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whaz up wit U?

Whaz up wit me is this:

Couldn't figure out why my purse was so heavy all day. Found my water bottle at the bottom. Oops.

I threw my cell phone in the recycle bin instead of my empty bottle.

I've been to lazy to do my childs laundry so lets just say she hasn't been sleeping in cozy pajamas the past 4 nights. Bad mom award.

I am going on week 3 of being sick. Not like stay in bed, dying sick. But coughing, headache, can't get totally well, annoying sick.

We have family holiday pics this weekend. I planned B's and I's outfits around an outfit I bought online for Berkley that I am in love with. I've spent all week making sure I had the right bow, hat, shoes for Berkley and for me....earrings, shoes, or really just pulling clothes on and off in my closet to see what will not make me look/feel like gigantor. I know this totally doesnt sound like me, right. I am so not that crazy controlling, A type. Anywho... so I get home all proud of my self only to try Berkley's outfit on, bow, shoes and all....lets just say its about 2sizes to big. Awesome. Love when plans blow up in your face. On to a new plan...

B and I went on a lil date night. We saw Secretarait. Great movie. I love anything with an inspiring, true story theme. Anyway, we are discussing our day, etc. I am telling him a story about a girl in my class. For some reason I brought up how she had "need lunch money" stamped on her hand. If you are a teacher, parent with a school aged child you know what that means. It's kinda like when a pike pass blinks at you "low acct balance". At school it means your account is low, a reminder for mom/dad to send lunch money to school. My sweet husband had NO clue what it meant. He proceeded to ask me..."so they just like go around and people give them money?" I was very confused. I said " no, they need lunch money, like at school." He says, "Like a kid just sees they need lunch money and says, here I have a buck you can have? That's kind of sad." Oh bless. I laughed really hard and really loud, then I explained.

I ran into a shoe display at Dillards in front of two salesman. They straight up laughed at me. I have a bruise on my thigh. Oh well.

I went to buy something at a store. The lady helps me, I try stuff on, pick out some earrings, go up to pay. She folds it, ready to scan it... then she tells me, "oh I can't sell this to you right now. Our computer is down. It's been down all morning." Um, I'm sorry. Come again? Might have mentioned that a little before now. Thank you.

Oh and this is my super cute kid. She likes to lay her head down and watch her Mickey Mouse. Sorry for the horribly grainy picture. It was dark, it was a phone, it was me.


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