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The Brave One

B woke up with a rash/hives literally everywhere but her face. I figured it was just an allergy but went to our fav pediatrician just in case. Long story short was sent to have blood work done to rule out peanut allergy(ahhhh!) I'm hoping to get the silly video up but for now here is how it went.
I stood in the hall, hyperventilating, tearing up and trying to control my breathing. Berkley sat there (Bart held her) and did nothing. She watched and made faces and just was so curious about what the nurse was doing she didn't even flinch! No crying, no squirming, absolutely sat there like it's normal to have a needle in your arm! What!!???? Ok so she's going to be a druggie or a doctor! Just kidding, she would never do drugs, unless apple cinnamon puffs are a drug. I was so scared by the silence that I creeped back in the room and videoed the whole thing. I'm the one that cries or goes pale and passes out. My child, my 1 year old sat there happy as a lark. Really?

YouTube here we come!

Peace and Love,

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