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12.16.2009 it always the best policy?

I was inspired by a lil' comment a friend of mine made. To summarize she was challenging and wondering why so many blog or facebook and only say the 'good' things, or the 'happy' things. Now I realize many of you post funny stuff about your kids making a mess, or about a bad day and so forth...but do any of us really ask the hard questions or talk about a day of true struggle? I know there are some, but let's face it, no matter how great your relationship with the Lord is, with your spouse, with your family or whomever, we are ALL human. God made us in his image but we are nor never will be perfect and I think it's ok to share that. God gave us family and friends to commune and relate with, so let's do it!

So my question or comment today honesty always the best policy? Do you ever find yourself lying or not telling the whole truth because in your mind it is protecting someone or something. Is it really protecting them, or is it protecting you?

For instance, in friendship...when you are asked a question, even a simple one like
"How do I look?" do you tell the truth, or do you say what they need/want to hear? I have found that there are very few people in my life I can truly count on to tell me the honest to gosh truth. I still love and cherish those that don't, or that I know are deep down saying or doing what they do with good intentions or a good heart, even if I know they are lying. But, I would be lying if I said I would rather not know the truth. I feel I am one of those people that would rather know the truth, ugly or not than walk around unaware. I of course am one of those people who sometimes says what I think the person needs to hear. Don't we all? So....I guess I have a new challenge for myself, let's see how brave I am or where my heart is when I am faced with a question I don't want to answer honestly.

I find it easier to tell strangers while I am driving the truth. Like what an idiot I think they are...or to tell my co-worker Kelly what a jerk the person I just talked to on the phone was. But, I guess those don't count, huh?

I challenge you (even if it is just with me) to tell the truth to someone when they ask, no matter what. Truly think about what you are about to say or how you are about to answer a question and decide - are you saying what you are saying for their benefit, are you answering their question the way you would want them to answer yours, are you treating them the way you want to be treated?? Afterall, if you are really that good of friends shouldn't you be able to?

Here is my happy high of the week...I recently re-connected with a friend from highschool. As age and time and distance changes any relationship, our did change and but now, I am so thankful that through the Lord we have a new sort of connection! I will always love this person because for years they were my other half and there was a bond you just don't forget. Anyway, I found out that she and her hubby after a long, long battle with intfertility are prego! God works in so many ways we will never understand, and I know as humans we want our will for a situation to happen a certain way... and I will never know why He chose now to grow their family but He did, and I am thankful. I am so happy for them and I hope that anyone out there struggling with anything will stay faithful and pray for God's will in their life. He doesn't always answer how we want Him to, but He always answers with what is best for us.


  1. Just found your blog!!! Great post. I like people who tell the truth as much as possible. Blogs with kids making crafts and eating organic fruit are boring.

  2. Don't worry...I will tell you the truth always...especially if you are being a jerk and making fun of my love for boy bands. :) Love you!