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Day 29 (a little late)

Day 29 - wishes

Can I wish for more wishes?

I don't know why but some of these have been really hard for me. I find myself in my head having ten pages to write on some of the topics that have been on this blogging adventure, but when I actually go to type it, it doesn't come out. I think part of it is me not being able to express myself as well as I want to, or think I can. I also think part of it is putting something out into the world, especially via the web. It is out there, for all the world to see. I don't mind sharing, I just want it to be what I really think or feel. Ya know ?

Anywho. I am sure I could come up with a million wishes. Selfish, Unselfish, typical and so forth but these are some that are coming to mind.

I wish that I didn't have medical issues every other flipping day. I am very blessed none of my issues have been life altering, but more pains in the bootay.

I wish that I had been like most of my friends and bounced back after having a baby. I haven't bounced, scooted, or inched.

I wish I could travel as much as I wanted.

I wish I could go back to Honduras int he near future. I want Bart to go too. I know I can, but leaving Berkley for that long would be hard and finding the time is hard. As I say that I wish I wasn't so selfish with my time. I can find time to go on a tropical vacation but I can't find time to go back to one of the most spiritually uplifting and happiest places I have ever spent time.

I wish I wasn't as selfish as I am. I think I "justify" too much.

I wish people were more honest with me. I know I have things I need to work on, I wish people were brave enough to tell me the bad so I could be a better me.

I wish Berkley never had to hurt...physically, emotionally, etc. I want her to be her joyful self, always.

I wish I was more positive.

I wish I liked myself more. I think I put negative stuff out in the world becasue I can be "down" on myself. I think people start to think about me the way I do. That is not good.

I wish there was more help for all the children in the world who don't get a clean bed, food, water, love everyday. I truly wish I could just call the eight person, or write a check and just fix it. I know the Lord answers prayers but it is hard to see suffering.

I wish there was a cure for cancer.

I wish all the babies who don't have a mom/dad to take the home from the hospital could get adopted into a loving home.

I wish all the children in the world had a loving home, a warm bed and food to eat.

I wish teachers got paid more, and had more respect for the job they do. We are a huge part of what shapes the world.

I wish more politicans were honest, did what was right for the whole and truly put the people first.

I wish God would intervene more. Like open up the sky and shoot down the problems. I think he intervenes all the time and we don't know or recognize enough, but I wish sometimes we had a red phone up to the sky. You know like for batman or the president. :)

Ok that's enough.

Ok one more...I actually wish I could win the lottery and own a private island somewhere tropical and could go there alone, with friends, with family anytime my lil heart desired! :) hehe.

Also, I wish my daddy wasn't having to have medical issues right now. I don't like seeing him in pain. Prayers accepted and requested. :)


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