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Man time flies when you aren't a good blogger, and you're busy, and you mainly just don't know where to start... We have had an interesting last few weeks. We were very excited to find out we are having a second baby girl at the end of September. We have decided to name her Bryn Victoria. Im about 24 weeks and so a little over halfway there. This has been such a different pregnancy from Berkley, it is unreal! I was so thankful to not be sick this time around but now looking back a few weeks, I would trade it for all the doctor visits and unknowns we have been facing. Pretty quickly after we found out Bryn was a SHE, we also found out that she has some health issues. We feel pretty confident, as of today at least, that it will not be a genetic issue we are dealing with. If it is genetic, it will hopefully be on the more mild side rather than what we were initially facing. Now we are focusing on meeting with specialists who can help with the specific organ problems, mainly the heart and kidney (not two, just one). We meet with Dr. Ward next week and very much are hopeful he can shed more light on the exact problems, how severe they are, and what steps we will be taking from here. One doctor seems to lean towards it being 'plumbing' issues that can all be fixed, including her heart issues. We are prayerful that, that comes true. I never thought id be praying for just heart surgery for my child, but I am! We ask for prayers as we move forward into the scary unknown. There are still some issues with chromosome abnormalities that are being tested, and tested, and so we also ask for prayers of clarity in this issue. I'm horrible with unknowns so week after week to be told they need more blood, we do more testing, we do an amnio, etc., and to get no definite answers has been very hard. I have been blessed with lots of stories of great outcomes, knowing that things could be much worse, but when its you going thru the storm...its still hard. We are so very thankful that we have the medical access we do here in the US and here near where we live. We hope to be able to deliver here, and to get treatment here, as it would mean its all more common issues and that Dr. Ward could handle it all. But, if we have to be somewhere else we know that it would be the best place for Bryn. Thank you for the prayers and love being sent our way and on our behalf. Bart ran in the Memorial Marathon and Berk, her aunt LaLa and I went out to cheer him on. She thought it was pretty fun. She LOVES to eat spaghetti! Blowing bubbles, coloring and painting are among her fav activities. She likes to wear my jewelry, so we put one of her clip on bows, on her ear like an earring. She was beaming. Pretty much every morning she comes to our bed and watches cartoons while mommy takes a few minutes to wake up. This would be her normal pose. She doesn't look like she loved it, but she got to ride a pony at her friend Morgan's birthday party...she kept asking to go for another ride. Berkley is almost 2 1/2, busy as every, sassy as can be and has more energy than I can keep up with. She is such a joy to watch. I of course think she is the smartest 2 year old around, and maybe the cutest. :) We are working on her big girl room, and even though she doesn't really care, is happy in her crib still, its fun to think about having both my girls in their rooms one day. God is Good. Blessings, Brooke

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  1. Thinking about you all and praying for complete healing and peace. Love you!