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My stupid body and I would like to thank my husband...

Why you ask? He rocks, that's why. He takes care of me and our lil girl even when he has had a long day. He surprises us and spoils us rooten. By the way...he had a really long Friday and Saturday dealing with me, and he is still happily taking care of her today too!

Trying to not gross everyone out I will tell you what happened with little detail. I had surgery Saturday morning. It was outpaitent, I'm fine, but I can't really do anything for a few days. I am a little drugged up, and very sore. I had a device in me, it moved from where it was supposed to be up into my pelvis. Really? Yes, really...I am that person. The 1 in a 1000 that it happens to. Nway,the doctor couldn't find it, the ultra sound couldn't find it (not a fun process)...but the XRay found the little booger. So...Surgery. Boo!

Nway, it kinda put a hiccup in my weekend plans and since we are leaving on vaca soon it put a little hiccup in getting ready for that. All that said,I have a great life, I am healthy, I have a great husband and family and I am very lucky that nothing more serious was going on. Having an 11 week old to feed and take care of is a little challenging though, hence my mom/dad had her all day Saturday so Bart could focus on me. Thank you mom/dad! Nicole had her all Friday afternoon (when this all started), thank you Nicole! Bart has been taking care of me and lil B and helping me get her milk from me to her and keeping the house running, etc.! Those that know me well, know I have control issues. I also like things done my way so this whole being in bed and not doing anything is killing me. Yes I love sleep, but when I choose it. It is also annoying not remembering who I have talked to or what I have done from hour to hour. I will talk on the phone or via text, then 2 hours later go back and re-read or ask Bart what I said because I can't exactly remember. It has been a whirlwind of a weekend but I am on the mend moving forward!

Please keep me in your prayers. I have nothing to complain about and no real issues compared to most but I would like to heal well and quickly so I can get back to feeling better. I want to pick up lil B and move about as I please taking care of her.

A couple fun things have come from it though...I am catching up on some DVR'D shows and a little series I rented from the video store. I love watching 2 or 3 seasons of something in a few days. I'm a loser like that. If I get into something, like one of my books or shows, I can't put it down or stop watching. OH, because of all this I can't do CrossFit for a while though so I am sad about that. I was really enjoying it and won't be able to get back into it for a few weeks. (I will miss you guys at CF405 till I can start back!)

Berkley is doing well. Gaining weight like crazy...she likes to eat like her mommy. :) We are looking forward to having her in the sun and seeing how she likes the water.

God is good. Life is good.

Love and Blessings,


  1. I will so teach you! Very very easy skirts that are so cute. Just let me know when you are ready and we'll set it up. I really like teaching people! No one had time to teach me so I had to wait until my sis in law from Alabama came over! Because of this, I will MAKE time for anyone and everyone!!!

  2. Oh my goodness - what a nightmare. I am so glad you are okay. Just don't have a surprise number 2 during all this :)

  3. OH NO! I had a total fear of that happening to me. (If we're talking about the same thing...and I think we are) but I've had it for over two years with no problems.

    I'm glad you are feeling better and that you are ok! Yuck!