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Another update...

Two posts in one month, that is pushing it for this gal! Update on baby girl #2: We had another scan today and got to meet with the cardio specialist. Not much new info, but some. They feel the main problem is still in the aortic arch. It could be three different things though with the arch. Best case scenario is in my terms is that it mild coarctation, with that they most likely could put in a balloon to open it up, or surgically fix it another way. The other possibility is an interrupted aortic arch, which is more serious and basically the aorta isn't attached at a certain spot, so they would use meds right after she is born to keep everything open until hey can go in and basically build it all back together. Bryn wouldn't cooperate so they couldn't get a good picture of the whole area, and therefore we still don't know which scenario we are dealing with. We will go back next month, take more pics and hope to know exactly what to expect. I will deliver at OU Children's, be induced so we can plan and have all the doctors there to take care of her. While she will have to have surgery to fix it, we are thankful it can be fixed, and that we live somewhere with great medical care. The smaller problems in the heart, the VSD's are hopefully small enough they will either close on their own, not be an issue, or can be fixed while they repair her aorta. The kidneys do not seem to be an issue we have to worry about now. There are two, one is just in her pelvis. So as she grows we will se specialist for that and just figure out if they are both functioning or if they one in her pelvis is going to be a problem. The abnormal chromosome issue seems to still kinda be unresolved but they do know now they are from an extra X chromosome. It is nothing from Bart or I, just something that happened in her development. So we will just continue to pray it turns out to be nothing. They feel most likely it won't be an issue, something we may have never even known about had we not done an AMNIO and this type of genetic testing. After she is born and growing, we will watch her and see if any delays happen, if they do, then meet with a genetic doctor from there. Still lots of unknowns,but lots of answered prayers too! We feel much better about her quality of life, we feel that we are in good hands with Dr. Ward and whomever he will set us up with. We are expecting that the rest of the pregnancy should be normal with just some extra doctors and scans thrown in. Other than her heart she seems to be growing well, measuring well and should arrive towards the end of September. We are so thankful for the prayers and kind words as we have been waiting for more answers. We know how blessed we are that things aren't worse. We ask for continued prayers for Bryn as she grows, for the doctors we will be working with and for MY anxious heart. I have always had faith God will equip us for whatever we are thrown, but I have been struggling with just accepting what we have been thrown. My need to control things keeps getting shut down, and its a big lesson for me to learn. I don't like hard lessons, ha. I hope to update again before our next appointment, but if not, hope you all have a great June. God is Good. Blessings and Love, brooke (bart, berkley and bryn too)


  1. I will definitely be praying. Love you!

  2. Oh Brooke I just saw this and will be praying like crazy for you guys. I can't imagine the anxiety you're experiencing as a mom. It is so hard to let God teach us hard lessons about letting go of control-I've experienced those on several occasions! He is great and ALWAYS good. Hang in there ;)