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37 1/2 weeks, bring on the baby!

Well other than a pillow and a couple more things to hang the room is done! Bedding is in, clothes are washed, diapers put away, curtains are up(awaiting their pull backs)and even though she won't be in her crib for a few weeks it is ready with clean sheets for when her time in the bassinet is over. We technically have 19 days till her due date arrives, even though I am still hoping for a tad earlier, but whenever she comes, we can't wait for Berkley to be here! I have a huge basketball(or maybe two) pulling at my back and I feel huge. It is so werid to look at myself and realize I have baby in me. I realize by now I should have accepted it and come to terms with it all, but it still boggles me. Really, it does. Even with the room, the kicking, the weird body stuff going on, I can't comprehend that we are going to have a baby in a couple weeks. Me and a baby. Oh bless.

On a fun note...Berkley enjoyed her first night of LOST tonight. How frustrating and excting it all was. So many new players and questions and twists. I love it.

Love and Blessings,


  1. Such a cute and fun/creative room!

  2. I can't wait to hang out in the room with lil B! She is going to love me. I'll help teach her all about LOST!

  3. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Berkley's room!!! Now we just need her to get out here and meet everyone!!!

  4. You are the cutest! Can't wait to meet my future daughter-in-law! :) wink wink.

  5. The nursery looks sooo great! I love the fabric you have chosen it is just beautiful! Great job Brooke, you will be a fabulous mom!!