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Rolling Along...

Mother's Day!
Likes to pull her blankie up over her face...
At the Brewer Golf Tournament. It was hot!
This is how I left her...
This is how I found her literally a minute later....

Now that she can roll over, its all she wants to do. I will put her in her bouncy chair or swing and within 2 minutes she has started to try and roll over!


They will soar on wings like eagles...

Isaiah Stone:
Always loved this picture of Isaiah!

While we were out of town some friends of ours experienced the worst thing I can imagine for a parent. It has been heavy on my heart but I know that it is nothing compared to what they are feeling and experiencing. I know nothing I can say will be what I want to express exactly but I feel I need to say something. Some friends of ours, Renzi and Leeanne Stone lost their beautiful, strong little boy this week. He was 11 months old and had been having seizures. He was so strong and his family so faithful and so AMAZING during the whole, long battle. He lost the battle but has won the race! He is with his Lord and I have no doubt he is smiling and laughing and playing basketball! I wanted to post because they have asked that people donate in his name and memory to Youth Leadership Oklahoma(there is a link to thier blog with information on my blog list). It is a great organization and I know they would appreciate anyone who donated. This family has had such a rough year, more than I can ever imagine and they have been so faithful, so strong and so upbeat. I am sure they didn't always want to be, or feel like smiling but they were strong for their older son Jackson and for everyone around them. I would have been a mess, I would have been angry and mad and everytime something came at them they fought through! They have been such an inspiration and I'm sure didn't even realize. This is close to my heart because I think so much of Renzi and Leeanne, but also because my husband lost his older sister in 1993. Every year his family has a golf tournament in her honor and to raise money for scholarships. That tournament is this coming week. When I started dating B, it was the week of the tournament. While I have learned so much about my husband and his family while we have been together I learned the most that first few weeks around the first tournament I was a part of. I saw their hearts and spirit. Losing a child is something a parent should never have to experience. Now that I have Berkley it just breaks me to think of what Ren and Lee have been thru and my own parents-in-law and still I can't imagine. Both sets of parents have chosen to celebrate the lives of the child they lost. They have both chosen to help others in their time of loss and through that they have glorified God. I pray that they feel God's love, His peace and His voice during a time that must feel very lonely and dark. I pray that anyone who reads this will stop for just a moment and send a prayer up for Isaiah and those he left here on earth who miss him and love him but whose job it is now to take care of his family. While we are friends we aren't their closest friends, but I feel so honored that I knew Isaiah, I even got to grocery shop with him one time. It was an absolute joy. It is a joy and honor to know the Stone family.

Isaiah 40:31 - May he soar on wings like eagles.

**I wanted to share just a snipit of the past week. I feel so blessed that I got to spend a week in the sun loving on my baby and enjoying time with my husband and his family.
Ok so she didn't sleep well. She regressed back to being up at 12:30 and 1:30 in the morning and every few hours after that, but who cares when you have this smiling face staring at you. How flippin cute is she?? Oh and she learned to roll over on the trip! SO fun. We are so blessed. More to come later.
Love and Blessings, bb


12 weeks and ready for the beach...

She is practicing her good baby airplane behavior...napping! We hope. :)

Happy 12 weeks. She is super smiley, laughs at everything and she celebrated by snoozin in the car with her favorite zebra, well his leg.

Love and Blessings,


My stupid body and I would like to thank my husband...

Why you ask? He rocks, that's why. He takes care of me and our lil girl even when he has had a long day. He surprises us and spoils us rooten. By the way...he had a really long Friday and Saturday dealing with me, and he is still happily taking care of her today too!

Trying to not gross everyone out I will tell you what happened with little detail. I had surgery Saturday morning. It was outpaitent, I'm fine, but I can't really do anything for a few days. I am a little drugged up, and very sore. I had a device in me, it moved from where it was supposed to be up into my pelvis. Really? Yes, really...I am that person. The 1 in a 1000 that it happens to. Nway,the doctor couldn't find it, the ultra sound couldn't find it (not a fun process)...but the XRay found the little booger. So...Surgery. Boo!

Nway, it kinda put a hiccup in my weekend plans and since we are leaving on vaca soon it put a little hiccup in getting ready for that. All that said,I have a great life, I am healthy, I have a great husband and family and I am very lucky that nothing more serious was going on. Having an 11 week old to feed and take care of is a little challenging though, hence my mom/dad had her all day Saturday so Bart could focus on me. Thank you mom/dad! Nicole had her all Friday afternoon (when this all started), thank you Nicole! Bart has been taking care of me and lil B and helping me get her milk from me to her and keeping the house running, etc.! Those that know me well, know I have control issues. I also like things done my way so this whole being in bed and not doing anything is killing me. Yes I love sleep, but when I choose it. It is also annoying not remembering who I have talked to or what I have done from hour to hour. I will talk on the phone or via text, then 2 hours later go back and re-read or ask Bart what I said because I can't exactly remember. It has been a whirlwind of a weekend but I am on the mend moving forward!

Please keep me in your prayers. I have nothing to complain about and no real issues compared to most but I would like to heal well and quickly so I can get back to feeling better. I want to pick up lil B and move about as I please taking care of her.

A couple fun things have come from it though...I am catching up on some DVR'D shows and a little series I rented from the video store. I love watching 2 or 3 seasons of something in a few days. I'm a loser like that. If I get into something, like one of my books or shows, I can't put it down or stop watching. OH, because of all this I can't do CrossFit for a while though so I am sad about that. I was really enjoying it and won't be able to get back into it for a few weeks. (I will miss you guys at CF405 till I can start back!)

Berkley is doing well. Gaining weight like crazy...she likes to eat like her mommy. :) We are looking forward to having her in the sun and seeing how she likes the water.

God is good. Life is good.

Love and Blessings,