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9 weeks and growing - Berkley that is...

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8 weeks
9 weeks
Fun at Kayt's 2yr Birthday. Loved being outside with Mommy, Daddy and friends!

It has been 9 weeks! I feel like I just had her yesterday and then again I feel like I have had her forever now! Same with being prego. It seems like it was just last week and then again it feels like forever ago...until I look at myself and realize that prego body is still kickin. I am into my 2nd week with CF though and so with the killer workouts they serve up I know I will be in better shape than ever if I stick with it. It's awesome, but a booty kickin every time!

Berkley is doing good - growin and eating non stop. She is 11lbs now and feels so heavy! I realize that is still small but, my lil chunck is so big to me. She is still not doing great with tummy/BM stuff but her awake time is better and nighttime sleep is slowly starting to have longer stretches. She will play on her mat or hangout in her bassinet for a little while and just kinda look around or coo. She still won't do it for very long but it is a start! She loves to be held (spolied much?) and will let you know if she wants to be picked up or change positions. I wonder where she gets that from?? :) We are going on a family vaca in May so I am hoping she will be a little more consistent by then with her eating/sleeping schedule! Feel free to give advice and pray for me. Ha.

We love her and laugh at her all the time. We love the smiles and sounds she is starting to give us. It is so amazing to have her smile when I talk to her, or show off for friends and family. She is the first grandbaby on both sides so I am sure you can guess her grandparents LOVE her to pieces. Her greatgrandparents too, aunts, etc. We are so thankful for everyone who loves her and wants to play with her and keep her so we can visit with friends, run errands and go on dates! I am also very thankful to my husband - he gets up and does 4am feedings when I am too tired and every night when he comes home...he kisses me and takes her happily to give me a break. He is also happy to do it. Love that man.

Love and Blessings,

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  1. I'm so glad you are so happy my sweet friend! :)