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Day 7

Day 7 - Favorite Movies

I had this whole great idea of being creative. HAving pictures to go along with this post. Then my child woke up from her nap and squished that dream like a bug. Now it is bed time and it AIN't gonna happen!

Sidebar - I love, LOVE, love movies. I watch probably 4 times a week. The majority at home. Might be a sappy Hallmark, or a blockbuster I never got to see so I go to ONDEMAND. I will watch kids movies, love, drama, comedy, action, horror. You name it, I have seen it. Really I have friends who won't call me to see a movie because they know I have already seen it. I should have been a professional movie watcher or critic. I love to double movie at the theaters. SO fun. I have seen all the random movies in the theater or on dvd that no one ever watched. I will rent the random ones just because I love being thrown into another world for a while. It's an escape for me, like reading.

I have never been able to answer the question...what is your favorite? I just can't. I get anxiety. I realize I will forget some in this list but off the top of my head here are some of my favs...

My Fair Lady
Mary Poppins
James Bond - sean connery and pierce brosnan
The Notebook
All the Lord of the Rings
All the Star Wars
Any and all Harry Potters
Pretty Woman
The Family Stone
Sweet Home Alabama
The King and I
White Christmas
Pearl HArbor
16 candles
Can't Buy Me Love
Sex and The City
Indian Jones - all
You've got Mail
How to lose a Guy in 10 days
Robin Hood - with Kevin Costner
Wedding Crashers minus the opening with all the nekedness, seriosuly not needed
Dirty Dancing
Steel Magnolias
Stand By Me
Hangover - minus the closing credits, see above

Ok that was exhaustive. Sorry. Blame it on whomever made up the 30 day blogging list! hehe.

Over and Out,

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