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Dear Parents....

Dear Parents (of school aged children),

As a school teacher, there are some things we see your kids do or not do that you aren't privy to during the day. So, please work on these following things (oh and if in 5 years you see my kid doing any of the following just ignore it. She is perfect. :) ha.)

- wash your hands after you use the bathroom
- was your hands after you sneeze into them
- do not chew on other peoples' pencils
- do not put your mouth on or lick the water fountain
- your pants and shirts are not where boogers go
- my tables and chairs are not where boogers go


- don't cheat off friends, they get the answer wrong somtimes and so now i know you cheated and who you cheated off of!

Can you tell I'm having a germ-a-phob day??

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