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I did it.

Last leg of the swim.

Transition from bike to run.

Start of the run with Marie and Mel.

Finish line!

Part of my cheer squad.

Well....I did it. I finished the tye dye tri. It was one of the best feelings in the world to cross that finish line. I am embarassed at how I look, but so proud that I did something like this. I did better than I thought I would, so not only did I finish, but I beat my personal goal by 20 minutes. Ok so, I really had no idea how to gauge how I would do. I looked at times from people that competed last year, I got some advice, and I timed myself practicing a couple times. Oh well...Still happy!!

I want to thank Marie and her sister. I saw them at our 2nd transition (starting the run) and at that point I had done the whole race and not seen one person I knew. The others I knew or had trained with were in different parts of the race. In this Tri we all start at differnt times for the swim so being on my own, I had been in my 'head' too much. When I saw Marie and Mel, I kinda invited myself to run with them and they TRULY got me thru that run. I appreciate them so much. What awesome sisters! They trained together, stuck together and did the whole race together. I was so proud of them. They kept checking on ,and going at a pace that was best for the other person. I was so thankful they let me crash in their world for a few minutes.

My family was awesome! They were watching the swim and cheering me on! I saw them at every transition, I saw Bart like 3 different times, and Berkley too! At the very end my mom (she is so awesome) was there cheering me on the last 100 meters and there at the finish line was my main squeeze. My face was ear to ear smiles and so was his. It was such a great feeling.

Thank you to CF405 for getting my lungs and muscles in shape for this. Thanks to Downtown Brett Brewer for all the Tri advice. Thanks to everyone who trained with me. I can't wait to do it again! It was so fun.

So proud of:
And...the guy a few people behind me(#189) in the swim that pushed me in the bike and help me cut my time down!

Yall ROCKED it!

Love and Blessings,

Random cute pic of Berkley. This is at her friend Milan's 1st Birthday. Berkley is 7mo and 2 weeks old!


Tie Dye Tri

Picture me wearing this in front of hundreds of others. Right, I know...I just threw up in my mouth also.

People, this sprint tri is less than 2 weeks away! How did this happen? Where did my time go? I am so freaked out.

First of, my body is hurting. I am putting it through more than I think I ever have. Have a baby, start working out, join CrossFit405, go back to work, decide to do a sprint tri, train for that sprint tri. It's to much.

I am waking up freaking out, I am not sleeping and I am sooo sore! I have scrapes and bruises and it isn't pretty.

Here are some of my fears:

being kicked in the face by the swimmer in front of me
being passed by the swimmer behind me
getting urinated on while swimming (i know, random...but it still freaks me out)
falling while getting on my bike in front of EVERYONE
not clipping in and falling
clipping in one foot and falling while trying to steer, clip in and go
running into anohter biker
not clipping out in time to transition into run, falling or running into someone
not being able to run
having to walk more than i run
my legs giving in
my knees giving out
passing out

Get my mind right now?? Crazy huh? I am a worrier. I hate it about myself. It is a sin and I am terrible at just letting things go and moving forward. I worry about things I can't change and things that haven't happened and so forth. It is awful and annyoing.

I have put a great deal of time and effort into getting ready for this. I still have time but I am so nervous. I am accepting plane tickets for the weekend of the 26th..I will gladly go anywhere but Norman, I am also accepting advice for any of you that have done this and prayers.


P.S. I also haven't lost a pound. So not cool. Just like with BF, I did it a ton, I produced a ton, and I lost nothing. People I had to get a deep freeze. If you are producing that much you should lose some weight. If you are working out this hard, you should lose some weight. NOT FAIR! Oh ok well here is the truth. I guess when you still eat ice cream and oreos it is fair. Oops.


7months and crawling!

Berkley has started 'kinda' drinking water from a cup. She likes to chew on the rubber part and it squirts water out and then every few mintes she will actually suck and drink. Big girl.
She loves watching Mickey in her Big Girl Chair.
Smashing prunes all over her face. If you read the 'poo' blog, this was the night before the incident.

I haven't caught it on camera, well not a good shot anyway but, "HOUSTON, we have a crawling baby!" It's excitng... then again I would have been ok with her waiting another few months to be mobile. Mama's tired just thinking about it!

Berkley turned 7mo. on Saturday and for the past few days she will move a knee, a hand and then flop. A knee, a hand, another knee, flop. So on and so on. Tonight though was the night she decided to put it all together. We were at my parents house and she was going nuts! She crawled back and forth and back and forth. She wanted all things electronic. The computer, the phone, the TV. Oh well, it was fun to watch. It was really exciting for my parents to get to see, Bart walked in from bball just in time, my sister was there and my mom's parents too. It was a great family affair. I know it meant a lot to her Great Grandparents to witness that for the first time. My DaddyBob has been battling a cancerous tumor in his leg and they have been spending a great deal of time basically living with my parents for weeks in stead of being down at the farm. It's hard on them to not be at home and I know they miss it, but it has been a blessing for them to spend time with Berkley. Due to where they live and traveling with a small one, it is something they wouldn't have been able to do very often. It has been a healing tool for them and a great joy for us all. God works in mysterious ways.

Ok, back to the main event: crawling. It was super exciting to see and I was so joyful and proud but now I just have to go rearrange the whole house to keep her from eating cords, sticking her finger in outlets and so forth. I really think she got sick of her friend Allie crawling all around and away from her so she decided she would join her.

Wish me luck!

Love her. So blessed.



how cute do they have to be??

How cute do a pair of shoes have to be to wear them even if.....they give you blisters and wear your skin down to where you are in pretty severe pain????

I got a new pair of cutie shoes for my bday. I wanted them, I got them. They are great for everyday, work and going out, how great is that? It's great I tell you.


You wear them for more than 10 minutes around the store/house and you realize THEY KILLLL YOUR FEET. Major bummer.

I plan on strategically placing bandaids and padding in and around them and trying them again.

Love and Blessings,



Berkley had prunes for lunch and dinner. I kinda forgot to ask Miss Stormi about lunch so as a result this is how this morning went.

Sweet husband gets up and takes care of feeding babby boo so I can get showerd and dressed for work. Sweet husband feeds baby boo pears or something, her bottle and then proceeds to get her dressed for me. Then the yelling starts.

Bart: OH NO! NO! NO! Ugh! Pooop! Poop everywhere! Brooooooke! There is poop, literally everywhere!
Me: (Im in the other room talking to myself) Okay honey, I'm sure its not everywhere. YOu are so dramatic about diapers. Geeze, I do poop all the itme, just wipe it up and move on.

Here he comes with neked baby into the bathroom. By the way, I look over and I don't see any poop..............yet.

Me: What's going on? She had a bad diaper?
Bart: There is poop on the carpet, her, her feet, her legs, her back, everywhere.

He starts running bath and throws her in.

I go into living room.

Me: OH MY GOSH! There is poop everywhere. Literally on the floor, on the changing pad, on the changing pad cover, on the wipes that are scattered all over the floor, on her pajamas and literally (and I am using the word correctly in this whole post) it is thick, purple, sticky poop running from the footsies to the neckline of her pajamas.

I clean it all up and realize I don't care if I blog about poop. Its my blog, I am going to write about it. Poop. It owned us today.

So then I rush to get her to Miss Stormi, jump out of the car, run around the back and run smack into my bike rack, fall down. Literally. I bruised my arm.

Happy Poop Thursday!

Love and Blessings,

P.S. BOOOOMER SOOOONER! Ok, random but anyone who knows me reallly reallly well (Ginny, my dad, barty, some others) knows I have been an FSU fan since I was in 6th grade. Saturday will be my first time to see them play in person. I've been thinking about it since BArt told me they would be on the schedule like 2 years ago. I am so exctied I can't stand it. Yes, I still love OU. Yes, I want OU to win. But, I am so excited. I know it seems like a contradiction but whatever. I always thought my first FSU game would involve me standing on the field watching the game with Bobby,laughing, calling plays, yelling at the boys, but since he isnt coaching and I dont have any connections and i dont have a million dollars and therefor can't stand on the field I will just enjoy my seats with my man and cheer for OU and smile secretly while watching the Noles.