at my parents house and she was going nuts! She crawled back and forth and back and forth. She wanted all things electronic. The computer, the phone, the TV. Oh well, it was fun to watch. It was really exciting for my parents to get to see, Bart walked in from bball just in time, my sister was there and my mom's parents too. It was a great family affair. I know it meant a lot to her Great Grandparents to witness that for the first time. My DaddyBob has been battling a cancerous tumor in his leg and they have been spending a great deal of time basically living with my parents for weeks in stead of being down at the farm. It's hard on them to not be at home and I know they miss it, but it has been a blessing for them to spend time with Berkley. Due to where they live and traveling with a small one, it is something they wouldn't have been able to do very often. It has been a healing tool for them and a great joy for us all. God works in mysterious ways.

Ok, back to the main event: crawling. It was super exciting to see and I was so joyful and proud but now I just have to go rearrange the whole house to keep her from eating cords, sticking her finger in outlets and so forth. I really think she got sick of her friend Allie crawling all around and away from her so she decided she would join her.

Wish me luck!

Love her. So blessed.


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