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Thursday Tattletale....or let's call it what it is, a Brooke rant.

I really want to post about the awesome Boston trip (with pictures), how big my baby is gettin,how excited I am for the 4th of July lake trip, etc. but instead I am gonna tell yall about my date night. I realize this is my take on what happened but if you need to verify just ask my hubby.

We drop of precious lil one at grandparents house, we eat, we go to movie, we run into Katie and Michael and then Dee (not together)and then we go on into the movie for our date night. We choose a lil snack, I complain that I would rather be at Eclipse or Toy Story, but we go walk into another movie and we settle in. I realize I am easily 'hiped' up by things so when I see 15+ teenagers come walking in, oh and by walking in I mean yelling, laughing, stomping, making a rukus I kinda sigh. "Here we go", I think, there is gonna be name calling and popcorn throwing and giggling and texting and phones going off. I didn't think I had to be in a classroom till August??

If that was all I saw tongiht I would have been a happy woman. Instead here is an account of my movie...

5 seats to my right there was a man, his wife and a teenager. They also had in tow a 3-ish year old little boy, and twin 1-ish year old little girls. My first thought is "why, why do they think this is appropriate for that age of children, and it has got to be bedtime!" Then I think (aloud to my husband) "why do people bring kids to movies? If it was Toy Story or something appropriate I am all for it, but a PG13+ adult humor movie at night I just will never understand." If you can't get a babysitter then you need to be an adult and choose to stay home and realize that taking your child to an adult movie, where others who want to watch the movie and only hear the actors talking, and have paid quite a bit to watch the movie, and it has got to be past that childs bedtime is flat out selfish (my opinion). Nway, I look over and try to think that maybe they are just those super good kids who are like always quiet and love movies no matter what they topic and they are gonna be quiet little angels. NOOOOOPE! They scream, they cry, they play on the stairs, they drink soda, they run up and down the isles, the dad takes them out...and by out I mean to the little hallway by the stairs where you can still see the movie so when they scream it is AMPLIFIED! Oh and did I mention the mom was taking turns nursing the twins?? Yes, yes you heard me right, she was. Now I nurse, I think its great she nurses, I even think its ok to nurse in public, but I personally would think it is appropriate to use a nursing cover when the child is old enough to pull your shirt up and down and expose you. Yes, I saw her bubbies. Nway, in between nursing the twins, they would drink soda. No, I am not kidding. The 1-ish year old twins were swiggin mommy milk and soda. Oh and yes I was watching this family more than the movie.

Seriously?? I was a hot mess.

Sorry for the rant. I have a great life, a great kid and a great husband. Life is good.


**Below are some lovely pictures of our Boston trip! It was fabulous. Horrid travel to and from but such a fun lil weekend. Love that city. Go SOX.
Oh and there are also some newer pics of my lil princess. She is 20 weeks! Where is the time going? Ugh! Oh she loves her feet, grabs them both and stick her lil booty up in the air. Love it. She had her 4mo check up...about 10 days before she is 5mo, oops! Nway, she is 14lbs.12oz, 24 3/4" long and her head is normal. :) She is right in the middle for everything. Rice Cereal here we come.

Sorry it is all out of order. I am not a great blogger.

neked baby!
loves the bath.
happy 18 weeks!
19 weeks and in love with her WUBBA NUB. Loves it.

Pedroia's winning hit!!!
Loved Fenway, loved the game.
My favorite. Papelbon came out from the bullpen and they played this awesome irish music and everyone got all pumped up and I was freaking out. LOOOVE that crazy fool.