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baby manuals

Anyone reading this probablly already knows how neurotic I am. Very typical type A personality. I like things how I like them, things have their place, etc. So when I left Berkley for the first time (overnight) I wrote a manual on how to take care of her. Yep, I did. I can share it with anyone who wants to write one, just so you have something to go off of. Kinda like a 'blackline master'. If you are a teacher you know what that is.

After I wrote it, made copies for all those who might be taking care of her, made them swear to read it, freaked out, revised it and reprinted it, I left her feeling good about how it would all go. As I left her I realized that I wrote it more for me, then for them. Oh well.

When I got back and asked them (Berkley caretakers...aka Grandparents) if they thought I was totally crazy, they actually admitted it came in handy.

So now, if I leave her, I just update the manual. :)

Oh and I know someone else who has done this. So I am only as crazy as the next person!

Love and Blessings,


  1. I actually did this too. My aunt and uncle reminded me that I did not do that with the next two...I guess I was too busy...and tired to do so...I love your posts!

  2. I think manuals are great! We have one for house sitting, it is very detailed (imagine that) down to the degree we leave the temperature when we go to work. Ha! If I ever have a child I'm sure I will have one for them too!