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Day 19

Day 19 - something you miss

I miss going to church camp. I went as a camper and as a counselor. I went mainly to Pettijohn Springs Christian Camp. My PaPa JD Walker help found and run the camp for years. My dad was one of the main Camp Directors for years and I have fond memories of spending a week or two there in the summer as the Directors Kid.

As a teen when I got to go it was hard to realize I wasn't special and didn't get to do what I want all the time like I had as a child. :) Imagine that. hehe.

I loved seeing old friends, being outside and sleeping on the bunks. It was so fun to get lost in GOD, singing and praising was consuming all week. It was a getaway for teens to really have powerful experiences.

As an mini-adult I got to be a counselor. I wish I would have been a better one. I screwed up a few times. I miss those girls though. They each were so special. I had so much fun as a counselor.

I can't wait for Berkley to go one day. Hopefully to PJSCC!

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