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We're takin this one man show on the road...

Berkley has been taking her diaper off lately, many times a day. Today was taken off and I was given another present. We had gotten home from the park and a jog and mommy needed to use the restroom, badly. I got her out of her seat, rushed inside, put her down, and took myself to the potty. She followed, took off her pants, diaper and then urinated all over the floor and her feet. That all happened so fast I barely got out...."Berkley! NO!" I was *ahem* busy, so I just had to watch it all happen. Precious lil darling. She's a one man show.

Did I mention that on Saturday she got into the vasaline?? I had been putting it on her nose, its that time of year for us both. Raw, red noses. I had left it out where she could get to it. So I take full responsibility. Ok not really, but whatever. Again, I was right there, but thought the bathroom door was closed in her room, and she was reading her books. Well she was doing that, and then mommy goes into kitchen and she stopped doing that sweet little thing where she reads books and plays quietly, and started taking full hand/finger dips in the vasaline and using as hair product? All I know is that its Monday evening and I still haven't totally gotten it all out. I started with soap. That was a no. I tried cornstarch. Helped a lil. MIL went used bar soap. Helped a lil more. Dishwashing soap has been the best so far, but it still looks like she has gel in her hair. Oh well.

Did I tell you then one where she tried to shave her face?! Yep. About two weeks ago. She had a lil cut on her chin. Daddy was getting ready, mommy was still asleep (thank you honey) and she reached in the drawer and got out his razor, started to shave like daddy. Nice. She has tried to shave her legs too. ALL RAZORS are now in top cabinet where she can't reach. Please don't call child services.

Things not to do in front of B, because she WILL try to copy you and do them herself and then I will have my child taken away:

Shave legs
Shave face
Product in hair
Use lotion (she tries to put toothpaste and anything else that kinda might resemble a lotion bottle on her face or body like its lotion)
Put vasaline on nose (ok I have to do it infront of her when its her nose...)

Mom of the year! Love and Blessings,


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