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We parents are just to slow sometimes...

Hey Yo!

So Berkley had a rough night last night. She was kept up a lil too late and didn't get her normal 2.5 hour nap at MDO, so about 1am she had what I think were night terrors or something like that. It was off and on for about 1.5 hours and for about 30 minutes it was every few seconds. CREEEEEEPY and sad. made for one tired mama.

I am not a morning person to begin with, but if I have been in and out of sleep then it makes me pretty much dead to the world. I am up, but a walking zombie. So apparently while getting myself together, teeth brushed etc., I didn't realize my daughter had just gifted me with her morning BM. Which brings me to...

Sometimes we parents are just to slow.

One of my besties was telling me the most hilarious kid incident the other day. Love her and her kids but it is just one of those OH MYLANTA, that is gross, no way, how did it happen kinda stories. Basically she is a working super mom of three, so after I'm sure what was a busy day everyone was down for a nap and she too decided to partake. Apparently at somepoint her 20 month old woke up and came out to the living room and started handing her things. This is normal for her to get books, toys, whatever so she just in her 'sleep' took them and didn't realize she was being handed a dirty diaper, poop, and not all in the diaper, but seperatly, multiple times! HAHAHA!

So, this morning when I was trying to get us ready for playgroup I didn't think I would ever be able to relate to my sweet friend, but, I can. I was gifted a diaper with poop falling out of it, and off of my child as she was running away to go get whatever it is she thought she needed, but couldn't do with her dirty diaper still on. Apparently me getting ready was taking to long, mind you...I was only brushing my teeth and putting on clean clothing, no shower, no makeup...anywho so she handed me stuff and I took it. I will never do that again, ALWAYS look down at what you are being given.

I love her. I love her sweet smile looking up at me with a look on her I freaked out...saying to me, "what mama? It was yucky. Gotta go get my toy now. Bye!"

Did I mention we didn't make it to playgroup? Fail.

peace and love,

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  1. Colton had night terrors also, for about a year, and I realized that it was much worse when he went to bed late, or didn't have a good nap. They are scary huh?!