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Day 30

Day 30 - a picture

I did it! 30 days of blogging. Hope to continue with the blog, but maybe not everyday. :)

Our Angel. :)


Day 29 (a little late)

Day 29 - wishes

Can I wish for more wishes?

I don't know why but some of these have been really hard for me. I find myself in my head having ten pages to write on some of the topics that have been on this blogging adventure, but when I actually go to type it, it doesn't come out. I think part of it is me not being able to express myself as well as I want to, or think I can. I also think part of it is putting something out into the world, especially via the web. It is out there, for all the world to see. I don't mind sharing, I just want it to be what I really think or feel. Ya know ?

Anywho. I am sure I could come up with a million wishes. Selfish, Unselfish, typical and so forth but these are some that are coming to mind.

I wish that I didn't have medical issues every other flipping day. I am very blessed none of my issues have been life altering, but more pains in the bootay.

I wish that I had been like most of my friends and bounced back after having a baby. I haven't bounced, scooted, or inched.

I wish I could travel as much as I wanted.

I wish I could go back to Honduras int he near future. I want Bart to go too. I know I can, but leaving Berkley for that long would be hard and finding the time is hard. As I say that I wish I wasn't so selfish with my time. I can find time to go on a tropical vacation but I can't find time to go back to one of the most spiritually uplifting and happiest places I have ever spent time.

I wish I wasn't as selfish as I am. I think I "justify" too much.

I wish people were more honest with me. I know I have things I need to work on, I wish people were brave enough to tell me the bad so I could be a better me.

I wish Berkley never had to hurt...physically, emotionally, etc. I want her to be her joyful self, always.

I wish I was more positive.

I wish I liked myself more. I think I put negative stuff out in the world becasue I can be "down" on myself. I think people start to think about me the way I do. That is not good.

I wish there was more help for all the children in the world who don't get a clean bed, food, water, love everyday. I truly wish I could just call the eight person, or write a check and just fix it. I know the Lord answers prayers but it is hard to see suffering.

I wish there was a cure for cancer.

I wish all the babies who don't have a mom/dad to take the home from the hospital could get adopted into a loving home.

I wish all the children in the world had a loving home, a warm bed and food to eat.

I wish teachers got paid more, and had more respect for the job they do. We are a huge part of what shapes the world.

I wish more politicans were honest, did what was right for the whole and truly put the people first.

I wish God would intervene more. Like open up the sky and shoot down the problems. I think he intervenes all the time and we don't know or recognize enough, but I wish sometimes we had a red phone up to the sky. You know like for batman or the president. :)

Ok that's enough.

Ok one more...I actually wish I could win the lottery and own a private island somewhere tropical and could go there alone, with friends, with family anytime my lil heart desired! :) hehe.

Also, I wish my daddy wasn't having to have medical issues right now. I don't like seeing him in pain. Prayers accepted and requested. :)



Day 28

Day 28 - something that stresses you out

Well I had a big ole post typed out. Berkley hit the keys and its gone. I may choose to retype later but as of now...lets just say LIFE stresses me out.

It is a sin, I wish I could relax more and move on with my life when the little things start to take over.


Day 27

Day 27 - pets

Um I don't have any. I have never had a pet. I have allergies.


Day 26

Day 26 - picture of your family


Day 25

Day 25 - put your ipod on shuffle, name the first 10 songs

Disclaimer: This is my phone ipod music (so not a great selection). My actual ipod is dead in my car and I don't have time to charge it, just to blog about it.

Bruce Springsteen - secret garden
Never Shout Never - can't stand it
Jack Johnson - no good with faces
Black Eyed Peas - missing you
Fergie - big girls don't cry
Green Day - 21 guns
DMB - crush
Jimmy Buffett - cheeseburger in paradise
Katy Perry - teenage dream
Pink - please don't leave me


Day 24

Day 23 - something you have learned

I have learned some hard lessons in life. I am glad I have learned them, but I would be lying if I wished maybe I had learned them different ways. It is never fun to learn through hurtful situations.

Recently I have learned I have SO much more to learn! ha.

I have many things I need to work on in my life. I have learned some lessons that have taught me I need to be more aware of those around me, their feelings and being a positive person in anothers life. I need to give what I wish to receive. I need to act how I want others to act. I need to treat others how I want to be matter what. You never know what is going on in anothers life.

I have also learned that here on this earth my family is what is most importnat. I am putting my phone on silent more. I am spending more time focusing on what is best for Bart and Berkley and I. They are my life. Others will have to wait.

I have learned that God still loves me. I still don't know why some days, but... He is the only one who will never dissapoint or let you down. Humans are flawed. We all need forgiveness. I need it, I need to give it. Thank you Lord for loving me. Thank you Lord for blessing me.


Day 23

Day 23 - favorite vacation

In recent years my favorite was our first trip to Cabo. We stayed at the Sheraton Hacienda Del Mar Golf and Spa Resort.

We golfed. We spa-ed. We saw whales from sitting by the pool. We did a zipline up in the mountains. I loved the trip. It was relaxing and calm. I would go back tomorrow.


Day 22

Day 22 - what's in your makeup bag?

1. some makeup brushes
2. tiji brown eyeliner
3. clinque eyeshadow
4. mac eyeshadow
5. mac eyeshadow
6. bare minerals orignialfoundation
7. almay mascara
8. maybeline blush
9. tiji blush
10. trish mcevoy concelear
11. trish mcevoy eye base essentials
12. trish mcevoy foundation

to tired to write exacts. i guess if you really care i can tell you really though?


Day 21

Day 21 - a picture of yourself

I don't really have one of just me. So here I am. I am the girl. :)


On the move....

Day 20

Day 20 - nicknames

Babbling Brooke


Day 19

Day 19 - something you miss

I miss going to church camp. I went as a camper and as a counselor. I went mainly to Pettijohn Springs Christian Camp. My PaPa JD Walker help found and run the camp for years. My dad was one of the main Camp Directors for years and I have fond memories of spending a week or two there in the summer as the Directors Kid.

As a teen when I got to go it was hard to realize I wasn't special and didn't get to do what I want all the time like I had as a child. :) Imagine that. hehe.

I loved seeing old friends, being outside and sleeping on the bunks. It was so fun to get lost in GOD, singing and praising was consuming all week. It was a getaway for teens to really have powerful experiences.

As an mini-adult I got to be a counselor. I wish I would have been a better one. I screwed up a few times. I miss those girls though. They each were so special. I had so much fun as a counselor.

I can't wait for Berkley to go one day. Hopefully to PJSCC!


Day 18

Day 18 - regrets

I unfortunately could think of a few. Trying to not focus on that I will name one...

I had the chance to go on a semester abroad when I was in college. Because of a boy I chose not to. That boy broke up with me. I SHOULD HAVE GONE. I really, really regret not choosing what was best for me. Boo Hoo. :)


Day 17

Day 17 - Something you are looking forward to...

Well this is easy. While on a mini vaca/wedding weekend in Colorado Bart and I got to ski! We saw these sweet little ones with their parents learing to ski or actually just killing it! They were flying by us. We both remarked how we are soooo looking forward to when we get to do things like that with Berkley, and future kids. :)

We get to do great things with her now, but really enjoying something fun with her is something I look forward to.

OH, and my 30th is this year. I am looking forward to it, ONLY because I am going on a trip!

Over and Out,

Day 16

Day 16 - dream house

Ok this is a major weakness. Dreaming! So instead of taking this to a level that is inappropriate, I will just say....

My dream home includes Bart, Berkley, more children I hope to be blessed to have, and our family and friends. I want a home where it feels like a home. I want God to be praised in this home. I want people to feel welcome in this home. I want it to be comfortable. I want it to have room for everyone who wants to be there. It is a home full of laughter, love and fun! I want my kids friends to want to be there.

I think I have this home now, so maybe just adding a few rooms for future kids makes it the dream part....

Day 15 (a little late)

Day 15 - bible verse

So I can't just pick one. I couldn't even just pick a couple. I suggest you grab your Bible! It will be easy, I put them in order. :)

Exodus 15:13
Romans 12:14
Romans 14:19
Romans 16:9
1 Cor 15:33
2 Cor 3:5
2 Cor 4:18
2 Cor 12:9
Phil 4:6
1 Thes 5:18
Hebrews 13:2
I Sam 16:7
Psalm 19:14
Proverbs 21:38
Micah 7:18

Toook a little time out.

Well we went to Colorado Fri-Mon.

I am working on the days I missed ...Day 14-17.

Will post when done with the following: berkley hugs, berkley kisses, trying to catch Berkley walking on camera/video, laundry, berkley love, realizing i have to work tomorrow, showering, etc.



Day 14

Day 14 - a picture you love


Day 13

Day 13- goals

Have more kiddos

Do another triatholon

Continue to try new things like tri's, biking, etc.

Convince my husband traveling more is a great idea!

Be happy and thankful I have a job.

Cook at home more, my husband gets the kudos for this

Enjoy when Berkley wants to sit with me, crawl on me and be glued to me more. I tend to think "i love you, i love your hugs, i love that you want ME, but its hard to eat, or get ready or whatever it may be i am trying to do or not do with you standing on my neck or clinging to my leg."

Be more grateful for how wonderful my life is

Pray more specifically

Eat healthier so that all the CrossFit, running, biking and triathlon junk will actually show some results and kick the babyfat I have kept right off my belly (think of austin powers and the scottish fat guy...get in my belly! That was the voice I was using when I typed.)

Convine someone to do the Warrior Dash in Dallas with me. You? What, you want to do it? Let's crawl thru some mud!

Praise my husband more.

Thank my parents more.

Thank my God more.


Day 12

Day 12 - what you believe

Well. This could be many things but the first thing that comes to mind is that I believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God. I believe that he died on the cross to save us from our sins. I believe that He will come back and take His people to live with Him for eternity.

I believe that He is enough. His grace is more than we know. I believe that people spend to much time trying to follow rules and not enough time following Jesus.

I believe that He wants good and happiness and joy for all His children. I believe that He loves me, even though I don't deserve it. I believe that He has blessed me with so much in my life & continues to bless me. My cup runeth over.

I believe I forget to often how much the Lord has done for me. I forget to often to choose the right path. I believe He forgives readily, happily and OFTEN. I believe I was given a gift.


Day 11

Day 11 - favorite tv shows

Some of them are favs from the past and soem are shows I watch now. I watch too much TV.

Gilmore Girls
Real Housewives of BH, NY and NJ
Saved by the Bell
The Daily Show
Colbert Report
Chelsea Lately
Sex and the City
Modern Family
True Blood
The West Wing
Pretty Little Liars
Bros and Sisters
Cosby Show
Will and Grace

Ok I am stopping. I like TV way to much.


Day 10

Day 10 - something you are afraid of

I am going to be brutally honest here. My fear for a long time was being alone. After Bart I no longer have that fear. I have a greater understanding of the Lord's love for me and I know that I always have my Father. As long as we are here in this world I also know I will have Bart and my family.

I have lost three great friends in my life. Luckily I still have been able to see each of them and talk on occasion, although it is different now. Each came in and out of my life and I am thankful for that time with them. I thought for a long time each ending of the friendship was my fault but as time passed I realized part of it was circumstance, other was communication and other was just growing in different directions. I miss them each in differnt ways but am thankful they are all leading wonderful lives and seem to be very happy.

So for a while I have thought my greatest fear was losing another friend.

Well it isn't, currently at least. I don't know if your greatest fear can change but it has. Bart went to school and was good friends with a girl named Jenny. She and her husband Chris were killed in a car accident on xmas eve. Their lil girl Emily who is less than a year old survived. Since that accident I have been pretty anxious. I don't like leaving Berkley, I don't like Bart travleing and what I hate most is that I am letting fear cripple me instead of looking to Jesus.

About now most wish I would have just said I was scared of spiders! (I am)

We have another good friend, who also has the name of Jenny. She is going thru a very tough pregnacy right now and has previously lost 2 babies due to miscarriage. Because of her story and situation I have been reading blogs and articles and gathering lots of information. The baby has trisomy 18 and most babies with this do not live thru the birth and if they do they pass within hours. It is absolutley awful to think of and I think most days I like to think it isn't happening. I know when baby K is with Jesus he will be healthy and healed but as I have been reading two specific blogs about infant loss and trying to think of how I can be there for Jenny, how I can help, how I can pray, I again have been crippled with fear. Bring The Rain and Keeping Awake are the two blogs. The loss these two women and their families have had to endure is so unimaginable. THey are so strong, so faithful and so blessed to have other children but I know they will carry a scar of loss with them always.

This is my greatest fear. To lose a child. To lose Berkly.

My husbands family lost thier oldest daughter Bridget (Bart's older sister) when she was 18 in a car accident. It kills me to think of what I consider my family now, hurting like that. They are so brave and so strong. They are one of the closest families I know of. They rock.

The sermon on sunday at Crossings (where we attend church) was about the 7 deadly sins. How we can either focus on the sins, or we can focus on Jesus and how to live a life and avoid those sins. We are all sinners, we will all sin. But, we have Jesus. HE has already paid the price. We can choose to wear our sin around our neck, let the evil one remind us of it, bring it back up after it has been forgiven, hurt us with it, cripple us with it OR we can say NO! God forgave me, it is gone and I am moving forward with my Lord.

I am trying to move forward. To know that there will be pain in this life, tragedy and loss. But, I know that my Savior is MORE than all of it. He is bigger than all of it. He can make good of all bad. He can bring us thru the storm. HE alone when we think its to much, to big to face and more than we can handle, HE can carry us.

Please pray for the Laisle family. Pray for baby Kanon. Pray specifically that he will be born breathing, they will get to hold him and spend however long God will allow letting them hug and kiss him and show him their love. They want that and I want that for them. I realize it may not be God's plan but I believe in the power of prayer.



Day 9

Day 9 - A picture of your friends

Well our computer crashed and we lost some pics so I am going to have to miss a few people(and some of my fav pics and memories). I have some hard copies but no scanner and I am to lazy to copy pics from my phone and try to gather all of that.

The most important thing about this post is that I LOVE MY FRIENDS. I have been blessed over my life to have many and I look forward to the people that will come into my life because of kids and change and new adventures to come.

I did my best to find some pics and add them below. I found plenty. :) There are a lot but I just kinda went thru and pulled as I saw and liked. The pictures are pretty much from the past few years but I will always cherish my friends from my childhood & college years.

I love you friends.

- bb


Day 8

Day 8 - A place you have traveled to.

I have been very blessed in my life in the realm of traveling. I have been to DC, the Bahamas, Honduras & Roatan, Mexico, Europe and some other fab places, but one of my favorite places we have traveled to, was St. Johns! It was our first trip as a family!

Berkley loved the water. She loved spending time with family and was the beach!

Hey mom, this is how you travel and zzzzzzzzzzzzz!
No cameras! No cameras!

Just tannin the bod.

Much love,

p.s. Berkley is on the move! She is taking steps, only a few at a time though. SHe has to really want something to walk to it. I am DYING to get it on film. :)


Day 7

Day 7 - Favorite Movies

I had this whole great idea of being creative. HAving pictures to go along with this post. Then my child woke up from her nap and squished that dream like a bug. Now it is bed time and it AIN't gonna happen!

Sidebar - I love, LOVE, love movies. I watch probably 4 times a week. The majority at home. Might be a sappy Hallmark, or a blockbuster I never got to see so I go to ONDEMAND. I will watch kids movies, love, drama, comedy, action, horror. You name it, I have seen it. Really I have friends who won't call me to see a movie because they know I have already seen it. I should have been a professional movie watcher or critic. I love to double movie at the theaters. SO fun. I have seen all the random movies in the theater or on dvd that no one ever watched. I will rent the random ones just because I love being thrown into another world for a while. It's an escape for me, like reading.

I have never been able to answer the question...what is your favorite? I just can't. I get anxiety. I realize I will forget some in this list but off the top of my head here are some of my favs...

My Fair Lady
Mary Poppins
James Bond - sean connery and pierce brosnan
The Notebook
All the Lord of the Rings
All the Star Wars
Any and all Harry Potters
Pretty Woman
The Family Stone
Sweet Home Alabama
The King and I
White Christmas
Pearl HArbor
16 candles
Can't Buy Me Love
Sex and The City
Indian Jones - all
You've got Mail
How to lose a Guy in 10 days
Robin Hood - with Kevin Costner
Wedding Crashers minus the opening with all the nekedness, seriosuly not needed
Dirty Dancing
Steel Magnolias
Stand By Me
Hangover - minus the closing credits, see above

Ok that was exhaustive. Sorry. Blame it on whomever made up the 30 day blogging list! hehe.

Over and Out,


Day 6

Day 6 - A picture of something that makes you happy

It is super easy to pick that picture. My world is Bart and Berkley!


Day 5

Day 5 - Favorite Recipes

Ok so first off I couldn't tell you a recipe without looking at it to save my life. While I do cook (sometimes)it is by recipe, always! Since I am to lazy to get up and search for my favorites in my messy recipe box, I am breaking the chains of this day and not giving favorite recipes.... hehe. Wow I sure know how to walk on the wild side! Instead I am listing some of my favorite recipes I like to eat.

If you want any of these recipes below, then lemme know and I will get them for you ASAP!

And go....

My mom's choocolate pie
My mom's chocolate sheet cake
Cynthia's strausberg pork loin
Patty's spinach salad
Megan's mexicorn dip
Amanda's sausage roll-ups
Amber's chocolate chip cake
Amber's almond chicken
Mom/Aunt's stuffing
Kathy's creamed corn

Ok so all of that above is why I have eating problems.

Ok that's enough. Happy food thoughts.


Side Note: I had the honor today of attending the funeral of Jenny and Chris Stiegler. THey were tragically killed in a car accident on Christmas Eve. There sweet 8mo old Emily survived. It was awful and wonderful at the same time to be there. It was a joy to hear how much they were loved, how much they gave and inspired those around them and how much love they had for eachother and Emily. It was awful to know EMily has to grow up without her parents and that Jenny and Chris had to be laid to rest by their parents. No parent should have to bury their child.

I pray that you hug those you love a little tighter, make sure people know how you feel about them and do your best to walk with Christ everyday. Be grateful for the time you have with those you love as Jenny and Chris have left so many behind, way to early. While we all know Emily will be taken care of and smothered with love, it won't be the same as having her parents there. Please say a prayer for sweet Emily.


Day 4

Day 4 - Parents

Well this could get sappy!

My parents are Jeff and Bobbie Walker. They are two of the most amazing people in this world. Any of you who know them, know I am totally telling the truth. They are beautiful Christian examples (even though I haven't always listened) and so selfless its beyond compare.

They are servants. They serve our family, they serve eachotehr, they serve their church family, they serve strangers but most of all the serve God. They brought me and my sister up in a loving home. They always kissed and spent time together and I have always been so thankful my parents stuck to their commitment of "forever". We were and are always provided for and we have always known how much we are loved. I am so thankful for the opportunities and the life my parents gave us.

THey have taught me how to be a better person, wife and mother (even though I don't always listen). They let me learn the hard way, even while trying to help me learn the easier way. They always forgive, they never hold grudges (even though I deserve it). They practice God's love to everyone, all the time. I have no idea how.

They take care of me just like they have my whole life. If I am at their house for instance, I am greeted with joy and hugs...then I get to watch what I want, I get my drinks refilled and my dishes taken away. I am so spoiled. They still treat me like their baby... just like when I had my first heartbreak. They listen, they advise, they hug, they pray. I know I can always count on them. They taught me how to be a good friend and how to be loyal and giving.

They are not afraid to tell me how it is. Especially my dad. When I need to hear I am being stubborn or selfish, they will tell me what I need to hear in order to get back on track.

They take care of Berkley with joy and love. This is their most precious gift to me. I can leave her and know she will get more love and laughter than any kid could eer need.

They accepted Bart into their hearts quickly and easily and have helped me learn to grow and accept the change that marriage brings. I actually think they like him more than me most days. I do also, but lets not tell him that. :)

I really have so much to say about them that there could never be enough words. They are amazing. I love them. I am so grateful God chose them to raise me and love me in this world.


P.S. I am also very very grateful for sudo-parents/sisters in my life that helped raise and guide me at different ages and stages. (Ahem: cyn, dudley, etc.)


Day 3

Day 3 - First Love

Well this is not something on the 30 day blogging adventure that I wanted to talk about. Really? Can't we talk about my favorite shopping stores, favorite Sonic drink, or beaches??

Ok so my first love. Can I have 2? hehe.

I think it was Casey. Well I know it was. We met when I lived in St.Louis. He was the PK (Preachers kid) and I was the EK (Elder's kid). OH MY! It was bound to be crazy! He was cute and fun and came from a large family. I want to say we dated about a year? I say date as in...what 7th graders do. Go to church activities, hang out at eachothers house on the weekend, kiss while the parents aren't looking, etc. I moved back to Edmond, I kicked and screamed the whole way there. Literally! I was awful to my parents. We stayed together like 4 months after that. I broke it off, after he had come to see me, sold his bike to get the money for the plane ticket. I felt horrible for years. Seriously right now I kinda feel like I still owe him a bike or a plane ticket. I was in 8th grade, but still. Casey if you are out there. I am sorry. If I ever get money to throw around on a bike I will send you one. On a side note: I recently got into biking so I could do a triathlon so I know what a good bike costs. Ouch!

Ok the second love, which I think was my first real love because I was 19, so I would say a great deal more grown up and actually had feelings more than, "you're cute, I like you". Still a silly kid though. Welp, his name was Justin. OH boy was this a big one. We met the week before our freshman year of college at Earn Your Wings. Something they do at OC where we went to school. I should have gone to another college and gotten away from Edmond but I didn't know much then. Oh well. Live and Learn. Justin and I fell hard and quick. He may never admit it but at the time, at least at first he was in it as much as I. Anywho, he was from Kansas and I had visited his family there a few times. I thought they all hung the moon. 5 kids, cool dad, pretty mom, and Justin was a great guy. The last name should have warned me (hehe)! Totally kidding. Well it went down hill quickly then back up and then WAY down. I got accused of cheating on him. Which so didn't happen. He broke his hand. It was ugly. We worked it all out, and stayed together until the next summer. In the late spring he went through a rough medical issue with me. I would have sworn we were in it for life. So school let out and summer came. He was coming down to visit. He was working hard over the summer so it was only maybe the 2nd time I had seen him since school was out. He broke it off within about 10 minutes of being there. I took it pretty darn bad. Ask anyone. It was brutal. I lost 11 pounds in like a week, really. My parents tried to send me with Mickey and Jane Banister to Europe for the semester abroad because they were so worried about me being back at school with him come that August. Amanda sat with me on the floor while I cried myself silly. Ginny walked to me to classes he and I shared to make sure I went to class and didn't break down. Hey, I was 19 and it was my first love. I learned, I grew. Long story short, I eventually got over it and had a great end to my time at OC. He has a family of his own now and as far as I know is doing wonderful and obviously he knew more than me at the time. I think I would have held on till it killed us. Good for him.

Fast forward to the age of 26...I thought I was going to be alone forever. Then, I met the love of my life. It was all worth it. :)


Day 2

Day 2 - Meaning behind your blog name

I always have enjoyed reading and blogs is a fun daily read for me. Before Berkley made her way into the world I decided to document for myself, friends and family her arrival, and then her life as she joined our family and made us 3! Since I enjoyed reading so much I was hoping others would enjoy my blog. I couldn't really thinkg of anything super creative, and since it was about us as a family and anything to do with that topic, I didn't want to be to specific. That way if I rant and rave about a waiter who put lemon in my water it's ok. :)

So the name: My husband has a shirt and on it is has "the brew crew". It's a resturaunt/bar somewhere he had visited. His nickname has always been Brew. So I decided to call us the Brew Crew. Then my friend Michelle helped me with my first layout and she added the "bits of bart, brooke and berkley". She rocks.

over and out.


Day 1

Happy New Year! What a blessing 2010 was for our family with the birth of Berkley. I look forward to what 2011 brings.

So "day1" you ask!? I am following in the footsteps of a friend! It is a blog challenge type of thing. YOu blog every day for 30 days. Luckily the challenge gives you what to do each day. So here goes for day 1!

Day 1: Introduction, recent picture & 15 interesting facts.

I am Brooke, I have a big mouth, I am very opinitated & I have a need to people please. I love my husband, his name is Bart. I love my daughter, her name is Berkley (boo, boo boo, budah, munchkin, punkin, B, lil bit, etc). I am an organizer and I make lists of lists. I like to blog and I enjoy getting my feelings/thoughts out, but then sometimes they get me into trouble. Oops! Oh and I teach. Lil humans. 3rd and 4th graders to be exact. I love to take trips, but hate traveling, I like me some Sooners and I love chocolate covered strawberries!!!! Ok intro over and out.

This is a recent pic of me and my boo. Yes I know it is dark and you can't see well. Sorry. Sounds like a personal problem. JUUUUUUUUUUst Kidding. It really was the most recent.

1. Brooke is my middle name. My first name is infact Kathryn. (Thanks mom and dad for making classes fun every first day! Roll call = frustration)

2. I hate getting my picture taken.

3. I am a CrossFitter! If you haven't done CrossFIt or have never heard of it...YOU need to check it out.

4. I did my first triathlon in August 2010. Way fun.

5. I dip my fried cheese (mozarella sticks) in sugar. Like I take a bite, and then when most would go for marinara, I go for sugar. Pure sugar out of the lil packet on the table. Yep. Thanks Dad.

6. I love to wrap presents with big pretty bows, especially for XMAS. I go buy ribbon and coordinate up to 3 different paper selections. :)

7. During my pregnacy my reading habit (LOVE ME SOME BOOKS) kinda got nuts. I was reading a book about every 2- 3 days. I would sit in the bath at night and read for hours.

8. I can't stand lemon in my water. I don't understand when it became the norm at resturaunts to just automatically put it in without asking!

9. In 3rd grade we had moved to Pennsylvania and we were attending a new church. Growing up I went to the Church of Christ. THey serve communion every week and you take it when you are a baptized believer. I wasn't baptized yet. THey were offeing it to any in the class I was in that were. I told them I was catholic and had been baptized as a baby so I could take communion. It was a bit of a problem with my parents later.

10. I have Thyroid issues.

11. I don't like or eat any type of fish. No lobster, no fish, no shrimp, etc. NONE at all. Gag.

12. I get motion sick very easily. It is a pain in my rear.

13. I can eat sunflower seeds with the best of any boys. My dad taught me when I was little. I pour them in my mouth and they go into the cheek and only come out via spitting in a cup. I taught my husband.

14. I snuck into Wrigley Field.

15. According to my OBGYN I have a high pain tolerance. He was impressed. That made me feel good till he made me push a child out of my woman parts.

Okay so that was day 1. If anyone wants to do this challenge themselves I will send you all the info. Kinda fun and a new way to jump start 2011 in the bloggin world!


P.S. Here are some recent pics of baby boo. She is the cutest, funniest and smartest lil booger!

THis is her new big girl car seat!

Crazy XMas outfits I made her wear!

Yay for her first pair of converse! They have sparkles!