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It is getting close...

The room is pretty much done, clothes are washed and put away, we have diapers and wipes and blankets and everything I think she will need. I am ready for her to come. Technically I have about 4 weeks left, but I am good with it being less than that. :) I kinda constantly ache. I am glad I can feel her move and groove...I am glad she is still cookin and growing but it has put a major hiccup in my getup. I am back to being exhausted and everything kinda hurts. OH well- I will be going sleepless here soon (or so I hear). :)

Some of our good friends had their lil girl this morning. We have enjoyed going thru pregnancy together. This is her second so she has been great for advice. We got pedi's last week in anticipation that she would need to have her feet lookin good. We were right. Little Allie came about a week early. She is perfect and came into the world happily and very easily on her mom. It gives me hope for the same type of labor/delivery. My nightmares and all the stories I see on TV or hear from other friends have me thinking the worst but after seeing Allie today and hearing her delivery story I feel much better. Praise God for a healthy baby.

Allie Featherstone-1/19/2010-7lbs1oz.

While walking into the hospital to greet this new life I couldn't help think of all the babies and people in Haiti and all over the world who are suffering. We are so lucky to live in the USA, to have all the wonderful modern medical technology and have all the blessings we have and all the opportunities we are able to take advantage of. Thank you Lord for blessing all of us.

Oh and I was also thinking and telling B as we were walking up the steps...OH MYLANTA! We will be back here in a few weeks and we will not be leaving alone. Berkley will be here. That is a WEIRD feeling.

Love and Blessings,


  1. Yay! Allie looks so cute! You are almost there, I'm so jealous!!

  2. Just a few more weeks! you and Amber looked too cute at panera! Can't wait to meet Miss Berkley Brewer!

  3. I simply cannot wait! I'm so excited for you guys!