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old friends...

I had the joy of spending some time with a good friend and his family this weekend. He was one of my best friends in highschool and I love him, his wife, and his whole family. They have always been like family to me. You always feel welcome in their home and in their lives. They have always treated me with so much kindness and love. My friend married a wonderful woman and I feel lucky to have spent some time with them here and there over the past few years. They are fun to be around and always ready for a good tiem! While we live in different cities, have different lives from day to day, it is such a blessing to my heart to get to reconnect from time to time with old friends like this. This friends' older brother just had the first child of the family. What a blessing that little girl is to the whole clan. It was a joy to meet her and to see all the love she has brought to their world. I am so proud of the life my friend has built for himself. I am so blessed to still know him and his wonderful family.

I had a rough week, so I want to say Thank you Lord for always sending 'restoring spirits' into my life at just the right time.

Love and Blessings,

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