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Movin and Shakin in 2012

Hello All! Well wishes to you and yours in the New Year.

What a great end t 2011 and great start to the new year we've had. We've seen family, friends, had some outings to relax and move us right on into a crazy, busy, February. February brings lots of birthdays and fun though. Berkley will be 2! Its just gone way too fast. I see newborns and can't even imagine where the time has gone. Its been a whirlwind of funnies though.

Berkley is truly, like any child to their parents, the JOY of our lives. She is hilarious. She has so much personality, is such a ham, makes the silliest faces, and is constantly on the move. She never stops. No really, she doesn't. She had a great Christmas, enjoying one toy Santa brought a tad more than the others...a lil 2mph quad (4wheeler). She does tricks people. She will stand while riding, sit on it backwards, etc. She is a little daredevil. Its so fun to watch, until she runs into the wall and doesn't stop pressing the GO button. She loves friends, and playing. She loves anytime we get to see friends, go to playgroup or just go outside and watch the big kids at the park. We are so blessed that she loves going to church, MDO and her grandparents houses. SHE LOVES her grandparents on both sides. She knows their houses, so when we pull up she gets super excited. She is spolied rotten, and we love it because we are blessed to get lots of mommy/daddy time when we need it. She loves babies. She would prefer a "live" one to feed and take care of, but a doll will work just fine. She buckles them in chairs, carseats, her highchair, and strollers. She is obsessed. You will see in the pics below what I mean...She is a great helper. She still loves Gymboree, so we go weekly and play hard. We have made some new friends through church, MDO and playgroups, so its fun to see her with more kids her age and really being social. We are very blessed.

We are looking forward to another great year in the Brewer home. Wishing you all a Happy New Year!

Love and Blessings,

Making sure daddy has all her goods before we leave.
Typical JOYful face. Im bad about snapping quick photos on my phone, hence the blur.
Christmas Eve at my parents house.
Fake sleeping to make people laugh...
Showin her belly off, to herself.
Acting like butterflies at Gymboree.
Xmas night in her pwetty dwess, as she calls it.
Went to see Cyn at Lake Texoma, loved swinging.

Putting deodorant on her belly. It stunk.
Puttin on makeup, nope thats not a black eye.

Helping Lucy drink her milk...even though Lucy is 1 and totally capable.
This is how I found her Wednesday night at church. Just hangin out.
trying to put on a doll sized shoe. She tried this for quite a while.
Found her asleep one night like this...apparently we were being too loud in the living room.
FroYo at Green Goodies! YUM!
Allie's bday dinner at Chick Fil A. Friend photo!
Addie, Allie and Berk
Goin down the slide with Allie.