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Day 13

Day 13- goals

Have more kiddos

Do another triatholon

Continue to try new things like tri's, biking, etc.

Convince my husband traveling more is a great idea!

Be happy and thankful I have a job.

Cook at home more, my husband gets the kudos for this

Enjoy when Berkley wants to sit with me, crawl on me and be glued to me more. I tend to think "i love you, i love your hugs, i love that you want ME, but its hard to eat, or get ready or whatever it may be i am trying to do or not do with you standing on my neck or clinging to my leg."

Be more grateful for how wonderful my life is

Pray more specifically

Eat healthier so that all the CrossFit, running, biking and triathlon junk will actually show some results and kick the babyfat I have kept right off my belly (think of austin powers and the scottish fat guy...get in my belly! That was the voice I was using when I typed.)

Convine someone to do the Warrior Dash in Dallas with me. You? What, you want to do it? Let's crawl thru some mud!

Praise my husband more.

Thank my parents more.

Thank my God more.

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