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Day 9

Day 9 - A picture of your friends

Well our computer crashed and we lost some pics so I am going to have to miss a few people(and some of my fav pics and memories). I have some hard copies but no scanner and I am to lazy to copy pics from my phone and try to gather all of that.

The most important thing about this post is that I LOVE MY FRIENDS. I have been blessed over my life to have many and I look forward to the people that will come into my life because of kids and change and new adventures to come.

I did my best to find some pics and add them below. I found plenty. :) There are a lot but I just kinda went thru and pulled as I saw and liked. The pictures are pretty much from the past few years but I will always cherish my friends from my childhood & college years.

I love you friends.

- bb

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