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The Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer...

Summer has been great so far! I have a precious lil girl who loves being outside, loves the water, and belly laughs to show her joy for everything she is doing.

I was SO thrilled when the rain started today. Thank you Lord for the rain. Please, send more. Berkley and I were on our way to her swim lesson when it started and she kept saying, "uh oh" and then pointing to the moon roof where the rain was hitting.

I love this age of discovery. Everything is so exciting to her and it is hilarious to watch and also a little scary because, she is climbing everything! Well, ok she still hasn't tried to get out of her crib... but the tub, on the tables, on chairs up to the counter, etc. Girl is going to give me an ulcer. Her vocabulary is expanding and all that she remebers a word for, and the unknown language she babbles is so exciting, as a first time mom. Of course, it's not as exciting as when she says BeBe to my mom. That is her 'grandma' name. My mom squeels and you have never seen more joy.

We love our lil girl, love summer and I feel so blessed to get to be at home with her and having fun. While I realize I am biased, I think she is the funniest, silliest, sweetest, smartest, most precious thing on this planet. God is good.

Swim lessons with Miss Megan, practicing my hanging on side of pool.
She is also learning to float on her back, so she likes to practice in the bath.
After swim lessons, and Gymboree this is usually what happens on the way home. This particular time, she was snacking and fell asleep with her hand in the baggie. :)
One of our sweet babysiters (Miss Devin Dobson) let her play in her awesome sunglasses. B thought she was a diva!
We love swimming, and the Wedel's is always a favorite choice! She is a little skiddish around their puppy dogs. For some reason the only thing that seems to really scare her is dogs. I have no clue why. Sad.
I got this little swim mat for our yard. It is great! You can find it at It attaches to your hose, fills up and squirts water out. Not deep, so no scary baby in water issues. Gotta beat the heat!
Due to the bluegreen algae up at our lake place, we stayed home for the 4th. We are so glad we did! We had a blast with some friends.
We ate dinner twice with this group and then hung out after. We also watched fireworks with them and the Holleyman's and got to see some other friends too! It was a great weekend.
We were headed to watch fireworks with our friends and thanks to Megan and Lindsay we got some awesome 4th of July tatoos and glow in the dark necklaces for the kids! SO fun. Thanks fun moms who think of stuff like that!
Poppi (aka Grandpa Tom) got Berkley her first golf club! She thinks its pretty fun. Notice the grip? She is a natural!
She loves holding the waterhose and helping with yard work. She likes to sit in the flowerbeds while I pull weeds, and sweep the sidewalk.
She is modeling her shirt from her Aunt LaLa (aka Laura).
On her Aunt Lin's (aka Lindsay)birthday she sent kisses!

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  1. She is SO cute Brooke. And getting so big! I just ordered this spray pool- it looks great. Glad you are enjoying your summer!!