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It's the Holiday's!

I love the Holiday's. Eating is always fun, and if I have a reason to put up decor it just makes me smile. I love Christmas music and luckily my friend Kelly that I work with is obsessed with the Holiday's like I am, so all day long we talk shop and listen to Christmas music. It's bliss. I will say that I pretty much loate the traffic on Penn/Memorial around the mall but other than that, I am ready for all December brings!

I got started on the decorating as soon as Thanksgiving was over (I am one of those people who thinks you should wait till the day after Thanksgiving to put up lights, etc. Thanksgiving is important too, so I like to give it my full attention before the Christmas-craze.) Anyway...I got started and got almost everything up and now I am exhausted. The tree is up, lit, but that's all and well...the poor thing might just stay that way to. Although, I do have awesome ribbon coming from Ballard's so maybe not. :)

I added a baby bump pic (28 1/2 weeks)...I have had a few people ask but it's only a half body shot and it's all I could muster today! Ha.

Happy Holidays, may you have a happy and cheerful December!

Blessings and Love to you all.

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