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2 years later...

TV is going up on the wall and all that equipment being put away and of course some pics of B will be displayed instead!

We finally got bedroom furniture. We have been using tray tables and janky lamps, not cute mismatched but scary mismatched and mine was broken. Anyway, the room isn't done, TV needs to be hung, a mirror or two to put up and what not but its so close! Furniture, check. Lamps that work, check. Bedding, bedskirt, table skirt, check. I love walking in my room now. My husband likes to keep commenting on how the lamps aren't functional. They are kinda tall, ok really tall, and you can't reach them while laying in bed. I realize for most that function would haven kept them from buying these particular lamps but I never do things the easy way. If you know me you are not shocked by this. The lamps are pretty, that is their function. Simple as that.

My child is almost 11 wks old! She has been super smiley lately and sleeping a little longer at nights. We are hopeful she will be ready for vaca in a couple weeks and sleeping thru the night! Don't tell me if you don't agree... I prefer to stay in ignorant bliss. :) She laughs out loud for no reason and I love that about her. I also love that I can put big bows on her and since she is mine and can't talk yet...she can't tell me no. OH and her BM issues have gotten better the past few days. I doubt anyone reading this really wants to hear about bathroom stuff but when your lil one is having problems and they finally start going the bathroom without help then you will jump for joy and call your husband to tell him about it. She has gone 3 times within 5 days! Ok enough of that. Oh did I tell you she was sleeping in her bed? When she sleeps that is. Glad that pretty bed is gettin some use.
Looking up at dad who is tryin to make her smile...
It worked!

She gets distracted easily...who does that remind you of?
10 wks. - clearly annoyed with her mom. Hope it isn't a sign of things to come. Ok it prob is, who am I kidding?

CF - CrossFit is going well! Kicking my booty but it feels good to be doing something and it helps me wake up in the morning! I have enjoyed meeting some new girls and I am trying to get a friend to start going with me so I look forward to getting my heart, lungs and body in better shape. My knees are killing me when I run and my lungs seems to have jumped back in better than my body. Being a mom who is serving milk out of my body, who is large in the milk supply area, has been making running a challenge. 2 sports bras later I think I have figured it out, then another hump in the road. Another infection in the milk supply area. Seriously? 3rd time. I am so over infections.

Ok so here is a story to make anyone laugh or gasp. I realize boys are different than girls, especially 3 yr old boys but here is what took place as I pulled into my parents house yesterday. I am about to pull into the driveway and I see the lil boy that lives across the street walking on the sidewalk in front of his house, away from the house to the empty lot next door. I kinda wondered why he was out there alone but maybe his mom/dad were close by in the garage and I just didn't see them?? Ok so he starts to mess with his shirt pulling it up, and then I realize he is taking his pants down. ALL the way down. He then knelt down over a sewer and relieved himself. He smiled at me the whole time. I of course not being able to mind my own business told him if he needed to go potty that bad he should do it inside his house (that was right there), or in the grass but not in that water because it went out to the fishies and they didn't like potty in their water. Ok I realize as a new parent I will eat my words as my child grows, and I hope I dont offend anyone but the parents weren't there, and I think they should have been at least outside considering he is 3 and it he was basically in the stree. I also think he was doing it because he is a stinker. If it was out in the woods, or an emergency on the side of the road, or at the park or whatever when there is not a bathroom close is one thing, but in front of your house where I know there is a perfectly acceptable bathroom, pretty much in the street unsupervised, in the drain is another story. Come on people. I will say I did laugh really hard as I went inside to tell B what I had just seen. Maybe his parents were watching the whole time laughing or not caring, if each his own and not my problem. I kinda do kinda think we shouldn't urinate in the drain though.

On a little bit of a sad note: my grandad has had a mass on his leg for quite some time. We found out it is malignet (sp?) and so he starts treatment this week. They live down on a farm in SE Oklahoma and love it down there. They will be here though in the city for the next 5 wks while he does radiation and that is hard for them to not be able to go home. We will be taking him every day and hope that he might even do well enough that the treatment won't have to be the full 5 wks. We feel blessed because they think its contanied and the radiation will shrink it enough that when the doc goes in to take it out it will be done with. Say a lil prayer all goes well! They are happy though becaue they are getting to spend time with lil B!

Long post. Oops.

Love and Blessings,

Vaca Countdown: 18 days!


9 weeks and growing - Berkley that is...

Hanging with Milan
Eyein Brady's cookie
8 weeks
9 weeks
Fun at Kayt's 2yr Birthday. Loved being outside with Mommy, Daddy and friends!

It has been 9 weeks! I feel like I just had her yesterday and then again I feel like I have had her forever now! Same with being prego. It seems like it was just last week and then again it feels like forever ago...until I look at myself and realize that prego body is still kickin. I am into my 2nd week with CF though and so with the killer workouts they serve up I know I will be in better shape than ever if I stick with it. It's awesome, but a booty kickin every time!

Berkley is doing good - growin and eating non stop. She is 11lbs now and feels so heavy! I realize that is still small but, my lil chunck is so big to me. She is still not doing great with tummy/BM stuff but her awake time is better and nighttime sleep is slowly starting to have longer stretches. She will play on her mat or hangout in her bassinet for a little while and just kinda look around or coo. She still won't do it for very long but it is a start! She loves to be held (spolied much?) and will let you know if she wants to be picked up or change positions. I wonder where she gets that from?? :) We are going on a family vaca in May so I am hoping she will be a little more consistent by then with her eating/sleeping schedule! Feel free to give advice and pray for me. Ha.

We love her and laugh at her all the time. We love the smiles and sounds she is starting to give us. It is so amazing to have her smile when I talk to her, or show off for friends and family. She is the first grandbaby on both sides so I am sure you can guess her grandparents LOVE her to pieces. Her greatgrandparents too, aunts, etc. We are so thankful for everyone who loves her and wants to play with her and keep her so we can visit with friends, run errands and go on dates! I am also very thankful to my husband - he gets up and does 4am feedings when I am too tired and every night when he comes home...he kisses me and takes her happily to give me a break. He is also happy to do it. Love that man.

Love and Blessings,


2 year Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary!
Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad
Crazy Face
She loves her some Auntie Laura
Hoppy Easter :) Had fun with Papa, Grandmommie, Aunt Lindsay and Aunt Tonya.

What a fun week...Easter and Anniversaries!

Happy Anniversary to my awesome husband. I don't think he reads this but just in was a great day and I had fun with you and love how special you make our time together.

What a great and crazy 2 years we have had. We now have our lil girl to celebrate with us, even though we ditched her for a date night. :) She got to hang out with her Aunt Laura who is in town for the week and I am pretty sure they had fun. Laura got some funny pictures while they played.

Easter was fun with the families. Berkley is a lil young so we mainly just took some pictures of her dressed up, no baskets this year.

Also....dun dun dun. I started working out again. My pants will thank me I hope. I started CrossFit. I was inspired by two of my fav girls Ginny and Nicole. I don't plan on being CrossFit crazy like Ginny and competing, or getting certifited to instruct like Nicole, but a MWF workout I welcome with open arms. Let's pray I can eat better to so that the workouts actually can show through! I went to my first elements class today where you learn what to do in the classes. Boy am I sore. That is super sad considering it wasn't a real workout. I just practiced. I mean come on. On the other hand I can tell how much I needed it and I am super excited for Wednesday. Wish me luck!

Love and Blessings,