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Day 2

Day 2 - Meaning behind your blog name

I always have enjoyed reading and blogs is a fun daily read for me. Before Berkley made her way into the world I decided to document for myself, friends and family her arrival, and then her life as she joined our family and made us 3! Since I enjoyed reading so much I was hoping others would enjoy my blog. I couldn't really thinkg of anything super creative, and since it was about us as a family and anything to do with that topic, I didn't want to be to specific. That way if I rant and rave about a waiter who put lemon in my water it's ok. :)

So the name: My husband has a shirt and on it is has "the brew crew". It's a resturaunt/bar somewhere he had visited. His nickname has always been Brew. So I decided to call us the Brew Crew. Then my friend Michelle helped me with my first layout and she added the "bits of bart, brooke and berkley". She rocks.

over and out.

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  1. oh...reading that just made my day! I'm glad someone likes son is mad cause I took him away from Grandma...Maddie is to little to know the difference!