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City Planner...or something like that.

36 weeks! 4 more to go...or hopefully less. I want her to cook as long as she needs but I'd be ok with sooner than later. Come on Berkley...come out! Give me my ribs back. :)

City Planner...or something like that. If you are reading this you probablly know me pretty well and thus know I have too many opinions and so if you don't want to hear one of them then quit reading now or you may add to the list of reasons to roll your eyes at me. But...if you have stuck around long enough in my life, you hopefully have learned to love me even with all my faults such as this one. If not...well that's ok too.

One of my many faults is judging things. I really truly don't do it with a mean heart but I realize that doesn't make it ok. I have worked on it and I do think I have matured and grown in many ways but still I judge... christmas lights, car colors, how people park, music lyrics, customer service, and most recently how cities should be laid out. There are many more but I would like to say a word about city planning. I am sure we all do this but I talk about it...again most people are smart and keep it to themselves. NOT ME! Nope, I love to say what I am thinking, outloud.

Ok, so the whole point is I think I should be a city planner. I would like to warn you this is not real city planning, this is Brooke planning and how I think I would be really good at deciding where my favorite resturants, stores, gas stations and other such things should be placed around Edmond. When I see a new piece of land being cleared, or a new building going up I find the need to tell anyone near me what I think it should be and why and really that we actually need more green and trees so I just end up annoyed at more buildings. I really think I have good reasons behind my thoughts, but don't we all?

Example: There is a new shopping center going up at the corner at 2nd/Western. That whole area if you were a developer or someone like that...someone wanting to make money could really do well. There are new neighborhoods, a big church, schools and tons of land and the closest good resturants are over by the mall and boutique shopping is way down Penn or over on the other side of Edmond. In this particular shopping center they are putting in a Louie's which I think is great, but I would also like them to add a Panera and some boutique shopping too. I think it would do amazing in that area. There are like 4 elementary schools withink 1/2 a mile and teachers need a great quick lunch place. There are 2 highschools within maybe 3 miles...again teenagers at lunch, great idea. Sunday lunches at Louie's and Panera- hello there is a huge church 1/2 a mile down the street, tons of neighborhoods and there is nothing out that way! That corner could also use a Chick-fil-a, Chili's, Cafe 501 (ok I realize that would be amazing but never gona happen. They are putting one on Western, just wayyy down near Classen). Ok nway, the point is I really think that I could be good at this whole deciding where things should go. OH and I would put a MidFirst over on Memorial and Kelly. There is no MidFirst anywhere on the southeast side of Edmond. It's just werid.

Ok I am done. :)

Blessings and Love,

P.S. On a serious note...I have some amazing friends and family members and through them I have some amazing aquaintences. I know a girl who's baby boy has been going through so many medical issues and she has chosen to look to the Lord and stay faithful when most would be beaten down. It is such an inspiration. I have a great friend who is one of the happiest people I know, most supportive wives I know and a great friend to anyone around her. What an amazing gift to truly love people and love the world around you. I have a great friend who is a great mom, and who I pray I can be an ounce like her. I have people I know who are serving others in Honduras and Brazil and other places. They have literally picked up their lives and gone to serve the Lord and his children. What an amazing heart these people have, such unselfish choices they all made. I know people that have know idea the amazing gifts they have, but I get to witness them all the time. I look at all these amazing people around me that I have the honor of knowing. I appreicate all my friends and my family (like my amazing mom and my amazing husband) and I am so thankful Berkley will have all these people in her life. I know she would be in trouble if she only had me raising her so thank you to those of you inspire, guide without knowing and lead me so that I can be a better person and mom. I realize I just ranted about something silly like city planning, but as I am about to have a child it is humbling to think I won't have to do it alone. I get to do it with amazing friends and family and mentors who love me, support me, forgive me, see the best in me even when I don't deserve it and stick by me no matter what. Thank you Lord for all these people. Continue to bless them and surround them with your love.


  1. You always make me laugh and I LOVE that about you. It was great to talk to you yesterday. I need to do better about that because I miss you dearly! By the way, I think you would be a fabulous city planner. Chick-Fil-A can never be a mistake.

  2. Brooke, I love that you have opinions and that you have such a big heart! I have told your Mom a time or two that I am thankful that she raised such beautiful (inside & out) girls that have been such a blessing to me. I know that we all have a judgmental side that we all need to temper. You are going to be a great Mommy!!!