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Oh Highschool days at OC, I mean COLLEGE days at OC.

I tend to give background when telling a story so...If you are reading this by choice, then just keep reading. The funny stuff is at the bottom. At least it is funny, if you were part of it.

Ok so here is the thing. I went to Oklahoma Christian University. I was kinda given a non-verbal ultimatum for a while and then a conversation happened. It went something like this:

Dad: If you want college paid for, it's going to be a Christian college. As in, affiliated with the Church of Christ.
Me: Oh Oh, I choose Pepperdine in Malibu.
Dad: That doesn't count.
Me: hmmm. Well. Um. grrrrr. OC?
Dad: Exactly!

Ok my dad is the best, and I am SOOOO Flipping Grateful I have no school debt and so is my husband. But, if I am being honest I should have spread my wings and moved away for college, but, it by no means was totally my dad's fault that I ended up at OC. It was just one of those things that kinda happened all of a sudden. It is Senior year, like the end of it, most of my friends were going to big schools. They had been working on their grades, applications and all sorts of stuff for Rush for quite a while. I had not. My best friend and I had a falling out, she went out of state, and I think I had always thought in the back of my mind, I would go with her. It didn't happen. I was a coward, so I stayed at OC. Where my family went. Where I went to church. Where I knew almost everyone.

I'm glad I went to OC. I grew up, regressed a little, then grew up more. I screwed up a bunch, learned from it, then screwed up more. I had my first true love. I met some amazing NEW people. I learned a great deal the HARD way, oh I mentioned that already, huh? I connected with people at the end of my time there that I wish I had known the whole 4.5 years. I fell in love with Honduras, made some life long friendships with families and I got to say I was 'staying at home' for the weekend but really just stay out past curfew. YEP, curfew is a enforced rule at OC. Long story short, OC was great, is great....but it is a small private school, it is in the town I grew up in, my mom works there, I babysat for half the staff, etc. So, it was kinda like highschool. Highschool - that is where the funny story starts.

My gal pal Ginny Lou came for lunch the other day. That is us at her wedding!
Ginny is from Edmond, went to OC, but has a legitimate reason...she was on a softball scholarship. Back to the other day... I was coming home from swim lessons and Gymboree with a very tired 16month old so as I pulled in the driveway and got out my sleeping zombie child, Ginny said "you are SO a mom. " We had lunch and updated on CrossFit stuff and her hubby being a doc and me being a mom, vacations we wish we were on, etc. Oh and updated on her crazy cool fun sister who basically almost got stuck in a foreign country when her passport, purse, etc. got stolen. That girl is like a movie waiting to happen. Did I mention she is a FLIPPING AWESOME military woman? She like got her finger bit off one time. Nway, so as we are eating and updating we are like wow, being an adult stinks. Bills, cleaning, jobs, cars that break down, ugh! So we laughed, ha ha. Talked about how being a kid was fun. I felt bad about myself as she ate fruit and a sandwich. I ate those things talso but, I also had chips. Then I showed her my Magnum IceCream Bar I would later devour.

Ok so Ginny and some others including me were in what we called SGC. Senior Girls Club. See, highschool. But, I am so glad I was apart and I love it. Not knocking it, just explaining. This was our made up club. We were all in different clubs at OC. Not sororities, because we can't have those. Ok so, in our SGC we did fun things like meet for lunch, we took senior pics together, jeans, matching black shirts, all 15 or 20 of us at a house taking pics outside, posed. Seriously. We had shirts, we had meetings, we had jobs, as in president and we even had a COOKBOOK, thanks to Mich's mom. We also might have all had matching rings. Hot pink with fake diamond rings. Think JLO engagement ring from Ben. Oh and lots of obsession with SATC & Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde. Anywho, we really did have SO much fun. We did random missions, we laughed a lot, we got to be close with friends of friends and made new friendships that were so great.

One of the best things I remember about SGC, was that a smaller group of us were in a war with some guys. PB&J or PBNJ. I can't remember exactly. I am pretty sure they started it. Like 99.9%. They caught a goose that was in the pond, put it in a plastic tub and knocked on our door. We opened the said door, they threw goose in, shut door and we were trapped with a goose, flying, walking, squawking, and going nuts and we couldn't get away because they were on the other side of the door keeping us in. We stole all the antenas and tailgate from one of their trucks. They (Ben) got really mad about that one. They did the same back to a girl, or actually I think they took Haley's tailgate first, and then wrapped it up and put it under the school Toys for Tots Xmas tree. If I am mixing up details, sorry. Ginny, Angela or Amy can tell you exact stuff. LIke the Xmas tree might have been for homeless people not toys for tots, or what order stuff happened in. Nway, we put flour on their door inside a trashbag so when they opened it, it was a mess. I think we spooned their door? Like we wanted to fork them, but they had no grass in the apartments. Ok so back and forth we went with this war. It was fun. It was fun until they singled me out. I came out from class one day. My car was in the parking lot by the gym. I go up to my car and there is a note on the window. I laugh as I start to read..."Not going anywhere for a while? Have a snickers!" There was a snickers with the note on my window. That was the saying from a current snickers commercial. Anyhow, as reality sinks in of what is going on...I realize, they have chained my tires to my axel. I can't go anywhere. I laughed thinking they were watching, but they were long gone. SO I wasn't laughing anymore. My car was stuck. Bootyheads. Hilarious, clever, but Grrrrr. They also put another girls car up on blocks. I think that is how it all started. Maybe even someone caught them in our group. Like, girls car up on jacks, taking wheels off, its on blocks. OH and we had initiation night, for ourselves. It was fun. I'm pretty sure some guys had chainsaws and scared us. It was dark. I have great pictures from all of this, but most are saved on my old computer and that whole switching stuff isn't my thing. So, enjoy these few.

Yes, we did the whole make female products looked used, in college. We did it, we laughed the whole time, we made memories!

Oh college fun.

Love my life, grateful for all I have, thankful for the lessons I have learned, prayerful that lessons in the future are a tad easier to learn. :)


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